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Siblings in Europe

"Oh, Yes! Yes! Yeeees!" Max quickly woke up from another arousing dream. He felt his cock twitch in his boxers and slid his hand under the waistband just in time to feel his warm cum spurt from his cock. This wasn't the first time it happened; actually it was getting more and more common. Once or twice a week he would wake up from a dream where he had intense sex with a stranger. He always woke up right at the point when his orgasm rushed through his body. This time though something was different. This time he knew whom he was with in his dream - his own little sister.

Max had only one sister – Lisa – who was two years younger than him. The family had celebrated her eighteenth birthday few days ago on a beach that lay just a five-minute walk from the house. They lived outside a small town on the coast of Sweden. He remembered how happy she had been that day, relaxing and sunbathing on the warm sand. Max and Lisa had always been very close and he loved her more than anything, but he had never thought of her in a sexual way before. He visualized a scene again from his dream where they were standing naked in front of each other and he remembered how he placed his hands on her soft white skin on her hips. He had slowly moved his hands up to her waist and over her tight tummy, gently touching the sides of her breasts when he traced a path up to her neck and into her blond long hair. He had looked into her blue eyes, which she closed gradually as he leaned in to kiss her softly on her lips.

"I really need to get laid, soon!" Max said to himself as he felt his dick grow hard again.

"What kind of a sick pervert has dreams like these about his little sister?"

He got up from his bed and went into the bathroom to clean up the mess he had in his boxers. He then went to bed again to snooze for a few more minutes.

"I've got to meet a girl that can take care of my needs." The fact the Max was twenty years old and hadn't been with a girl annoyed him a lot. Most of his friends used to brag about how they had forced their date's blow them off and how they had pumped their tight little pussies full of cream as they fucked them from behind.


When he woke up the clock was almost twelve, he didn't need to go to work this day since it the 6th of June, the national holiday in Sweden. Max hadn't had any luck with finding himself an apartment either so his parents had told him that they'd be happy having him in the house for as long as he wanted to stay. He got up and went into the kitchen where his mother was getting ready to go to their grandparents for the weekend.

"Good morning, Max!" His mother said. "Nice with a long weekend, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I could use some time of"

"Have any plans for the evening?"

"Yeah, I'm going to Jimmy's later and then we'll head to the Pub"

"Oh, how nice for you, just remember to take it easy with the beers"

"Of course I will, you know me"

"Yes, you're right. It's just that I'm your mother, I'm always worried that something might happen to you or Lisa."

"Speaking of Lisa, where is she?"

"She's out by the pool, improving her tan again."

Max looked outside and saw his sister lying on a sun chair in a white bikini. He remembered from his dream how he had removed her top and panties, he then felt his pecker start to swell and decided to sit down so it wouldn't be noticeable.

"Time to go!" His father shouted to his mother.

"Okay, I'll be out in a minute."

"Take care now Max"

"You too, tell the old ones that I miss them"

"Sure, they'll be glad to here that! Bye!"

His mother opened the door and said goodbye to Lisa who responded by waving her hand. When she did her boobies bounced in her bra and Max saw her skin glisten in the sun from her sweat mixed with the sun lotion she used.


The day went by slowly. They had some pizza and talked about work, school, apartments, and how nice it was that the summer had arrived finally. Max and Lisa could easily talk about anything and considered each other as best friends.

When they talked Max let is eyes sweep over Lisa's body, resting for just a second on her chest, Lisa noticed but didn't say anything. She was too afraid it might upset him if she commented it. She secretly thought to herself that it was kind of exciting though, having him exploring her body with his eyes. As Lisa thought this she felt her nipples harden and a tingling sensation started to build between her legs. Without thinking she slowly parted her legs - just a bit - but enough to enable her brother a good view at her panties since she was wearing a short skirt that also rode up an inch on her legs. Lisa looked at her brother who inhaled deeply when his eyes glued themselves in her crotch. She got really nervous and didn't know what to do so she quickly rose from her chair and walked away.

"I have to go to the bathroom" She said and left the living room where they hade been talking.

"Now I've really ruined it" Max thought. "She must have seen what I was looking at, she probably hate me now". But then he remembered that just before she ran away it looked like she smiled some. And didn't her nipples become more protruding? Could it be so that she had the same thoughts as him?

Max went to his room and got dresses for the night at the Pub.

"I'm going to Jimmy's and then to the Pub, might be late." He said to Lisa when he was finished.

"Sure, take it easy Max" Lisa said and smiled to Max.

Max felt warm inside since Lisa didn't seem to be mad at him, actually it felt just like it always did. Max and Lisa had never had any fights; everything was so easy with her.


The music was playing loud at the party and Max felt that he was in a good mood. The drinks where free and he started to get really drunk.

"Hey Max!"

