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2014-07-18 01:26:43 Hiking Trips 4 Hi, these are some interesting stories but not based in reality. I can tell you, no one walks away from having horse cocks in their pussy like these girls do. One cock is great and unless a woman has a puss the size of the proverbial barn door, she will not gang bang as many as these stories talk about. I have had or been had by four horses in one night and had to be carried to my bed and I had lots of cocks of all kinds before that. Otherwise, not bad.
2014-07-18 01:34:37 To Be A Mommy and Going To School To everyone by the way, I wil tag fiction as fiction and true as true. Not my problem if you do not believe it, bet you still jacked off to it.
2013-12-27 20:12:18 Relatives Come To Visit I only write here and no other places so do not know the other person or story.
2013-12-27 20:15:10 First Pt 2 of Part 3 Just so everyone knows especially the one person, yes, I have had sex more times than I can remember, not my problem if you do not think so. If I did not write it out well then I apologize but it all happened and more than once. I hope everyone is doing well and has a Happy New Year.
2014-01-23 16:14:47 To Be A Mommy For everyone that readds these comments above I am not on any cams or shows. Someone is lying and trying to get you to go to their stuff. It IS NOT me. Sue