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Date Story title Comment
2013-12-25 18:11:20 Aftermath The cloud is lifting and the light of day is beginning to slip through.
2013-12-25 18:01:14 What Came Next Sometimes real life does not go the way people plan it to go.
2013-12-25 17:40:27 Meeting Tracy Good beginning to a first time first story. Looking forward to more whenever you decide to post again.
2014-07-24 23:01:26 Soccer Mom and a Bully, full. I enjoyed this story when it was first submitted. I included it as one of my favs then and it still ranks right up there now. Great job somethingf1234. I will look forward to more stories from you in the future.
2013-06-28 09:31:40 The Collective: Mall Sodomy Glad to see you posted this story here. Looking forward to the rest to follow.