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I'm not abandoning any of my stories. It's just I sometimes need to take my mind off one story because I can't think. I'll continue them asap. Thanks for voting positive on my stories, it means a lot to a new author like myself Any other questions email me
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Title Genre Read Rating Themes
The Vampire Inside Fiction 11631 times. 93.8 % Horror, Teen, Violence
The Vampire Inside 2 Fiction 3135 times. 84.6 % Horror, Teen, Violence
The Pocket Watch 1 Fiction 22992 times. 93.1 % School, Teen
A Changing Life Fiction 9507 times. 95.3 %
A Changing Life 2 Fiction 4680 times. 94.7 % Non-Erotic, Teen Male/Teen Female, Violence
A Changing Life 3 Fiction 6831 times. 90.6 % Teen Male/Teen Female, Young
The Vampire Inside 3 Fiction 3810 times. 90.9 % Horror, School, Teen Male/Teen Female, Violence

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