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2014-08-18 15:01:48 The Wedding Gift @Anonymous reader
2014-06-12 00:52:39
why is this story rated so low?

I posted it at the wrong time. After posting the site broke down and no new stories were posted for weeks. Every story on the FP was massively downvoted, including this one.
So if you like this story, please vote positive to correct this :)
2014-08-18 14:57:38 Practical Jokes @Anonymous reader
2014-07-20 06:42:15

It is possible you read this before, I submitted it on 2013-09-04 . I just recently edited it a little and allowed comments, which i had disabled at the time of posting.
2014-08-18 15:04:31 Saving mommy's marriage Thank you all so much for your positive comments. New work is on its way..
2013-07-08 18:41:17 Saving mommy's marriage @ Angry Anonymous Asswipe:
Who are you accusing of manipulating the front page? Voting negative 50 times on my story?
I never negged another story. If it's complete shit, it gets a negative vote. If it's good, a positive. That's how it works. Nearly 2000 people understand this and voted positive for my story. THEY are responsible for my story to being on the front page,
If you'd like to see better stories on the front page, WRITE A BETTER STORY and don't destroy others. Dumb fuck
2013-07-15 01:50:32 Incest Roulette We would sure love to, and there are multiple writer initiatives to implement some form of moderation, so far there is no such option for us. Sadly there is nothing we can do about these parasites.
See also the forum entries