I'd been giving my daughter, Sue, enemas since she was little. She was always constipated and the doctor told me it was the best way to keep her healthy. Only trouble is, her mom passed away when she was 2, so I've been "Mr Mom" all these years. Just me and Sue, Sue and me. Without her mom around, I was in charge of administering the enemas to her asshole. I knew it hurt to put the water in her, filling her small abdomen beyond her capacity while she rocked back and forth, back and forth, in agony. I hated doing it to her, at least that's what I told myself. I'd think to myself, "I hate this Sue, but what choice do I have?"

"Oh Daddy Daddy Daddy, take it out, take it out, take it OUT!"

I felt badly for Sue, I really did. It was awful. Sometimes, her small begging cries and moans echoed in my ears long after I'd put her to bed and tucked her in. Take it out, take it out, take it out, over and over again. Her little tear stained face looking up at me as if to say, "Why? " As the water filled her to almost bursting, her cries got so bad, she'd almost be screaming. I'll never forget the sight of her small fists, balled up, gripping and digging into the old pillow that I always gave her to hold through the ordeal.

But I had no choice. If Sue was going to remain healthy, I had to force the long enema syringe into her tender butt and let the water rush in.

I didn't want to admit it, but giving my little girl enemas was getting my cock rock hard. I started to plan my week around Sue's enemas. I'd cancel other things just to do it. I was harder than any time when I'd fucked her mother. That made me feel guilty as hell. I even considered going to a psychiatrist to see if it was normal to get "hot" while giving my own daughter an enema. But I didn't have the money or the time, so dropped it. Besides, I was digging it. (if I was honest with myself). I also knew a shrink would advise me to stop this immediately, and I had no intention of doing that.

As each year of our enema "togetherness" went by, I observed how her pussy was changing and developing. I first started giving her the enemas when she was about 5. Her tiny bottom and barely developed labia were a temptation to touch and rub. It was hard to keep my hands from massaging her pink clit. I could see it there, but I fought the desire. I fantasized about what she would do if I said, "Sue, Daddy needs to rub the front of your bottom a little to help the water run in." I'd say it casually, like a kind, fatherly suggestion. I was quite sure she would have obeyed, not knowing any better. I fantasized what she would say if I tried to rub her clitty:

"Okay, Daddy, just please get it overwith NOW now NOW now. I can't breath! The water is pushing me! "

I knew I was purposely overfilling her. I was becoming an enema sadist to my own daughter. After badly overfilling her, I'd make her lie there and hold it long past what was necessary. 30 minutes, sometimes an hour . As she moaned and rocked, I'd hold her butt closed tightly with a strong grip of my hand, the long tube snaking out her rear, observing her agony. I liked holding her butt with my hand like that, a power trip. I hid my erection from her, although she wouldn't have known what it meant anyway. Immediately afterward, I'd go into my bedroom, the room I had shared with her beautiful mom, and jerk off violently. I usually wouldn't be able to hold back my cum for more than 30 seconds, and spewed all over the room, the sounds of her pain still ringing in my ears. I always leaked cum throughout her whole enema.

By the time Sue was 9, she thought these sessions were normal. She'd never known any other way of life. She probably assumed all her little friends were receiving water treatments in their buttholes. A weekly enema with Daddy. Her anus and rectum had become sexualized and sexed up by my water filling tortures of her. I caught her one day in her bedroom, panties down around her knees, shoving an enema nozzle in and out of her butt. I don't know how she found it, (I kept it hidden pretty good in a closet), but she obviously wanted her butt fucked. Badly.

I watched her bang herself with the nozzle without letting her know I was there, lurking in the hallway. She was moaning loudly: "Take it out! take it out! take it out!" The same pleading words she'd said all these years while getting her enemas. What a fuckin turn on. Christ, I thought I'd cum right there. Poor Sue. I felt kind of sorry for her, but I knew she was now anally enslaved to me in a way that would never end. If or when she ever got married, she'd beg her daddy/husband to do her ass. I knew that much for sure. Damn the doctor who advised me to give her an enema in the first place! Damn his ass to hell. He should have known what it would do to her, how it would mess up her head! And how it would turn me on.

