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2013-08-28 22:21:55 Blackmail Birthday Present (redone) To the anonymous commenter who obviously didn't get the point of the story--how limited your worldview must be if you can't imagine that a woman would write a story with a woman victim, nor one desiring of rough sex or name calling. You obviously have never checked out fetlife or the like.

Did you miss the paragraph where Bailey tells him to not think of her as basically a daughter and instead treat her like a cheap slut? Have you never encountered a woman with a crush on a father figure? Given that incest stories are popular here surely you can't fault Ted for wondering what it'd be like to be with Bailey?

Ted had no idea he was set up--HE was the victim. Perhaps you would have been happier with an ending where Bailey wasn't involved and committed suicide after?

Please take your "women are as pure as freshly fallen snow" bullshit to another story where you don't have to attack my gender to feel you're right.

P.S. check out goldeniangel on lit. Married woman writes si