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2014-04-03 22:10:16 Kentucky family 2 "Kentucky Family - Part 2" - Joshua, Unnamed Mom, Mary Lou and Peggy Sue - (Son (17), Mother (33), Sister (1) and Sister (10)

Joshua's mother has his twin son and daughter, Adam and Eve; severa weeks later Josh resumes fucking his mother again! His mother gives every sign that she wnts to have more babies by her oldest child.

Simultaneously, Josh's twelve year old sister Mary Lou has insisted Josh began sexual relations with her, full foreplay and consummated deep-cum fucking. They're caught by the ten year old sister Peggy Sue and she now wants to get in on the action!
Josh's harem of his mother and two sisters, and his lust for a new, twenty-nine old, Mormon third-wife appers in the valley is growing!
2014-03-04 16:41:10 Calving Signs - part 2 "Calving Signs - Part 2" - Terri and Anne, Deanna and Robert - (Daughter and Mother, Daughter/Wife and Husband)

Unfortunately, I do have to agree with a prior reader's comments, this Chapter is like a maze, difficult to follow and understnad, and is much drivel of confusion. Too many first names, not context of each character to the other's, and each set (groups of characters with different events and issues) seems to been another story within itself.

I'm hoping subsequent Chapters have more clarity, and sensibility to the context and plot of each subset!!
2014-03-24 07:52:28 Sara's Protective Dad Part 5 "Sara's Protective (Step)-Dad - Part 5-B" - Robert & Sara Winfield, Jewels McDevitt, and Roberta Ann & Megan Eve Winfield - (Step-father & Step-daughter; Sister-in-Law & Twin Daughters of Robert & Jewels)

With finances of five hundred billion dollars, there is nothing in the world this newly combined "marital family" cannot accomplish!! Their lives are secure, their mutual loves of each and all; their financial security stratospheric, their plans of their future-- avowed and pledged as one mutual entity--agreed upon by one and all, their persistence and dedication to each other has cemented the love, life and limb one to the other!

They are Blessed; The almighty has laid hands on their life, lives, loves and future as one Holy Entity of Love!! Between the four women, they should procreate and consummate a minimum of twelve or more pregnancies, half of them being multiple births of twins and/or triplets!!
2014-04-13 20:18:39 Arranged Rape Incorporated "Arranged Rape Incorporated" - Samantha and Kaitlin - (Step-mother and Step-daughter)

Sixteen (16) year old Kaitlin is fast becoming a prick and sex tease of the worst kind. Her Step-mother, having married Kaitlin's fairly straight laced father several years ago, has become a burden due to her flaunting and teasing, affecting Smantha's marriage with Kaitlin's father Dan.

Samantha accidently discovered a method of perverse "punishment" that could posibly put Kaitlin on the straight and narrow--the "purchase" of an arranged rape!

The story stops short of the effects and "punishment" value being disclosed or divulged by Kaitlin. Did the "rape" have the expected results Samantha was seeking? Or has the "rape" made her worse as to making Kaitlin more of a slut and rebellious with her association with her step-mother? We'll have to wait to see if the writer/author writes an additional Chapter in order to get those answers!
2013-12-14 17:08:42 Broken In By Uncle "Broken In By Uncle" - Bob Sr, and Daphne and Tommy - (Uncle, Niece and her Brother).

There is no mention whether Cindy (Daphne's two-year older siste) has been impregnated by their Uncle Bob or not; she and her uncle had been fucking even before Daphne was fucked her first time by Bob.

Brother Mark and sister Janie are pregnant and on their way to becoming parents within seven or eight months. Daphne is pregnant but is her Uncle Bob the father (being her first fuck) or her fourteen year old younger brother Tommy, with whom she has spent most of the remaining summer fucking!!

Great story with steaming and exotic incestual consummated, consensual sex between Bob and his wife, Beth; Daphne and her younger brother Tommy; and their cousins Janie and her brother Mark. Daphne and Tommy's older sister Cindy was fucked often by their uncle Bob but we don't know when she is due to deliver her baby. The context in the story is fantastic, and written very, very well!!