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Young Prince William gets inducted into Malehood through a threesome
The Royal Flush

Prince William looked around his room nervously; the sexy Lucinda had draped her sexy body over the chair at the corner of the room. Even though he was just a couple of days away from being crowned king of Britain, at the mere age of 19, he was still nervous around women. He coughed nervously and asked Lucinda meekly if she would like a drink. “A glass of whiskey please” she answered politely. He rang the bell and his butler was at the door immediately, Prince William ordered for him to bring him two glasses of whiskey. The butler nodded solemnly and whispered discretely, “must I organise for someone to clean your highness’s room”. The Prince nodded quickly and as the butler walked away, Lucinda looked up at Prince William and chuckled quietly.

After a two glasses each of whiskey and an uncomfortable silence, Lucinda stood up and said “well, I have heard that you have the most exquisite sword collection in your room William, I would really love it if you could show it to me, I love to see what a man can do with his tool”.

He stood up and led her to his huge bedroom, there was a young woman bent over the four poster bed and Lucinda and William could almost see her arse under her thin dress. Lucinda walked up to her and touched her round firm arse slightly, the young woman jumped and stood up straight, facing Lucinda who gave her a lust filled stare. “I am so sorry, I did not know that you would have been ready for bed, so soon” the young woman whispered.
“We are not yet ready… ummm.. what is your name?” Lucinda answered.
“My name is Suzy, ma’am” answered the beautiful docile woman “I was just leaving”. She began to turn to leave the room but Lucinda grabbed her hand and pushed her onto the lush chair at the side of the bed and said seductively, “no you are not going anywhere”.
Prince Andrew looked at Lucinda confusedly and asked her what she is doing. Lucinda replied that she was about to make Prince William feel like a king.
She pushed the prince onto the bed and told him to just watch in the mean time. She went to the young slave, Suzy and pushed her legs wide open with her legs. She stroked her young fresh legs and traced her hands up her legs to her female mound. She lifted Suzy’s dress up and knelt in front of her, she gasped when she saw that Suzy had no undergarments on and her pussy was soaking wet. Prince William huffed, “Lucinda, I doubt that this is very appropriate, I am about to be king. I can not be seen gallivanting with servants”. Lucinda, with her slim hands still caressing Suzy’s wet pussy, looked up at Prince William with her big brown eyes filled with lust, “Have you ever had two women before, my dear prince?”
“No” he confessed. Suzy moaned slightly as Lucinda quickened the pace of her hand on her sensitive pussy.
“Have you ever been with one woman?” she asked. He shook his head meekly. “Well if that be the case what kind of a king will you be? So shut your trap”

Lucinda turned back to the young Suzy and dropped her head into her pussy. Her tongue licked and kissed her thighs. Prince William at this point looked down at the bulge growing in his pants. Lucinda looked at him and lifting her head away from Suzy’s thighs told him to take his pants off. She dove back into Suzy’s pussy and began to thrust her tongue in and out of her pink pussy. Suzy thrust her body up and down to the rhythm of Lucinda’s thrust. Her luscious body then convulsed into a couple of spasms as Suzy went into a mini-orgasm. Lucinda then grabbed her body once she had calmed down and threw it onto the bed, beside Prince William. “Now William, she is all yours” declared Lucinda. But Prince William just looked at the young girl with his huge cock thick and fully erect. “Ok William, rip her clothes off and then climb on top of her and put your penis, cock into her mouth” Lucinda demanded.

Prince William got on top of the young girl and put his hard dick into her dick sucking lips. She licked it as if she was licking a lollipop. Lucinda undressed and sat next to Suzy and began to caress her pussy. Prince William began to enjoy his blowjob more as the young girl deep throated his whole dick and made a few gagging sounds. He began to take his dick out of her mouth and put it in again; enjoying the power, he began to dick fuck her mouth. Lucinda slapped the prince’s little arse in the rhythm of his fucking, and he began to moan loudly. He quickly took out his dick and Lucinda said, “no come in her mouth and make the little harlot swallow” he sprayed his cum into Suzy’s mouth and she swallowed it greedily. William sat back on the bed looking proud with himself, Lucinda crawled towards him and began to lick his cum off his still hard dick, “still want some more, is it?” she asked him. She knelt in front of him facing away from him with her face directly in front of Suzy’s pussy. She turned her head to look at Prince William and said “please fuck my pussy, your Royal Highness”.

He put his index finger into her sexy pussy and began to finger fuck her. She moaned and groaned and then began to lick Suzy’s still wet pussy’s lips. When the prince thought that he was ready he took his hand out of her pussy and placed his eager dick on the outside of her wet pussy. He thrust it in and she groaned. He took it out and thrust it in again, feeling his thick dick touch something in her wet pussy. He had played with himself many times but had never thought a woman would be like this. She tightened and loosened her pussy muscles slowly massaging his dick. He held her tiny waist and began to fuck her tight hole violently, she screamed but her screams were silenced by Suzy’s pussy that was being thrust at her face by the young and horny slave.

But Suzy feeling that she was not getting enough attention and the sound of the prince and Lucinda fucking driving her so horny, she went and got a little toy that she had found in the prince’s drawers while cleaning. It was little toy that was shaped like a dick, she had never seen one before. She took off her little dress which the prince had been scared to take off. She went back to her old position in front of the moaning Lucinda and gave her the little toy dick.

Lucinda understanding what the young slave wanted, put the toy dick into Suzy’s slopping wet pussy and began to match the violent rhythm of Prince William’s fucking. William looked at the two girls happily and began to fuck Lucinda even harder. After licking his right index finger, he thrust it gently into Lucinda’s arsehole. Lucinda screamed and squeezed his dick passionately with her pussy muscles. He pushed his dick in two more times and then he began to feel an orgasm building in his body. He took his dick and finger out and exhaled loudly as his jism sprayed all over Lucinda’s firm arse. He called for Suzy to join him. Lucinda took out the toy dick out of Suzy’s pussy reluctantly and kissed it as Suzy got up and went to join William.

He grabbed her head and shoved it onto Lucinda’s arse, “I want you to clean my cum off her arse”. He stood back, watched and he stroked his flaccid dick as the young slave lapped at his cum hungrily. Yet she did not stop once all the cum was gone as she still licked hungrily at Lucinda’s little arsehole. As he saw Suzy’s young arsehole staring seductively at him, he knew that the night was still young.


2007-08-25 08:27:59
another piece of English drivel. what a piece of junk.


2007-08-03 20:18:50


2007-07-21 15:50:40
What ?!?!?


2007-04-03 21:44:33
It could be worse........he could have turned into a Prince Edward :o)


2007-04-03 16:37:38
it was a great first story.... only problem is that you need to proof read it first... 3rd paragraph, 10th line... william changes into prince andrew

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