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2009-06-21 03:05:03 The Burglar Very nice. I just love a rape story turned good. ;)

I'm really curious what he has planned for her next, and if there might ever be an emotional connection between the characters.
2009-07-12 02:59:55 Watching Little Casey Next Door Amazing.
2009-08-26 01:52:29 A Bottle of Wine Amazing.
You turned something I typically find boring and repetitive and made it more realistic, and something I'm actually jealous of. I actually wish I was this woman caught up in this twisted, sexy.. dirty affair.
This story got me sooo wet. Good job!
2010-03-12 02:45:08 Locker Room Surprise Hot damn. Looks like I need to frequent men's locker rooms more often.

But seriously, great writing. Excellent description of detail without becoming too muddled. I enjoyed the open point of view, and most of all the confidence and skill of the guy.