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2014-07-08 12:03:45 The maintenance Man 3 I have to back the other commenters about continuing the story and making the chapters a little longer. Other then that I have no complaints.
2014-10-24 09:39:46 The Maintenance Man 8 Another excellent chapter of an equally excellent story Pars I'm looking forward to future chapters.
2014-07-20 21:26:06 Galactic Vendetta Chapter 01 I wish to thank everyone that commented on the story and I must respond to two. It is not my intention to fill the void that Ka Hamed left. Someone else must step to do that. My only intention is to tell a story the best I can.I leave the job of creating literary masterpieces to others.
2014-07-19 06:18:58 Galactic Vendetta Chapter 02 I hope you enjoy this series as it just seems to be flowing from me. However I must be taking a brake to handle a few things the next couple days so I may not get part three out as speedy as I did these first chapters. Thank you for all the nice comments and I will try to get the next part out as soon as I can.
2014-04-10 20:25:57 Life of Mary The biggest thing you could do is work on your spacing between paragraphs. A sold block of print is hard to read. I also agree you should go into a little more detail also. I think it has potential and would like to see more.