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little mindy went to get her brother but got something else instead
IT was getting late and Denise was worrying about her son Roger. He was 18 but Denise still thought that being out past Midnight was too late. He told her that he was going to a friends house. She knew that it must have been Freds house. Denise paced the room and was just about to grab her keys and go search for them when the phone rang. It was her brother in-law who had just brought her sister to the hospital. Ill be there right AWAY! she said. Not forgetting about her son she tured to Mindy (her 11 year old daughter) she knew she was responsible and could make it to Freds house to see if Roger was there. For it was only three blocks away and their neighborhood was very safe. "Mindy go to Fred's house and see if your brother is there and tell him to come home." MOM!!! she protested. DO IT NOW!!! Denise yelled. Mindy with a disgruntled look on her face went outside, grabed her bike and headed off for Freds house.
It didnt take long for her to get to Freds place. She looked at the normal sized home with a shabby lawn and heard loud music from coming inside. She walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. THere was no answer. After numerous tries she decided to walk in. It didnt take her long to notice that the house was filled with guys who all looked about 18 and they all were drinking. Mindy saw beer everywhere. She decided to ask one of the guys (who all had no idea she had walked in) where Roger was. "Excuse me have u seen my brother, his name is Roger" Just then about 20 or so guys just noticed that a little girl had just walked in. "HAVE YOU seen my brother," she tried to yell over the music. THey all jsut stared at her and what a sight it was. Mindy stood about 4 feet 11 inches tall long blonde hair that reaced to the mid of her back. A very thing figure accented by her chicken like legs. Very small boobs that had just started forming and one of the cutest faces that could be put on a 11 year old. Mindy looked around embarrassed seeing all the older guys staring at her. She asked again where her brother was but the guy gave no response. She looked up at him. He stood 6'4 220 lbs very muscular. She knew that he heard her and her frustration immediately turned to fear when she saw the look in his eyes that depicted her as a piece of meat that he wanted to devour. He finally spoke saying " isnt it a little past ur bedtime:" " My mom sent me to get my brother she said in reply. " I DIDNT ASK! U THAT!" he yelled in return. the other guys all smiled. "yes i guess it is" she said " i guess i should be going." "YOURE NOT GOING ANYWHERE" The other smiled at closed in on her. SHe ran for the door but the 6'4 guy grabbed her before she could even make it three steps. "Dont FIght BITCH" he yelled. Mindy didnt listen as she wailed her skinny little arms. She soon noticed that her efforts were futile. "Please dont" she screamed with tears running down her eyes. "Dont cry yet little girl we havent even gotten to the fun stuff" He then picked her up effortlessly and brought her into the next room as the others followed behind him. He threw her down on the ground in the middle of the living room. She landed hard and her sobs of despair were added with pain. Pleassee NO Help ME!!!!! she cried.. THe others all started to laugh.. NO one is gonna help you here bitch! He then yanked at her clothes. She was wearng pajama bottoms and a wife beater. She tried to resist but she was too strong for him. He pulled of her beater first. She was not wearing a bra because truthfully she didnt need one. Her boobs were very small but were still nice.. Her nipples were pointy. He then grabbed at her pajama bottoms and pulled them off with little effort. She wasnt wearing any panties and her little hairless pussy was revealed to everyone. Mindy Contiuned with her sobbing begging him to stop. He ignored her. "LOOK at the little pussy guys!" They all came over to see. Her pussy was very small and there wasnt one little hair on it. THe guy then started to take of his panted and his boxers. His dick was not fully erect but still stood 8 inches long. The very sight of it scared Mindy as she continued her struggling. NO PLEASE YOURE GOING TO HURT ME!!! she screamed.. "LIke i care" he replied slapping her little face.. She cried out in pain and just as she opened her mouth the guy shoved his dick inside. She tried to fight it out but it did not work. "YOU BETTTER TAKE THIS COCK OR I AM GOING TO HURT YOU BAD!" HE slapped her hard and she finally gave up. He didnt waste any time at all as he rammed his cock deep down her throat. SHE gagged and tried to free herself but he did not relent. He countinued