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2011-08-11 14:44:29 Vampire Chronicles Pt. 2 Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it. I plan to add more characters.
2011-08-11 17:59:07 Vampire Chronicles Pt. 2 no worries lots more to come. already good ways into chapter 3, and do not worry Irina is going to continue to be... hmm whats a good way of putting it, the "alpha female" in the relationship. Not sure if that's the best way to put but basically she might get a bit more dominating but definitely not less. Also I would like to point out Mike isn't suppose to be a pushover or anything he is just suppose to be into it, I think that is clear. Glad you enjoyed it
2011-08-12 20:00:26 Vampire Chronicles Pt. 3 Thank you very much. The idea is that vampires are awesome. Stay tuned wont be long before the next chapter comes out.
2011-08-13 00:23:49 Vampire Chronicles Pt. 3 ok on the topic of length I am real sorry if y'all think these are too short Im sorry I am new to writing and i do better with these shorter chapters (whats more i dont think they are that short they are like 10 pages type twelve font double spaced on word which is longer than anything i have written before) none the less Ima try and make pt 4 longer. The guy that made the book comment, you are not the first to say that (i think your 3rd or 4th) and If I were to continue writing this to book length and revised it till it was book worthy why would i take out the sex it could be an erotic book. I certainly hope that that is not true about you mrkool that would be low.
2011-08-14 19:45:51 Vampire Chronicles Pt. 4 well the idea was he was just powerful enough to reflect it back i guess i kinda was lazy with that. I wanted to get back to lycinia. I will probebly revise the chapter at some point in the future actually i plan to revise the whole story when its finished