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Julie was a bit nervous, when she entred the mansion. A brunette was standing at the door and took her into a small room with white walls. When the brunette told her to undress she hestiated but after a second pulled down her miniskirt and her blouse. She wasn't wearing any underwear, as the instructions had told her not to.

A week before she had been surfing the internet and found an ad for water bondage. When she clicked on it and read a bit, she decided to write an e-mail to the owner. A day later she got an e-mail telling her to wait in front of her house in one week, wearing no underwear. She had felt horny all week.

Then she was led into another room, a big one with an oriental carpet and a leather arm chair. She was told to kneel on the carpet and then was blindfolded. When she couldn't see anymore she heard the brunette's heels click on the marble floor and then a door closing. After a while waiting, she was growing impatient, she heard another door open and flat shoes tapping on the floor. when the person was in front of he, her blindfold was removed. During the time it took her to adjust her eyes to the light, the person sat down in the armchair. When she looked up, she was even more nervous, the person was a man and she was naked in front of him. They sat there a while, motionless.

Finally e stood up and told her to do the same. Then he asked her to spread her legs and walked around her. When he fingered her breasts she took a step back. Suddenly, he gripped her ass and inserted hiss middle finger all the way into her tiny little hole." My slaves are available to me at all times. If you do that again, it will be my fist in there. Do you understand?""Yes."Another finger was inserted brutally, her tiny hole burnt!"Yes,Master!!!!!!!!""That's better." Then he sat down again and told her to lie down and spread her legs. That way her cunt was in full view and he strted fingering it.

"My name is Brand but you will call me Master. Why do you want to be my slave, Julie? I mean, you have beautiful long, blonde hair and with your hight, it should be easy to find a husband." "Well, Master, most guys just want to fuck me. So I came across your add and I had already seen a lot of bondage videos from the age of thirteen."
" You watched porn at thirteen?Wow.So, you want to submit to me?" "Yes,Master."" Do you know, that I may hurt you beyond what you think you can take?" "Yes, Master.""Are you willing to give me your body and your soul?" "Yes, Master." "Then wait here.""Yes, Master."It was quite uncomfortable lying like that but since he hadn't told her to move, she waited. Julie was frustrated, because he had stopped before she could cum.
After about five minutes, she wasn't wearing a watch, the brunette came in. She didn't say anything but put a collar on Julies neck and bracelets on her wrists and ankles. These had D-rings all the way around. After that, she attaches a leash to the collar and pulled up. Julie got up and was blindfolded again. She was pulled along and heard a door opening and being closed after she had stepped through. Then she felt her arms being raised and her wrists being held together by a chai that went to the ceiling. Her feet were pulled further apart and some kind of bar was attached to the bracelets to keep them apart. She heard heels clicking and the door opening and closing. She was alone again.

All of a sudden Julie felt someone behind her, hands going around her neck and a ball being forced into her mouth. then straps were locked on the back of her head. Suddenly, the blindfold was removed and she had to blink to get her vision. When she could finally see, Brand was standing in front of her and they were in a kind of dungeon: it was a bit dark, the walls were made of grey brick, there was a kind of cage hanging from the cealing, a toilet was in one corner and on everywall there were hoses.
Her eyes widened when Julie saw what brand was wearing. He didn't have any shirt on(he didn't have any hair on his breast), his pants were made of leather and had a hole in front throug wich his dick stuck.His balls had seperate holes and he wore boots. His shoulder long brown hair was held together by a piece of leather in the nape of his neck. Her eyes grew even wider, when she saw what he had in his hands: two huge dildos and lube. He first spread lube over her cunt and a bit into it with his fingers and then went to her ass hole and did the same. It hurt, because of the penetration before.
Without warning he pushed in first one fake cock into her ass and the the other into her cunt. She moaned loudly both times and even louder when he got out two remotes and the dildos started vibrating. Then Brand let down her wrists and unlockes the spreader bar. He walkedher over to the toilet with the leash(it had hung there all the time) and sat her down on it. After that he told her to put her legs on the sides and her hands behind her back so he could bind her. She did so and was now again completely wulnerablw=e which made her even more wet."If you lose those two dicks while I fuck your moutrh, theres going to be trouble, slave. And don't even think about cumming or I'll get my whip!" Now she was a bit scared, she had never held anything. not dildos and not cum and she had never been fucked orally. When she bentb her head so he could remove the ballgag ske saw that Brands cock was hard and huge.He stuck it into her mouth so quickly she couldn't react and she almost gagged. He fucked her roughly and she lost both dildos AND CUMMED! When he shot his load, she tried to swallow everything but spat out most of itinstead.Brand saw she hadn't succeded in anything he had ordered hre to do and got a hose.

To be continued.................................................................................................................................


2007-06-02 16:35:35
nice very nice


2007-04-11 18:47:34
What a tease. Finish it. Don't keep us in suspence.


2007-04-10 17:27:14
marvellous 10/10

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