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2013-07-15 01:50:32 Incest Roulette We would sure love to, and there are multiple writer initiatives to implement some form of moderation, so far there is no such option for us. Sadly there is nothing we can do about these parasites.
See also the forum entries
2013-12-18 07:57:14 Saving mommy's marriage Thanks for commenting,

For me it would be extremely hard to get pregnant, as I am 100% male, but as far as Amy is concerned, you may decide that for yourself, it is left open.
In an earlier draft which ran on for a few more paragraphs, it turned out that Amy did get pregnant. As this part sort of muddled the story, I decided not to include it in the final story, although there still are several hints that she knows she should be using protection, but has unprotected sex nonetheless.
I know the tags say pregnant, which was an error by me when I posted the story. I will correct this soon, when the site is not as buggy as it is now.

I hope you still liked the story anyway
2013-11-16 09:52:23 Roofie Nights Thanks for all replies; it is nice to read that a lot of you liked the story very much.
To all of you who are asking and PM'ing me for a part two, I have to say that it is very unlikely I will ever write a part two for this. Maybe someday inspiration hits me, but for now I consider the story finished. It is like that for all my stories; I only submit a story once it feels finished to me. This is because writing a good, cohesive part two always requires a little rewriting of part one and I cannot and will not do that.
Having said that, I must confess I do have a (very) rough draft on my computer for a sequel of incest roulette, so it is possible for me to change my mind on a story.

However, I am currently working on several completely different stories which I will post in the following weeks, so keep an eye out for those.
2013-11-18 12:52:10 Roofie Nights @ Anonymous reader
2013-11-18 06:24:36
Thank you, I had the story almost finished for some time now, all I needed was some way to divide the different parts. I tried to make each part one day of the week, but most of the stages had to be two or more days. I also did not want to use chapters. Then I came up with the “5 stages of griefâ€, as it is popularly called, which fit really neatly to the story. The funny thing is, I hardly had to rewrite the story at all.

@ Anonymous reader
2013-11-18 07:00:53
As I said before, it is highly unlikely. But I am open to bribes. Preferably sport cars or mansions.
2013-11-18 21:37:20 Roofie Nights Thanks, that is what I meant when I wrote it. I couldn't have explained it better myself.