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2013-09-24 20:54:51 first day of school-Horrible As u some heartless twat, unlike other first days of school which turns into cock sucking etc, I actually told the truth about my day.
2013-09-25 03:26:23 my little brother Hey thanks to the nice comments, I was considering of leaving, those nasty comments, really got to me, I will consider the 3rd story with more detail about are we others 1sts etc
2013-09-25 03:29:35 after school at danny's house Hey thanks for the nice comment man
2013-09-28 06:06:52 first day of school-Horrible Thanks for the nice comments, where do u suggest I put this so more can read it
2013-09-30 18:45:09 What I Wanted Ch. 1 I loved the story man, I'm just like tony but I'm not a open guy