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2014-07-21 02:04:10 She is the One (Part 7) Id like to thank you for haveing such a glorious mind as to write this piece of art and post it here. I know its not only made me fall hoplessly in love with the characters but also inspired me in some recent events that have unfolded in my writing. So now I will humbly beg you to please please pleaaaase continue this story and look into becoming an author:) I've bookmarked this forum:)
2013-09-02 00:09:24 When Toni Cums Alrighty guys:) thanks for the awesome feedback, and im extra thankful for ways to better my stories. I would love to write part 2 ASAP since its been a while, so i'll hop to it;) i'd also like to ask you guys if you didnt mind if i changed it up and made it more kinky than it really was in real life?