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2014-01-15 17:23:22 The Pendant 7 Dear anon: I reread 6 and 7, and 7 was clearly different than 6, being an expansion of the ideas in 6. Perhaps the sex scenes were somewhat similar, but as you can see in 8 and 9, my imagination does allow for different ideas. Just as different women come to orgasm in different ways, Janine and Bobbi respond differently. Most woman will not come with penetration alone, but a given woman tends to come, a lot the same way every time. That only limits creativity in that I like my story to be somewhat like real life. Even though this is a fantasy, I do not like it to reinforce the stereotypes of porn. I very much appreciate your comments and I am interested in why I suddenly got a number of dislikes for chapter 7. It seemed like 1000 people read it with no dislikes, then in the next 100 or so, I got a lot of dislikes, followed by a number of likes to bring it back up. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow do! :)
2014-01-15 17:31:10 The Pendant 7 By the way, if you click on the count of votes, it will show who voted while logged in, and how they voted. It gives me the opportunity to read the stories of those who voted, to see how they think.
2014-01-16 21:32:35 I Like to Watch Boys Masturbate If you write your story on a tablet, you can cut and oaste in into the story window on the internet. I assume you know this, but you may not have realized that you can save it in the story window, then proofread it to your hearts content, there, and when you publish it, it will be exactly the way you want.

If you set your tablet word processor to 'word wrap', it should automatically wrap around as you get to the edge of your document, and thus not require a carriage return until the end of th paragraph. Then at the end of the paragraph, you can enter two carriage returns to provide an empty line, between paragraphs. Good luck, I liked your story and I hope you write some more.
2014-01-16 21:36:23 I Like to Watch Boys Masturbate BTW, I like motorcycles too, Read The Shaman. It starts out with a motorcycle trip to Sturgis.
2014-02-27 08:40:52 The weekend to remember, chapter 1-3 Great story. Your English isn't perfect, but I liked it . For some reason, I can't vote, but you deserve a much better rating.