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2013-09-21 22:55:58 The Judgment of Sgt. J Chapter 9 What or Who have I Become Sgt. J I hope all is well with you and your lovely family. Like your other fans I can only hope you return to writing once more. Your life story gives hope to us all in some form rather those who have read it be vets or every day people like myself. We all have a story to tell it is just getting the nerve or finding the heart to write about it. You even gave me the will to write of my own life as well. Thank you and give us a few lines soon.
2013-10-22 21:00:57 The Story of Ann Chapter 3: How I Ruined my Life Before it even Started The story by walleyeguyj "Swinging in the Neighborhood" influenced me greatly to write about my own life. I have only ever talked to him by emails and he encouraged me to write my story as well as giving me some pointers. Some day I would love to meet him and thank him in person. Yes I do need to proofread more but I seem to still miss stuff hopefully I will improve.
2013-11-13 17:51:24 The Story of Ann Chapter 6 Love on the Ranch as Devils Ride to Town Thanks for all the wonderful comments