Since she was doomed to be an anal love slut the rest of her life, and particularly to her future husband, I figured I'd better introduce her to anal sex in a loving, proper way before she got hurt by an uncaring boyfriend who might tear her up or make her bleed. It was obvious that she needed a good assfuck from someone who cared. And that was me. I truly cared about Sue, and wanted her to feel good. I'd turned her into an ass whore, it was my fault, and therefore, my responsibility. Besides, I wanted to get in her rear and feel that tight hole I'd been filling with water all these years. That was the honest truth.

The way I approached it, I was going to tell Sue I was going to give her a big cock enema. MY big penis enema. I knew she'd accept it better that way if I put it to her like that. She already understood the concept of an enema, of water and the enema nozzle up her asshole. So I had to present it to her as a cock enema. Me up her. Filling her up just like the water did all these years, tormenting her insides and young, pink asshole Playing with the enema nozzle, plunging it in and out secretly in her room where I caught her, was proof that she wanted and needed an assfucking. She had really reached the stage of her mental/sexual development where she was ready for my meat up her hinie. It was the logical and only possible next step. It had to be done.

The next day during our usual weekly scheduled enema session (early evening, right after dinner and before her favorite t.v. shows), I placed her on her side in a slightly different position than usual. I spread her asscheeks wide, as wide as possible with my hands.

"Daddy, please start the water. My show comes on soon! I want to be out of the bathroom before it starts!"

"Okay, Sue, but tonight you need to get a different kind of enema."

"What kind, daddy? One with soap? Or a really hot one? We've done those before and they HURT. I don't want one like that."

"No Sue, this is going to be a type of enema where Daddy puts his penis in your bottom instead of water."

I waited for her reaction. She was rather upset and confused, as she had never seen my penis and was very worried about what it looked like and what would happen.

"Why do you have to do a penis enema? Is that the same as the water?"

"In a way, it is. But it's probably going to hurt your butthole a lot more going in than the ones you're used to. Daddy will try to make it feel as good as possible. Let me explain it."

She looked at me with the same pleading eyes I'd seen since she was little. Again, I felt badly, but not too much. I removed my pants, hands trembling, cock hard as a frickin rock. I was 8 solid inches of hard hard meat.

"Sue, look at me. This is your enema tonight. My penis. I call it my cock, and you can call it that too. You've probably heard that word before, you're getting to be a big girl. "

I had it all planned out. Not only was she getting my cock up her, I was going to give her an orgasm. I knew that making her cum first would help her butt relax for what would be an extremely painful experience, a grown man's cock in a little girl's ass. It would give her far better memories of me, of this night, than if I tried to force my large self into her tiny rear.

Still on her side, her small open ass exposed and waiting for whatever I had planned, good little Sue waited patiently for my next move. I reached around her front and began massaging her clit. I had to feel for it, but I found it, the hard little nub pinpoint , nicely erect. That told me plenty. She was aroused and would most likely cum pretty fast. At least this entire session wouldn't be ass pain - there would be pleasure too.

"Sue, honey, when you feel a big yummy feeling in your bottom called a "cum" , in the front where I'm rubbing, as SOON as it happens, Daddy will start the cock enema. So groan and grunt when it happens to let me know when to put it in. Say: 'Daddy, I'm cuming!'" Otherwise, I won't know what's going on. Okay?

"UGH, yes yes yes, I'll make a grunt Daddy."

Poor Sue. Little did she know that as soon as she "made a grunt", my cock enema was going in. I knew the pain would hit her like a burning poker, pushing into her rear. But she wasn't entirely an anal virgin, after all those years of huge enemas. Her butt was different from other little girls. It would hurt, yes, but it would feel good too. Not just to her, but to me, her daddy. Especially me. Then she and I would be bonded for life, with memories that neither of us could ever escape, even after she had a boyfriend fucking her, or her husband licking and sucking and fucking her, in her pussy and her asshole. I was her first and most important asshole lover.

