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2010-08-28 09:15:15 What Daddy Needs 5 What the fuck you guys, whats up with everyone wanting everyone else to get pregnant?

Maybe have her hit up daddys close friend, or have teach intoduce her to another teacher, Geez, pregnant>>>>
2010-09-03 10:28:06 Double Trouble? - Part II Oh, man, every guys dream....just don't bring up the pregnancy thing like so many other stories do. Just keep going with the great theme you've got. you're a very hot writer. keep it up!!!
2011-01-13 17:13:49 My College Years - Part 1 Now that got me hard!!!!
very descriptive, just the way I like it,
2011-01-20 14:26:53 Lucky Me: Part 1 This was a very fucking hot story, a little too much ass play for my tastes, but a wicked hot story line.
As you read along, you kinda figured he was gonna find out the video store girl was a little young. But it was nice to find out she was'nt 12 or something. You could've gone with 18 and it would've been as hot. I started to wonder if the two girls knew each other and this was a set up by the daughter to get her step dad laid.

Nice change from the ussual.