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Date Story title Comment
2013-12-28 15:42:48 My Naked Doppelganger (PART 3) What a pity it is the last in a trilogy. My wife and I really enjoyed reading them. She wishes it had happened to her.
2013-10-23 07:25:44 My naked doppelganger (part 1) Lovely story and great idea of a parallel universe. Keep up the good work! Very well written.
2013-10-23 07:31:44 My naked doppelganger (Part 2) Great story! I loved part one and loved this even more. You seem to be getting sexier and sexier with each 'switch'. Can't wait for possibly an even sexier taboo part three!
2013-10-23 07:34:58 The table tennis match Lovely story and well written. Pity you are not still playing as I would love to hear more stories of you playing nude.
2013-10-23 07:37:38 An amateur nude Mrs Robinson! Lovely story. I can relate to this as I belong to an amateur operatic society. I wish some of our prettier girls would take a leaf from your book and parade around naked in the dressing room. Would love to have been your co star in The Graduate and enjoyed you in that bed.