Sue was so tiny, I was easily able to stimulate her with one hand reaching in front as we lay side by side, "spooning" , while holding her asscheeks open with my other hand.
My cock was nestled and aimed firmly against her butthole, ready to push in hard as soon as she climaxed. A good cum in her clit and pussy would distract from the pain she was certainly going to feel.

I lubed both of us up with a ton of vaseline; that's what I always used for enemas, it seemed to work the best and she was used to that particular lube, the smell and consistency. My cock now resembled a thick long enema nozzle. It got me hot looking at myself and thinking of my own body as an enema. A human enema. Liquid would spew from my cockhole into my sweet girl, but this time it would be sperm, not water. I visualized my warm, oozing cum splashing into her, filling her rectum, and her begging to go to the bathroom badly. I was desperately trying to hold off and not shoot my load before getting into her ass. The scene was so hot, so freaky, it was almost impossible not to explode all over her, me and the bathroom.

I could feel Sue's clit getting harder and harder. Her hips were bucking slightly as she built to her first climax - at least her first one with me. I suspected she had been having orgasms on her own, in secret, with the enema nozzle in her butt. The way she so readily responded to my massage of her clit made me think that she had cum before. That wasn't difficult to believe, since I had created Sue - she was MY enema slut and and I had turned her ass on big time.

My cock poised at her asshole, ready to plunge in, every fiber of my body quivered in anticipation of the sensations we'd both be having in a few seconds.

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy, ummmmm, argh, ugh,,,,it's almost ready to happen, I'm getting closer and closer Daddy........"

I put a bit more pressure with my cock on her hole, ready, ready for the push.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, help help help Daddy Daddy Daddy, I'm cuming, cummmmmmmmmmmming!!!!"

Sue was now ready for the biggest, hottest, widest enema of her life. My penis in her ass.

"Okay, now Sue, relax, push down, here it comes, here comes your cock enema!"

Simultaneous with her spasming cum, her legs and butt twitching and rocking back and forth. I gave one firm, mighty push as we both screamed like wounded animals.


"AHHHHHHHH, Sue, I'm in, I'm IN baby! The enema is in!"

Sue reached back with her small hands to feel behind her. My muscular penis must have been a shock for her hand to touch, instead of the much smaller enema hose she was used to. She was being hosed for real this time. I'm big, so I knew this was a rough experience for her. I stopped to let her adjust. I didn't want to wound her and turn her off to further ass explorations. I wanted a second time, many more times in her butt, so to hurt her served no purpose for future satisfaction.

She was panting and trying to lie still, although she was pinned against me. Her hole was so tiny, I knew I coudn't do any rough stroking or pumping, so I was okay with going in a few inches. Just being in that far, I was ready to explode like a fuckin geyser. Sue actually thought it was a type of enema, her mind had been so brainwashed, so programmed by our sessions over the years.

"Oh daddy, penis enema....when will it be over? Take it out take it out take it out."

There was Sue's usual plea: take it out over and over and over.

I managed to talk while inside her.

"Sue,...ugh, baby....the cock enema won't be over until daddy's enema fluid comes out and goes in your ass. hold on, it'll be over in just a sec."

"Okay, please hurry, it feels like the biggest b.m. ever in my life....HELP ME DADDY! TAKE IT OUT SOON!"

Oh shit, I was ready....."ARGHHHHHH, oh SUE SUE SUE, my enema juice is going IN GOD DAMN BABY GIRL!"

By this time she was crying, and I could tell her bottom was reddening around the perimeters of her anus. She'd had all she could stand for that session. I carefully pulled out, my "enema juice" running down her butt , onto the bathroom floor. I knew my cum had gone into her ass, and she'd need to go to the bathroom, where it would run out.

"OWWWWWWWW", she cried as I slowly pulled out.

There was a little blood that I wiped up with toilet paper, but I didn't let her see.
I cleaned her up with a washcloth, as tenderly as I could. She was raw and sore, so I put some ointment around her bottom. At least she'd had a good cum, thank goodness for that. I had pleasured her and helped her get through her first anal sex. It wasn't perfect for her, but it was a good start. All with the help of my "cock enema"

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