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I shifted my cars manual transmission into second and then to first as I came up to a stop sign . Though I was driving, the road wasn’t my main focus. I kept picturing her in the normal outfit of a short tight skirt that showed her beautiful long legs and one of her tight shirts that made her c-cup breasts beg for attention. I pictured pulling her tight skimpy panties down to reveal a little triangle of black curly hair to go along with her picture perfect body. Though we had fooled around since close to the beginning of us going out, I hadn’t actually seen her without her clothes on but tonight I planned to find out. Suddenly the gears of my car grinded and I corrected my shift so that I could get to Kacy’s house ASAP. I needed her so much and after her telling me her parents were gone for the night, I was hard set to see her. It was an opportunity of a lifetime for two 18 year olds whose bodies craved attention.
My car hit seventy-five on the small country road before I looked at my speedometer. I didn’t want to get pulled over and prolong my visit to Kacy’s room so I slowed down. I checked my pocket for the condoms just to make sure and then I clicked on the interior lights to re-checked my appearance in the rear-view mirror. I don’t consider myself the greatest looking guy and I am strong but not etched out of stone either, well not most of me isn‘t. At that point, my hard on was digging into my stomach and it urged me to drive a little faster. I clicked off the interior lights and slowed down as I entered the neighborhood of her small town.
I saw her house and I stopped at the last stop sign. My body shivered with anticipation and I slowly pulled through the intersection and pulled over about a block from her house. I parked in the darkest part of the street in case her parents came home. I got out and straightened my black button up shirt and wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans. I snuck quickly and quietly up to her door. I knocked and stood back as I tried to catch a glimpse of her through a small glass panels on the side of the front door. I saw her moving towards the door and I stood straight as if I hadn’t been peeking through her windows.
The door handle turned, the door opened, and a girl about 5’ 6” with short straight black hair and a devilishly sexy grin stood in front of me. She wore a thin black lacy top and a pair of tight pajama shorts. Kacy looked at me and then grabbed me by the shirt to pull me into the house. Instantly we were kissing. My hands pushed up across her stomach and under her top. I squeezed one of her breasts and she moaned softly into my mouth. I grabbed her wrists and pushed her up against the nearest wall. I held her wrists above her head and pushed my body hard against hers. She made a slight sound as I dug my hard on into her pelvis. I kissed down her exposed neck and shoulders until I was pulling down the straps of her top. She laughed and pushed away from me. She began to unbutton my shirt and then she went to my pants. There she was in front of me now on her knees pulling out my envious prick and kissing it. The condoms slipped through my mind briefly but it soon vanished as she slipped my rod into her mouth.
She sucked on it and clamped her lips tight as she bobbed her head back and forth. I felt like letting my knees buckle and releasing into her mouth right then. I tried to hold it longer but it felt so good with her soft lips massaging my length and her little tongue playing tricks across the head. She ran her fingers of one hand up under my balls and squeezed gently as she continuously worked on my shaft. The other hand began to move up and down with her mouth and I just felt better and better. Then I felt my balls start to prepare and I didn’t know if Kacy wanted a mouthful of my salty substance.

“Kacy baby, I’m gonna cum”, I tried to warn her of what I knew was about to happen but she didn’t stop, In fact, she moved faster and sucked harder. Then, she suddenly stopped and pulled away with a smile. I about died from the sudden shock and emptiness my cock was now subjected to. I was so close to cumming and I had to try and calm myself before I spurted all over the wall in front of me.

