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2013-12-25 11:40:19 2 young girls, experimenting with sex. I love this story I wish you'd write more.
2013-06-19 23:34:54 A Good Girl Gets Off I very much appreciate all of the feedback from everyone! I likely should have explained at the start, using the correct terms like "clitoris" instead of clit is intentional. Those words turn me on way more than the various slang normally seen in erotica.

As for the grammar police trolls, I appreciate you as well, as nasty as you word your comments. Criticism need not negative since I learn from it!

Rest assured to those who liked it, I am well on my way to part 2 :) Stay tuned!
2013-06-19 23:36:18 A Good Girl Gets Off Oh and the anonymous person who rambled on about Democrats and the education system I'll let you in on a little secret.

I'm Canadian. LOL!
2013-07-24 15:36:47 Saving mommy's marriage Omg I came about 3 times reading this story. Wow. And I'm still wet and wanting more.... Good story. Good job....
2014-01-17 03:37:38 My Forced Fantasy Nope I only post here. This story was a request of someone in chat forum. I'm glad you liked it :)