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2013-08-06 00:34:28 Indecently indentured to dogs Loved the story. Made me horny and now I'm gonna let my dog in so he can lick me til I cum. Maybe I'll even suck him off ;)
2013-08-10 22:37:11 Fun with My Brother-in-Law's Dog Hmmmmm, not sure why the text isn't showing up, but I'll repost in the morning if it doesn't show by then :)
2013-08-11 17:32:48 I Took a Licking Thanks to everyone who took the time to tell me they like my story. Hope it made you cum :)
2013-09-22 20:57:39 My First Beast Very good story. Keep up the good work!
2014-03-13 06:32:20 Screwing the Pooch (re-post) Glad to see an actual real person enjoyed my story and I hope it helps you cum many more times in the future :)