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2014-05-06 18:20:39 Frontier V To all the commentators so far thanks a bunch for the input - I'm writing the next chapter now and will take it all into account. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and fuels my writing!
2014-05-06 18:18:20 Frontier V "Anonymous reader
2014-05-06 05:13:56
At least try to learn to spell or turn on your spellcheck, ruined by pathetic spelling"
OUCH - Thanks for the feedback - please note that I stated this was a rough draft as I would be attending to the editing later on. You can't really focus on spelling that much when you're writing to just get the story out - also be aware that Afrikaans is my primary language and not English... I'm bound to screw up AT LEAST the spelling in the rough draft. I'll get round to editing it real quick and see what I can do so that that doesn't disappoint more readers.Thanks again for the feedback - it's appreciated.