I looked over to see her walking backwards to the stairs. I was frustrated and I wanted to just fuck her right there even if she didn’t want to but I slowly followed her slim and sexy little body as she turned and sprinted up the stairs. I wanted her on a bed writhing underneath me and screaming my name. I moved to catch her but right as my hand slipped across her tight ass, she swung around and grabbed me. We slammed into the upstairs wall right outside of her bedroom. Our lips locked and I let my hands work as my tongue entertained hers. I slipped my hand into her shorts and grabbed her ass as my other hand worked on a breast. She sighed and pulled me closer. My pelvis began to automatically push against her even though she still had clothes on. Then she surprised me by hopping up and wrapping her legs around me. Now I pushed hard through her clothes with my dick and she ground herself against me. She moved her pelvis up and down and I felt her through her shorts. I kissed her shoulder and I slammed into her. She let her mouth fall open as she gasped with enjoyment. I began to push my fingers up the leg of her shorts but she stopped me. She then began to slow a little and asked me to wait right were I was.
Disappointed yet again, my emotions subsided slightly as she went into her room and partially closed the door. I began to go through the rest of the night in my head and then I remembered that I had no idea when her parents would be back. I walked over to her door and knocked.

“Come in and retrieve your prize”, she said in a smooth and sexy voice.

I pushed the door open and looked across her room. Her bed was in the back corner and the moonlight came in from a window that was near the bed. The light from the moon washed over Kacy’s body and my hard-on resumed its post. She was laying on her bed propping her head up with her hand. But it was the rest of her body that I breathed in. Her white skin was only covered by her black lacy bra and some small black lacy panties. Her top and shorts were casually discarded on the floor and I began to do the same with my clothes. First my shirt and then I shucked off my pants as quickly as I could after kicking off my shoes. I went to strip down my boxers but she lifted a finger and motioned for me to join her on the bed.

I strode across the small expanse of her floor and walked right up to her bed. She slid her arm up mine and I leaned over her and kissed her lips yet again. I crawled up onto the bed and laid on my side beside her. We kissed as we faced each other. I let my fingers rest against her soft warm skin and she sighed as I began to move my fingers across her. I traced across her stomach and then up her thigh with my fingers. Her legs opened a little wider and I moved over her so I was then on top. I slipped my hand inside her soaked panties and pushed up into her. She closed her eyes and let her head roll to the side as I fingered her. My mouth explored her exposed skin above her breasts again until I found one of her nipples sticking up through the fabric of her bra. She moved her hand down to mine and played with her clit as my fingers explored. She began to gyrate her hips and I found her spot inside her. I moved my lips down to her stomach and pushed my hand harder against her. Her breathing increased and I pushed harder. Then I pulled out and stopped her hand from working on her button.

“What are you doing?”, she asked as she caught her breath.

I sat up and slid my hands up her side. Then I slid them back down and hooked my fingers around the waistband of her underwear and slid them slowly down her long silky legs. She lifted her cute little ass as the panties drifted down and I pulled them of her ankles before throwing them towards the door of her room. At first I stared at her newly exposed waist to see a little black patch of hair similar to how I had imagined. I looked up to see her smiling and I continued on with my plan. I kissed her ankles and then moved up her legs. I pressed my lips up against her sex and began to lick and suck on her lips. She tasted like salt and honey and I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more as her whimpers from fingering her turned into gasps and moans. I pushed my tongue in as deep as I could. I licked up and down her slit as her fingers ran through my hair. I slipped one of my fingers into her and began to thrust it in and out quickly as I moved to her clit. Her legs closed on my head as I hit her button and she let out a long and soft moan before I stuck three fingers into her. I moved in and out quickly with my fingers and she began to pant. I felt the inside of her begin to clamp down so I pulled out and sat up.

“I hate you”, she smiled as she panted. She sat up with me and began to pull my boxers off. I shifted so that they slid right down and my shaft fell out hard and proud. Kacy immediately discarded my boxers and licked the length of my prick again. She sat up and looked me in the eyes, “Well, now that your naked I guess maybe I should match”

She got off the bed and stood facing away from me. Her naked ass was soaked with moonlight and her honey. I let my eyes follow up her gorgeous back until I saw her hands reach around and unhook her bra. She let the bra straps slide off her arms and threw it across her room. She used one of her arms to cover up her breasts as she turned around. She pulled her arm away and made a sexy pose with both her arms above her head.

“Well, what do you think?”, her breasts held firmly against her like little half globes. Her nipples were perked up and small circles of pink flesh made up the base of her hard nubs. In my opinion her breasts where perfect and I instantly wanted to jump her.

