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2014-07-06 05:32:23 Hard Trouble Sleeping Yes, I've noticed this and am now waiting to see what they do. If they delete this story it will be a shame but I will respect their decision.
2013-09-23 00:10:19 The Heart-lock secret 2 Thank you, your feedback is very much appreciated! Allow me to explain a bit about the characters, hopefully that will explain why I have been taking it so slowly. David is completely new to romance and has no sexual experience. He is usually quite shy and quiet, the only people he can talk to comfortably are his family and close childhood friends. It is very unlikely that he would be willing at this stage to suggest to Jessica that they try sex, for a number of reasons: He doesn't have enough confidence and self-esteem to be the dominant one in their relationship, it will usually be Jess who decides which turn their sex-life takes. She wouldn't be willing to jump to sex straight away either, considering he has a 7" penis when erect and she has never had any form of vaginal penetration whatsoever. Not to mention she's 14, not on any form of contraceptive and, quite frankly, would prefer to be able to enjoy his cock than have to share it with her pussy!
2013-09-23 00:17:40 The Heart-lock secret 2 However, I will keep your feedback in mind when I write the next chapter. I'm going to be speeding time up a bit, skipping days and keeping details short, unless it's important to the story. The reason I was embellishing the blowjob scenes is because this is the second day for him having any sort of sexual contact with another partner, his close sister no less. I didn't want the novelty to wear off so quickly. In any case, I might have the next story up in a week. We'll see how it goes!
2013-10-04 04:02:15 OT Shorts: Millie and her parents Sometimes 18 is too young. Don't make me bring the disclaimer about this being a work of fiction out.
2013-10-04 20:18:34 OT Shorts: Millie and her parents Thank you everyone for the constructive feedback. I definitely agree that this story needs at least a sequel further down the track. As for the 6th grade writing class comment, I do agree, although I feel I should point out that I only ever get a chance to work on these stories at 3 in the morning when I'm high as hell. So I don't think any amount of primary or secondary education is going to help there I'm afraid.