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2013-09-23 07:30:17 Theresa and Her Kids, Pt VIII I'm glad that you care enough about the story to be passionate about a fictional character. I've written Phil in a way that I felt made sense. He is in charge 24-7 at his company and that has exhausted him. When it comes to this sexual awakening in his family, he just let go, and does not feel betrayed. Thanks for reading.
2013-10-02 09:51:30 Theresa and Her Kids, Pt IX Sorry for not labeling the story either bi-sexual or male/male. I don't understand what seems like actual anger from some of the comments. This website and its stories are about fantasy and escape. Thanks for those of you who have offered constructive feedback.
2013-10-03 20:11:55 Theresa and Her Kids, Pt X I'm very glad for the enthusiasm of my readers. I'd like to reach a wider audience so please message others if you enjoy my story, and the positive votes are always appreciated, to keep it on the front page of the site if possible. I'm working on the next chapter now. Thanks.
2013-10-10 12:04:10 Theresa and Her Kids, Part XII If this is the first chapter of my story that you're reading, this story arc starts with Chapter X. Of course you can go all the way to the beginning if you want to see how the characters have developed. Hope you enjoy.
2013-10-10 17:57:08 Theresa and Her Kids, Part XII Comments from the douche-bag below should be taken with the same import as his ability to write in complete sentences, use grammar, or spell. In other words, please ignore him. He apparently has a personal problem that has somehow translated into attacking my story. I'm not sure how I offended him or what the source of his vitriol is, but he did manage to push my earlier chapters' ratings from mid-90's to where you see them now. I truly appreciate the feedback from those of you who are enjoying my story and am working on how things will proceed from here. Thanks again, Snow.