“Kacy, they’re beautiful, you’re beautiful”, I stammered as my eyes locked with her breasts, “God I want you so bad!”

She moved towards me and pushed me down onto my back. She climbed onto the bed and crawled to me on all fours. She then swung one of her legs over me until she was straddling my waist. Her slit rested right against my shaft which was pinned flat to my body. She then moved back and forth with her waist so the lips moved acrossed the length of my pole. Her wet sex slid across my prick easily and I began to push up against her movements. She squeezed her breasts with her hands before running her fingers up her neck and through her hair. Her eyes snapped open and she pulled me up as she swung down and suddenly I was on top of her.

“Fuck me now Johnny, I need it!”, she pleaded as she reached down for my cock. She grabbed it and stroked it a few times before guiding it into her.

“Baby, this may hurt”, I started to push slowly into her.

“Johnny, I don’t care, FUCK ME!!”, her eyes burned with frustration as she grabbed my ass and drove me deep inside her. I felt my prick hit something but it quickly drove through it and she winced. I took over and bit down into her breast as I squeezed the other. I readjusted my self and began to pump in and out. I thrusted hard and fucked her. It felt so good and I asked her to be loud if she enjoyed it. She responded by screaming out.

“Oh god yes!, Fuck me harder baby, please, Johnny harder!”, I trusted harder and harder until I was in as deep as I could get. I felt her body tighten and I pushed my chest against hers. I bit down on her neck and she moaned louder. I fucked her in and out pumping and pumping as she writhed underneath me throwing her head back and forth. Her hands moved across my back and clamped on tight as she lifted her ass off the bed to meet each of my thrusts. Her lips pulled acrossed my prick and I could see her enjoyment. I continued to thrust and I grabbed her ass for leverage. I pushed until I hit my pelvis against hers and our bodies slipped acrossed each others as sweat formed. I sat up and began to pull her waist into my thrusts. She screamed and moaned as she resumed playing with her clit and breasts. I watched her fingers pinch her nipple and grab the whole breast before squeezing it as hard as she could. I looked down to see my rock hard rod pulling partially out and disappearing into her body. Her finger swirled around her clit as fast as her wrist could move. She looked up into my eyes and licked her lips before going back to panting and calling out. My body tensed and I could feel my time coming and I grabbed onto her pelvis and ass for one last full thrust. I quickly pulled my prick out until just the head was buried and I slammed forward.

“Kacy, I’m coming!”, I said as I buried my head into the pillow and the side of her neck. My last thrust hit deep and I felt the cum move through me. Kacy screamed again and her body clamped down on my prick just as the jizz began to spurt deep inside of her. She bucked and shook as she fucked the last out of me until she seized up and moaned louder than all the rest. I pushed slowly in and out until my hard-on subsided and I felt exhausted. I laid down beside her and rested my hand on her stomach which was quivering.

“You ok baby?”, I asked as she looked up at me.

“I feel wonderful, I can’t wait for tomorrow!”, she cooed and smiled at me before running her fingers over my now relaxed member.

“Tomorrow?”, I felt my prick twitch, “When are your parents due back?”

“Not for a couple more days, its their anniversary trip and tomorrow I plan to be fucked in as many different ways as possible and to give you the best blowjob you’ll ever get”, She snuggled closer to me and I wrapped my arms around her.

“I’m looking forward to it”, I smiled and thought of all the possibilities that the future would hold.

Preview of the Day to Come:

I felt the feelings over whelm me and I released right into her sweet little mouth. I continued to spurt and it felt so good but I still wanted more. I looked down to see her wipe the edge of her mouth and she smiled. She stood up and pulled me against her hot body and I felt her nipples press hard into my chest. She kissed me deep. Our tongues ran across each other’s and I tasted a salty tang that could only be my deposit. She pulled her lips away and started to walk backwards towards the doorway. I could feel my dick begin to stir again and I willingly followed.


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i actually liked this story but i just found that "kacy" was a little to whorish for her first time.


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add some doggies


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man that story was a load of bull shit u cant write for nothin man

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