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2013-11-25 08:05:01 Sliding Sideways: An Incest Story Thank you to everyone who are reading my stories. I'd love your positive vote, but if I can't get it, please leave me a comment or constructive suggestion and I'll surely get back to you. Thanks again for reading.
2013-11-25 12:33:54 Sliding Sideways: An Incest Story Dear Onionsword, Your kind words made my day. I'm looking forward to writing more with these characters as soon as I get the right idea. Sweetcreekcowgirl.
2013-11-25 16:41:06 Sliding Sideways: An Incest Story Dear Anonymous reader commenting on, "changing points of view." Which point of view do you think would have been most interesting? My other stories are all written from one perspective, so hopefully you might like them. Thanks anyway. Sweetcreekcowgirl.
2013-11-27 07:07:34 Sliding Sideways: An Incest Story Dear Readers, Thank you for reading this story. Hope to be writing a sequel very soon. I write all sorts of stories, so I hope you'll give some of my others a read. Sweetcreekcowgirl.
2013-11-27 18:33:17 Sliding Sideways: An Incest Story Dear Readers, Thanks for reading. Negative votes can be really hurtful, I know I shouldn't be so sensitive, but sometimes I read stories I don't really like too much, but I know the person tried, so I try to be encouraging or say nothing at all. Please vote positive if you can, because it sure gives us new writer's the encouragement we need to keep trying. Thanks again. Sweetcreekcowgirl.