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It all started when I moved into my dorm
Durring my first year of college I moved into my dorm, as most college freshmen do, I was very nervous but I left my door open and played some music while I set my room up. I was hoping that people moving into their rooms would stop in and introduce themselves. A few guys came in and introduced them selves to me. We would chit chat about what sports we played most were baseball players and would bust my chops for being on the swim team. A few girls came in and introduced themselves. One girl caught my eye as she walked down the hall with her arms full of all sorts of blankets and pillows. I jumped up and offered her a hand. As I took some of the large mass of bedding off her arms I was able to get a good look at her. She was Asian/american with a nice athletic body, flat tummy, b cup firm tits and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. She wore a jean skirt that was very tight and very high, when she bent down to grab a pillow that was on the ground I could see her hot pink panties. Once both of our arms were free of her bedding I extended my hand and introduced myself. She said Hi my name is Amy, I said I was Jim. I asked if I could give her a hand with anything else, she said no that she just needs to set up her room. I told her I would be in my room if she needed anything. When I got back in my room a few guys were still there. We all hung out for a bit and got to know each other. Around 9pm things started to die out, people went to their rooms and talked to their friends from back home on AIM. I finished making my bed and put a dvd in to watch. I was happy to see that apparently my roommate was a no show, pretty much every college students dream, I would have the room to myself for the entire semester. I layed on my bed watching casino royal, I was in my flannel PJ pants and tight white T shirt. Like I said I was a swimmer so I had probably 3% body fat at the time. As per my coaches orders I had shaved every patch of body hair on my body. I was laying on the small twin size bed watching my movie and I heard a light knock on my door. I opened it and Amy was there in a tight wife beater and very short shorts. She asked if she could hang out in my room. I said sure and she sat down on the bed Indian style. Because her shorts were so short I could clearly see she was wearing her bright pink panties. I tried to not look. She said that she didn’t like her roommate. Apparently her roommate was from china and didn’t speak any English. We made small talk throughout the movie. I told her it was getting late and that I would probably be going to bed soon. She gave me a sad look and said that she felt very lonely in her room. I said that I had an extra bed in the room if she wanted to … she cut me off and said oh I could just cuddle with you if you don’t mind. I instantly said sure no problem, but the beds are pretty small. She said that’s no problem we will just have to be real close.
I turned the light out and we both got into bed. Amy was on her side with her back to me so I layed down with my back next to her. She said its ok if you want to get close, I don’t mind. I turned around and put my arm around her waist she nestled into me. The warmth of our two bodies along with me trying to make out the outline of her perky breasts from the soft moonlight glow from my window. She pushed her butt against my cock a little bit and turned her head and looked at me.
Smiling she asked coyly “is laying next to me making you hard or something” I said “no, what would make you think that” she pushed her ass into me and said “I can feel your cock, and from what I feel I kind of like it” She took my hand and put it against her tight tummy. I made the first move and slowly raised my hand to her firm tit. She turned into me letting her hand brush against my cock. She lightly grasped it through my pants and started to stroke it. I leaned in and kissed her, she stuck her tongue deep into my mouth and only broke the kiss to lift her shirt off. I could feel her warm tits press against my chest. She rolled me over and started to dry hump against my hard cock. She ran her hands up my shirt and pinched my nipples. I took the que and took my shirt off. She smiled and said “you shave?” I said “yeah pretty much everywhere” She leaned in and licked both of my nipples to get the hard when she sat back up I could see her prefect tits in the moonlight. I sat up which apparently she liked as I sat up my cock rubbed up against her pussy. I licked both of her nipples and lightly ran my teeth against her nipples to make them hard. She moaned loudly and bucked her crotch against mine. She whispered into my ear “Im going to give you the best head you have ever had” I smiled and said back “ careful where you position yourself you may get something in return for that amazing blowjob” with that she instantly straddled my head and went in take my cock out of my pants. I put my hands on her amazingly firm ass and pulled it down to my face. I licked her crotch through her short shorts, the second I made contact with her crotch she licked the tip of my cock. She slipped the entire length into her throat with out hesitation. I pulled her short shorts down, she straightened her legs out which effectively put her crotch on my chest. I pulled her shorts off and threw them on the ground. I could smell her sweet pussy from the position she was in. As she started bobbing her head up and down on my cock I grabbed her hips and brought her pussy right to face. I licked all around her pussy until she took my cock out of her mouth and said just put lick it already babe. I went right for the gold and licked her clit lightly with my tongue. Slowly circling her clit, until she began to buck into my mouth. I grasped her ass with my hands and pushed my tongue deep into her pussy. While I tongue fucked her I gently rubbed her ass hole. She went to town on my cock she put the entire length into her throat and did something that basically milked my cock. I think she put my cock in her throat and continually made some sort of swallowing motion. I lost it and sort of thrust deeper into her throat. I took my tongue out of her sweet pussy and warned her I was about to cum. She started swallowing harder and harder on my cock I went to town on her clit with my tongue. I kept rubbing her ass hole with one hand and with my other hand I slowly started fingering her pussy. My entire body tensed up and I started shooting gob after gob of cum right into her throat. When she was done milking my cock She got up and said keep doing what you were doing you almost got me to orgasim. With that she pushed me down and straddled my head with her shaven pussy as she started to buck against my tongue with her pussy. She moaned, and broke into a sweat as she tensed up and orgasimed on my face. She fell back on me panting. She turned around and said how amazing my tongue was. I pushed her onto her back and kissed her deeply. She gently rubbed my cock and said fuck me as hard as you can. With that I instantly was rock hard again. I took my cock in my hand and rubbed her clit with the tip of my cock before I pushed it in her. She moved her body around and pushed her pussy around my cock. I pushed my cock as deep as I could into her surprisingly tight pussy. Once I was all the way inside her she arched her back and moaned “WOW ITS GREAT TO HAVE THE REAL THING IN ME” I looked down confused and said what do you mean? She said all she put inside her was her fingers. She started talking dirty saying how much she loved shoving her fingers in her pussy and every now and they right before she orgasimed she would put a finger into her ass but to be stretched out by my cock

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