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2014-03-07 14:53:52 Your Brain is my slave: Part 07 - Mom must know her place @Anonymous reader
2014-03-07 07:19:27
Several typos in this chapter especially the word "off" which you spelled with one f several times.

I am trying my best to keep typos at a minimum, but as I am a non-english guy by origin, sometimes I make a few slips. I hope you dont hate me too much -_-

@Anonymous reader
2014-03-07 11:10:13
8 and 9 maybe 10-13 if you have more to add great story keep it up.

I already have all 9 chapters (now 10, as episode 4+5 was originally one, but I decided to split them up) finished already. There are 3 chapters left, and then I am done with this particular story, and will probably start working on a new one.

It has been a pleasure writing it and sharing it with all of you though ^^
2014-03-13 06:09:30 Your Brain is my slave: Part 09 - A birthday to remember @Anonymous reader
2014-03-12 19:33:25
imma kill you if theres not another chapter im laready pissed therew wre only 10 chapters in the 1st place.

I guess I will have to hire a bodyguard then.
There will not be any more chapters after this one sadly, as I go by the old saying: Stop while ahead. Besides I have done more with this story already than I could ever have imagined. I just wanted to write a short story about a guy who dominated his family with mind control, and I planned to write it in one night. It has now transformed into this huge story that I decided to share with you guys, and I feel like I will need something new to write about soon. I have worked on this for a month now, and I starting to feel the strain :D

@Anonymous reader
2014-03-13 04:54:01
I think I speak for the majority when I say we need chapter ten dude I've he'd the worst case of blue balls since the first part :)

I almost chocked on my coke when I read this comment :D
2014-03-04 02:28:37 Your Brain is my slave: Part 03 - Your ass is mine Thanks for all the nice words so far guys.

Yes I know there are plotholes (I would have been EXTREEMELY surprised if nobody found any), but even the biggest hollywood movies tends to have plotholes as well, so I am not going to let that ruin too much.

I like your points to my flaws here and there, and I will try to use them to improve my next story.

I have only been active in writing stories like these for a bit over 2 months, so I am pretty much still in the infant stage here, but I will try to make myself better with every new story.

As I said, this entire story was not even intended for release, and I just wrote it for the fun of it, whenever I had nothing else constructive to do.

Anyway, like it or not, part 04 is about to be uploaded ^^
2014-03-01 03:23:51 Your Brain is my slave: Part 01 - Power to control I am surprised, and very pleased that my story seems to be recieved well. I have only posted one other story so far, and that was also pretty well received. As for releasing the next parts, I am thinking about releasing one part every day, since releasing them all at once would feel... anticlimactic. Again, thanks for the comments, and keep em comming. It makes me pretty happy that my f*cked up mind is good for something ^^
2014-08-28 03:54:58 2 surprising birthday presents @ Anonymous readerReport
2014-04-24 21:37:55

Now that you finished your mind control series, will you continue with this fucking amazing tale? I hope you do!

I will return to this series sometime, but there is a thing called "real life" which requires most of my focus right now. I have some pretty sweet ideas in my messed up head for a chapter or two more in this series, but I would not expect it to get released soon.
My sister has moved in with me while she sorts out some things, and her presence is both a blessing and a curse. She certainly get my juices and ideas flowing, but she also gets in the way of really get into the right mood for writing long sexual stories. Hopefully I will return to writing more stuff soon.