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Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Jeff runs to answer the door.... "Dad, Alex and Logan are here. Can we play here?"

"Sure. Put some clothes on."

With a gleam in his eyes, Logan whispers, "Jeff, do you always run around the house naked?"

"No, I saw you coming to the door so I stripped real quick."

"Yeah, right!" Then Logan whispers, "You know, you got a real hot shlong."

Alex butts in, "Shut up, Logan!"

Jeff reassures him, "Don't worry, Alex. This doesn't pump my pork." Logan's bright face quickly turns sad. So Jeff changes the subject, "Let's go play out back."

Sean admires how well the three play together. Usually one of a trio will feel left out, but these boys transcend maturity. After an hour, Jeff asks Sean, "Can we go swimming in our underwear?"

"Sure can buddy."

... After getting the mail, Sean notices that Jeff is alone in the pool. "Jeff, where are Alex and Logan?"

"They went to get dressed."


"Upstairs, I guess."

Sean quickly goes upstairs and hears them both in the shower. He takes a deep breathe, thinking, "Now what do I do?" Soon he knocks on the bathroom door, demanding, "Alex, come here."

"I'm taking a shower."

Impatiently, "I don't give a rat's ass."

Alex opens the door, dripping wet, still standing at full attention, with a smile on his face.

Not amused, "Get your clothes and towel. Get dressed downstairs."

"I didn't finish my shower."

"You can finish at home."

Alex hangs his head, gets his stuff and leaves.

Sean knocks again, "Logan, your shower's done. Get dressed." After a few minutes, "Are you done in there?"


"Why not?"

"M-my clothes are downstairs."

"So, Logan, you went through my house naked."

"Yes, sir," with quivering voice and knocking knees."

"Come out here." Now giving Logan the hairy eyeball, "Do you run around your home naked?"

Clinging to the towel around his waist, he looks at Sean painfully, "No, sir, I don't. That's why I wanted to try it here."

"Do you shower with Alex in your home?"

"No sir, that's why..."

"Stop! What are your parents names? ... Your address? ... Your phone number?"

"Please don't tell my parents, sir. They will kill me."

"Then you better get your affairs in order. I want you out of my house in five minutes."

Dejected, "Everyone says you're way cool."

Firmly, "Now you can tell them that I'm terminally tepid."


"Sean, I miss the showers we took together."

"Me too, Jeff."

"Good. Let's go for it."

"Your mother wants us to keep our bedroom door open at night. So it's obvious she doesn't want us showering together."

"That didn't stop us before."

"In another culture that would work."

"I know. I'll flat out ask Mom."

"That would be a way bad idea."


"Absolutely not!"

Angrily, "And why were you so mean to Alex and Logan?"

"So you're sticking your nose in my business. Do you realize how much trouble I could get into if I allowed that?"

Pleading, "Do you realize how unfair that is for us kids? We have a right to our privacy! You encourage me to jerk off with somebody, but where? Where I ask?!"

Hanging his head, "Yeah, it sure was easier for me to find privacy just ten years ago, than for you today. I wish I had an answer. But then again, the freedom you're getting with Maria is totally awesome."

Calming down, "So when can Alex and Logan come here again."

Frustrated, "Never."


"I don't think they dare come back."

Raising his voice again, "You're avoiding my question."

Softly, "Two weeks sounds good."

"I can't see them for two weeks!"

"No, you can see them now, just not here."

Satisfied, "OK, that's fair enough. Now strip naked."

"I prefer to wait until your mom gets home."

Sadly, "I thought you would say that. You're getting boring."

"Jeff, that hurts!"

Wanting to take back his words, "I didn't mean that. I'm just disappointed. But our sleeping naked together is way cool."

Timidly, "I guess I've become scared of what I might do if I'm naked with just you home. You have this power of persuasion."

With understanding, "OK, maybe we both can change."

Appreciatively, "Now that's got potential! Let me sleep on that idea."


2007-08-02 12:36:24
this does not make any since


2007-04-07 14:24:48
More of your stupid fucking stories damnit JR do us all a favor and quit writing!!


2007-04-07 05:46:56
Click "J. R." for the whole story, on my website if you wish.


2007-04-06 00:25:01
what in the world was going on in this story i was lost from beginning to end


2007-04-05 23:16:13
you suck

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