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2013-10-26 12:50:07 Interview With The Tentacle Demon Chapter 9: Anticipation Alright then. I wasn't sure if it was a common thing or good form for an author to post comments on their own stories. Just to put your minds at ease, yes, this is an original story that I wrote, and yes, I waited until the entire thing was written, and thoroughly reviewed and proofread, before I started posting. Credit is irrelevant in a way since this is posted to the internet under a pseudonym to begin with, but at the moment you won't find the remaining chapters anywhere other than my hard drive. The creative commons notice does, BTW, specifically encourage people to spread the story around if they like it as long as credit to the author is maintained.

Glad everybody is enjoying it so far.
2013-11-04 08:12:42 Interview With The Tentacle Demon Chapter 11: Counselor I like to think that when it comes to abusing an unwilling victim, she does consider it a line she won't cross again. When I wrote the end to this chapter I found myself lampshading the glorification of rape inherent to the traditional tentacle genre. The real world equivalent is a horrible thing, and Claire sees this and feels guilty for what she did. Yet the physical aspect of it stuck with her, and she knows people do that sort of thing and more in a fully consensual manner. She's worried about blurring the lines between the two, she doesn't want to feel more guilty from watching submissives get used and abused, but her willpower isn't enough to keep away from it.

Glad everybody's still enjoying things. Chapter 12 is on the short side, even for me, but it picks up again after that.
2014-06-05 00:55:44 Interview With The Tentacle Demon Chapter 1: Arrival Note: Due to removal of spam, the reply from 2014-01-29 now refers to the one 3 below rather than 5 below.