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2014-10-15 09:37:49 Sister's cartoon Video "Sister's Cartoon Video - Part 1" - Eighteen Year Old Unnamed Brother (the Narrator) and Twenty Year Old Sister Maggie).

Unnamed brother (the Narrator) found a cartoon video that has been mostly taped over, scenes of his (at the time) virgin twenty year old sister losing her virginity to a boyfriend. There's no comment nor details of the person taking the video!!

Maggie's brother uses blackmailing her to their parents about her fucking her boyfried, unless she cedes her body to him fucking her and foreplay! Maggie agrees, allowing unnamed bother to fuck her, reluctantly, and allows for some quickie foreplay--wham bam, thank you Ma'am!! Although Maggie insisted on her brother using a condom, her brother after fucking her says, "...but then I remember about the condom and looked at Maggie..."!! That's it! There is no mention nor finalizing of the statement as to what happened to the condom!! Did he not put the condom on before fucking her? Did it come off while fucking her??
2014-08-21 09:28:39 It Happened on Vacation and Continued at Home (revised and re-posted) Chapters1 thru 4 "It Happened On Vacation and Continued At Home (Revised and Reposted) Chapters 1 Through 4" - UNNAMED Sixteen Year Old Brother and UNNAMED Fourteen Year Old Sister!!

This story overall, in general, and in context, in particular, has merit to be an accomplished piece of work! However, it falls short in many aspects. In my opinion the most irritating issue is having to maneuver around the chracters--WITHOUT knowing their names!! The reader CANNOT feel a personal connection with the characters; a nameless person is not the person to have a close and/or personal relationship with!

The story has indications of being a stroke-story--just fuck, Fuck, FUCK and F-U-C-K. Male and female, be it brother and sister, or not, cannot have a deep personal, passionate love for each other if they are intent--determined-- to fuck "friends"! I love the context, theme and characters, but the story is short of pulling me into the "vortex" of true incestual gratification. Keep writing though!!
2014-10-10 20:50:21 Daddies Girls Part 3 "Daddies Girls - Part 3" - Forty Year Old Father/Brother/Uncle Michael, Twenty Year Old Daughter/Aunt/Sister-in-Law Sara, Thirty-two Year Old Sister/Mother/Sister-in-Law Karen, Four Year Old Daughter/Niece/Cousin Connie, and Three Year Old Daughter/Niece/Cousin Meredith.

Michael, father of Sara, brother of Karen and uncle of Connie and Meredith, has the most complete family and sexual climate possible--the exception he doesn't have his mother present, nor either are his two niece's sufficiently old enough to bear children!

My distinct impression from this chapter (Part 3) is within the next eight or so months he will become a father for the second and third or more times, a grandfather with his daughter Sara's first or more child(ren); and an uncle for the third and fourth, or more, times with his sister Karen's third and fourth or more children. Hopefully he will be many more children each with his daughter Sara and his sister Karen!

Great story theme and context!!
2014-10-15 22:46:14 Sister's Cartoon Video part 2 After our Fuck "Sister's Cartoon Video - Part 2 - After The Fuck" - Twenty Year Old Sister Maggie and Unnamed Eighteen Year Old Brother.

This great story of siblings, brother and sister, incestual foreplay and couplings has me excited and extremely appreciative. My emotions are now at their highest peak of elation, as Maggie, seemingly, unadulteratedly hopeful of the possibility she and her brother have planted seeds for her impending pregnancy and procreation of their child (and another sibling both the brother and his sister but also a niece for Maggie and a nephew for her brother)!!! The possible pregnancy of Maggie and her brother, blood-related siblings, is the major reason I read incest stories...for the pregnancy of the female of the incestual couple!! Nothing in the literary universe compares to the fantasy, visual and vivid elation that pulses through my heart and soul, as the anticipation of an incestual couple's procreation of their bloodline!!! Just the thought is awesome!!!
2014-04-03 22:10:16 Kentucky family 2 "Kentucky Family - Part 2" - Joshua, Unnamed Mom, Mary Lou and Peggy Sue - (Son (17), Mother (33), Sister (1) and Sister (10)

Joshua's mother has his twin son and daughter, Adam and Eve; severa weeks later Josh resumes fucking his mother again! His mother gives every sign that she wnts to have more babies by her oldest child.

Simultaneously, Josh's twelve year old sister Mary Lou has insisted Josh began sexual relations with her, full foreplay and consummated deep-cum fucking. They're caught by the ten year old sister Peggy Sue and she now wants to get in on the action!
Josh's harem of his mother and two sisters, and his lust for a new, twenty-nine old, Mormon third-wife appers in the valley is growing!