ramming his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Spit began to fly from the corners of her mouth. He continued punishing her mouth. He finnaly removed his dick and she puked on the floor next to her. They all laughed at this site. THe guys dick was finally hard and it stood 9 and half inches. HE then said" Guys im gonna need some help fucking this little girl. Mindy then saw 4 guys making their way toward her. "Listen up BITch we are all gonna fuck you and u better take it or I WILL put u in the hospital" He then grabbed her hair pulling her up to her feet. He then picked her up and threww on her on the couch. He then grabbed her legs and aimed his dick at her pussy. She braced herself as he entered his dick in. It was so tight that he could not even get half his dick in. MINDY screamed in pain. He started to thrust and you could see the blooding trinckling down to his balls as he broke her hymen. Just then another big made his way over to her taking his panted off and reavealing another large fully errect cock. He rammed it in her little mouth and down her throat. Mindy gagged. SHe tried to cry out in pain from the continued hammering of her little innocent pussy but the cock in her mouth was relentless. Out of the corner of her eye she started to see all the guys removing their pants revealing huge cocks. SHe prayed for it to be over with but her prayers were unanswered. Another guy walked over to her and possitoned himself behind the guy that was ravaging her virgin pussy. he quickly jammed his big dick her very small ass hole. She cried again gagging with spit shooting out of the corners of her mouth. She then started to hear the guys who was in her mouth moan and she knew what was coming or cuming. HE shot huge globs of cum down her throat and Mindy gagged very hard. He removed his cock and she puked up cum all over her face and her little titties. She was finally able to scream in pain from her ass and pussy being destroyed. """" please it hurts so bad she said still choking on cum" She was about to say something else when another cock was rammed down her throat almost reaching her chest. SHe gagged again cum and spit running down her cheeks She then felt hot cum shoot up her pussy and her ass at the same time. The guy in her mouth continued to throat fuck her and he too oragasmed and shoot hot sperm down her throat. Mindy tried to swallow as much as she could to keep from choking but most of it she spat up and it glazed her face. She whiped the cum from her eyes and thought it was over but she was wrong. She then felt another guy pick her up like a rag doll and shove her on his cock. She screamed very loudly this time. Cum was oozing out of her pussy and asshole and down the guys shaft. She was still spitting up cum from her mouth. jsut as she whiped the cum out of her eyes she saw another cock aiming towards her mouth. This one was enormous and she could blare open her mouth wide enough to take it. He rammed it very hard and she thought she was going to choke to death and just as she thought it was the end he pulled off but only for a bit. He then removed his cock and shot a huge load all over face completely covering it with hot gizz. Her face was covered in cum spit and tears. she Could see all the other jerking off with their enormous memebers. her pussy was on fire as the guys continued to ravage it she then felt more gizz shoot up inside her. He then through her off him and she hit the floor hard. Cum was oozing out of her pussy and was pudding on the floor. She felt soo weak. she gagged up some more cum. She then saw about 8 guys walked over to her jerking at their dicks. They alll at once cummed all over her body. SHe was completely covered in giz.. She whiped her eyes clear and one guy poured a beer in her face. she chooked as it sprayed all over her. She the felt another cock poking at her asshole. He rammed it hard in her and she then was released from her pain as she passed out on the floor, The guys did not stop there they all took turns fucking all of her holes. Just then Roger and Fred walked down the stairs to see what the commotion was. Roger immediately noticed that it was his sister laying theire on the floor. He also knew she was passed out. He walked over to her and grinned. "You guys having fun" THey all yelled ya.... Roger then took of hs pants and slapped his sister face she didint wake up he picked her up and put her on his dick and fucked her.. They all took turns fucking her and filling her with hot cum.
Mindy awoke the next day in a dumster covered in dry cum. Her pussy and asshole still hurt like hell. She looked at her pussy and saw white cum sstill dripping out and she knew that she had been owned

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