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Date Story title Comment
2014-07-22 08:09:01 Coping with Retirement 6 - Girl Rescue Whatever happened to the "Daddy's Vengeance" series? It was absolutely a favorite of mine.
2014-08-17 04:01:54 Being More Social - Chapter 3 Great story, keep up the good work!
2014-08-26 04:30:56 Daddy Avenges His Daughter Thanks for the repost!
2014-10-18 05:41:40 What Mom Knows Fucks Her Again Holy shit! Sequel!
2014-04-15 21:54:34 The Devil's Pact Chapter 41: Assassination Great story again. Something about Mary having to degrade herself to break a warlock is such a turn on. I was disappointed Brandon didn't screw her before he was defeated.