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2014-10-30 14:44:02 Our Tiny Secret Pt l (revised) good Start, but as Mention it a wall of words and hard yo follow but not boring, break up the paragraphs and remember when someone else speaks it a new paragraph.
Please continue with you story.
2014-11-15 23:01:55 Polyjuice potion and the squib part 5 brittney joins in Good story, keep it going.
2014-01-29 17:03:32 Angie I agree very good story with hope of more to come. Davids and Kays relationship is going good and the fact Kay say she gives her blessing does kind of removes the cheating out but cheating is more than just lying it also how one may feel. David may still feel like he cheating on Kay even with her blessing.
Oh what an imagination I have sorry reading the suntan lotion portion Angie completely topless with three men and four women in the room i was thinking a great way to lead up to a full blown orgy soon. LOL write how you like but hope you don't mind that my imagination goes places you have not plan for your story.
2013-09-21 13:40:38 Damn My Sons Cock Is Huge; Part Three love it keep it up, but but proofread your work. Lydia calls Rita "aunt Kim" then the next line call aunt Rita again. Have not read past this yet hope Tanya finds Lydia doing both Jeremy and Kyle, and have Tera walk up behind her and start eating her out. leading to all six of them having a full out orgy.
2013-09-24 10:59:26 An Ebony Wife's first step to sluthood part: 2 oh my, that was good. I want to let you know that I will be waiting for your next story.