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2013-09-15 11:10:07 Tanya's horse fantasy I cant spell for shit either lol...
that aside its a good story and made me really horny.
is there more to cum (excuse the humour)?
2013-10-03 20:47:09 Equine Pleasure II you guys that make negative comments need to lighten up.... firstly if you don't like the topic don't read it!!! also try writing 1 yourselves instead of hiding behind anom.
anyway, that aside I found it horny and would love to make a horse cock fill my mouth with cum!!!
2013-10-04 19:53:06 The Horny Donkey great story, made me really horny and I would love to have the chance to watch a woman get fucked by a donkey or horse and then help her lick and suck it till it came.
I would like to see what it tastes like!!! ummm