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2009-02-11 19:11:28 My first sexual experience with my 13-year old neighbor hey everyone... yeah as you can see IT IS NOT A TRUE STORY. i totally messed up when i wrote that, i meant to say fiction. whoops. and yeah some 14 yr olds have a 7 inch penis
2009-02-18 20:21:09 Home Alone With My Virgin Girlfriend haha thanks to the few of you who enjoyed it... fuck you larry.
and yeah i was in a rush to get this posted i probably should have spent more time editing it but whatever... the idea is still kinky as hell. as this is fiction you guys, who gives a shit how many times she yelps or cums! it isnt true, so dont expect it to be entirely realistic.

karen i love you
2009-02-19 22:16:50 hey babe...

once again this shit is so tight. i love your stories. write more for me, i cant get enough of this murder shit!

thanks karen... ill probably write a new story this week and have it up in a week or two, so hit it up if you want. ill let you know.
2009-02-21 18:22:02 Track and Field Competition that was very well written- ive been trying to attain that kind of story but i just cant seem to capture the details of the sex. good job though... i dont believe it is true, however.