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2013-11-27 07:59:50 Theresa and Her Kids, pt XIV Thanks for the feedback. Yes, several months have passed since the orgy. I wanted to get Christina involved and felt that 11-year olds was just a tad over the line, so I moved the action to after Missy's 12th birthday. More chapters will follow when I come up with new scenarios that are exciting and keep the story fresh.
2013-12-27 14:27:17 Craig and Carrie, Chapter 3 Thanks very much for the kind words. None of the stories are dead, that's for sure, and I've got some ideas for the Deanna story and the for more with Craig and Carrie. Theresa and her Kids will be getting together somehow too! I just have to think up a way to make it still interesting after so many chapters. Happy New Year.
2014-01-05 19:44:46 Theresa and Her Kids, Pt. 17 It's nice to know that some people actually appreciate grammar and spelling! Way too many stories here are just plain unreadable because of careless typing and poor wording. For you Phil fans, he did get it on with Missy and Chris just a few chapters back . . . but it's hard to give all the characters their due with so many to juggle at this point. He'll get back in the game next chapter . . . thanks again for the appreciative comments. Snow.