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2014-08-21 09:28:39 It Happened on Vacation and Continued at Home (revised and re-posted) Chapters1 thru 4 "It Happened On Vacation and Continued At Home (Revised and Reposted) Chapters 1 Through 4" - UNNAMED Sixteen Year Old Brother and UNNAMED Fourteen Year Old Sister!!

This story overall, in general, and in context, in particular, has merit to be an accomplished piece of work! However, it falls short in many aspects. In my opinion the most irritating issue is having to maneuver around the chracters--WITHOUT knowing their names!! The reader CANNOT feel a personal connection with the characters; a nameless person is not the person to have a close and/or personal relationship with!

The story has indications of being a stroke-story--just fuck, Fuck, FUCK and F-U-C-K. Male and female, be it brother and sister, or not, cannot have a deep personal, passionate love for each other if they are intent--determined-- to fuck "friends"! I love the context, theme and characters, but the story is short of pulling me into the "vortex" of true incestual gratification. Keep writing though!!
2014-04-03 22:10:16 Kentucky family 2 "Kentucky Family - Part 2" - Joshua, Unnamed Mom, Mary Lou and Peggy Sue - (Son (17), Mother (33), Sister (1) and Sister (10)

Joshua's mother has his twin son and daughter, Adam and Eve; severa weeks later Josh resumes fucking his mother again! His mother gives every sign that she wnts to have more babies by her oldest child.

Simultaneously, Josh's twelve year old sister Mary Lou has insisted Josh began sexual relations with her, full foreplay and consummated deep-cum fucking. They're caught by the ten year old sister Peggy Sue and she now wants to get in on the action!
Josh's harem of his mother and two sisters, and his lust for a new, twenty-nine old, Mormon third-wife appers in the valley is growing!
2014-03-04 16:41:10 Calving Signs - part 2 "Calving Signs - Part 2" - Terri and Anne, Deanna and Robert - (Daughter and Mother, Daughter/Wife and Husband)

Unfortunately, I do have to agree with a prior reader's comments, this Chapter is like a maze, difficult to follow and understnad, and is much drivel of confusion. Too many first names, not context of each character to the other's, and each set (groups of characters with different events and issues) seems to been another story within itself.

I'm hoping subsequent Chapters have more clarity, and sensibility to the context and plot of each subset!!
2014-08-19 10:33:51 My Lovely Daughter Leia, Part 3 House Hunting "My Lovely Daughter Leia - Part 3 House Hunting - Thirty-eight Year Old Father Joseph Platt and Eighteen Year Old Daughter Leia Platt; Three Year Old Twin Sons of Father Joseph (and his deceased wife, Joyce)/Brothers of Sister Leia, Connor and Rodney; and Newborn Twin Daughters of Father Joseph and Mother/Sister Leia, Bianca and Tess.

The full story series of the Platt Family Incestual Dynasty is a marvelous and absolute masterpiece, in the genre and subject of loving and devotion to each other, father and daughter consummated and committed to being and living as husband and wife and parents to their twin sons and twin daughters!!!
The story could not, contectually and subject, have been written any better! Grammatically, there are flaws but not sufficient to detract not take away from the stories intent, nor ebb and flow of readability!!! Overall, a majectic work of father and daughter incest, from the first word to the very last word!!
2014-09-09 07:03:01 Victoria's Secret 4 "Victoria's Secret 4:" - Victoria (nee Victor), Crystal and Brian and Timothy, and Unnamed Mom and Unnamed Dad - (Daughter (nee Son), Sister and Twin Brothers and Mother and Father).

My initial reading on 03-17-2014 I failed to recognize Victoria's twin Brothers, Brian and Timothy; they added the brother(s) and sister (nee brother) incest element to this very exotically erotic and science-fiction story. The writer has a very vivid and imaginative writing ability for unusual and edge-of-the-seat sexual escapades!! Job well done!!

Still would like to read a strictly human take of this story, with a character of pure hermaphrodite male and female, fully functioning sexual organs!! The possibilities seem to be endless, using only incestual blood-related characters for the content, theme and context. Personally, I think the story would be dynamite!!