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2010-06-27 18:26:16 Great story! Off to read chapter 2!!
2010-06-27 19:52:30 Ahhhh! NEED Chapter 5!! May I ask that you try to make your stories a bit longer? :)
2010-07-02 21:52:37 the devil was a MILF Try breaking it up into paragraphs. I agree, great story line, but very hard to read. I felt it ran together, and got a bit jumbled up.
2010-07-14 14:58:18 Taking One For The Team 4: Dave's Birthday May I ask the (the person below me) what you find so funny? I find this series Romantically hot! True erotica to it's finest!! I have 2 stories posted myself, from a few years ago. Check them out if you like!!
2010-07-14 15:13:53 Taking One For The Team 5: Afterparty Great story! Keep them cumming!! Ali and Dave are fucking HAWT!!