Comments from jdm320

Date Story title Comment
2013-11-21 14:43:18 Candice This story was confusing to read. You jumped around so much I lost interest. EdgarAllanPoo would be a better name for this story.
2013-12-02 15:02:33 Stranded One of the best stories I have read in a long time. Good job. jdm320.
2014-03-10 15:29:00 THE BABYSITTER AND THE GREAT DANE Very interesting beastiality story. Nice to get the dogs POV. Good job.
2014-01-02 16:12:07 4 Years Forward This could be a hot story, but it is very hard to read because of the lack of structure and pronunciation.
2014-01-24 18:45:11 My True Childhood Experience oh the sweet innocence of youth. nice little story.