It was Jenny, a girl from the gym that Jimmy had invited. Max had dated her a few times but it never seemed to work out. It wasn't that Jenny didn't want to; actually it was Max that had troubles finding her attractive. It wasn't anything wrong with her body; she was one of the aerobic instructors and had a slender figure with breasts that just was big enough to fill ones hands. The trouble with Jenny was that Max considered her to be quite stupid and she had a rumor of sleeping around a lot.

"Maybe it's time for you and me tonight, don't you think?" Jenny asked, obviously drunk.

Being drunk as well Max found that it might be a good idea to get together with Jenny anyway so he could get rid of his virginity.

"Sounds like an interesting idea, Jenny" Max smiled. "Come with me then you sexy thing" Jenny said and grabbed his ass.

Jenny took Max to her apartment and once they got inside past the door she started to kiss him and rip his cloth of. Max kissed her back and pulled her sweater of and then her skirt. Jenny quickly loosened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. They stopped for a moment, looking at each other in their underwear. Jenny reached behind her back and unclasped her bra and let it fall to the ground, she then turned around and slowly slid her thong of showing her firm buttocks. She then swirled around and exposed herself completely to Max, took a step forward and pulled his boxers of in a rush.

They were now standing in front of each other completely naked, Max realized suddenly that this was the first time he saw a nude girl for real but something wasn't right. He looked at Jenny's face and saw that she was disappointed; her eyes were directed towards his crotch. To Max surprise he found his cock not standing hard but instead hanging loose between his legs.

"What's wrong?" Jenny said. "Don't you think I'm sexy?"

"No, Jenny of course I do. Your body is the hottest thing I've ever seen"

"Then why aren't you hard?"

"Well maybe it's because I'm drunk?"

"I've had sex with drunk guys before and this have never happened to anyone before"

"Look, Jenny. Maybe it just needs some attention"

"I know what you mean" Jenny said and smiled. She took Max by his hand and led him to her bed where she pushed him down to his back.

"Just close your eyes and enjoy" Jenny said and took his cock into her mouth and started to suck. She swirled her tongue around the head and pushed it all in so that her nose pressed into his pubic hair. But nothing happened.

Max closed his eyes and imagined that it was Lisa who was giving him this blowjob, and it worked, his cock started to get hard. Jenny continued to suck for some minutes and when she stopped she got up in the bed on all four with her ass facing Max and said, "Fuck me, fuck me now!"

Max got up on his knees and positioned himself behind Jenny. He placed one hand on her hip and guided his cock towards her cunt with the other. He rubbed it between her pussy lips, easily found her opening and paused for a few seconds. Jenny moaned and started to rub her clit with one of her hands.

Standing on his knees on the bed with his cockhead at the entrance of Jenny's pussy Max thought that he couldn't carry on, he simply whished for Lisa to be there with him instead of Jenny. He wanted Lisa to be the one to share his first time with. Lisa – the only woman he had ever loved.

He felt Jenny start to push backwards to meet his rod but Max pulled back and pushed her away. "Jenny, stop!" "It's not going to work" "I can't have sex with you"

"What?" "Why?" "What's the matter with you?"

"It just don't feel right, I have stronger feelings for someone else"

Jenny got mad and shouted that he was a jerk that didn't know how to treat a real woman. Max just looked at her, said nothing, got dressed and headed home - home to Lisa.


Lisa was still up watching a movie when Max came home. She immediately saw that something was wrong and rose from the couch to give him a hug. Max was so glad that Lisa had been awake and felt really comfortable and safe in her arms, he held her tight and for almost a minute.

"Max, what's wrong?" Lisa could tell that he was drunk but she felt that it was something else too. She could also smell the fragrance of a woman's perfume on his shirt, which made her a bit jealous.

"Oh, Lisa." "I don't know what to say, it just feels so good to be home with you"

"Come, on. It's just me, you know you can tell me anything"

"Well, I don't know if we could talk about this. We've never talked about this before and I don't know if it's right to talk about it with your sister."

"Okay" Lisa said "It's about sex isn't it?"

"Yeah, how did you know that?"

"Well, I know that we haven't talked about that before and I think it's sad. I would love to discuss that with you, you're the only one I could trust"

"I feel the same thing" Max said and started to tell her about what happened with Jenny. He told her everything in detail but he didn't mention that he had thought about her to make it work. Lisa listened curiously and Max could see her eyes getting wider when he mentioned his cock. Her jaw dropped when he told her that he had pulled away from Jenny's pussy.

Max felt his pulse start to increase and he felt a familiar twitch in his cock when he talked to Lisa about his most intimate parts. Lisa too felt her pulse increase and her nipples started to get stiffen; she realized they would be clearly visible since she was only wearing a tight top with no bra underneath. She didn't do anything about it and noticed how Max's eyes dropped to her chest and stayed there.

"Max, I want to ask you something but if you don't want to answer it's ok.

"Sure sweetheart, what's up?

"Hmm" Lisa hesitated. "Was this going to be your first time, you know? Hmm. The first time you had sex I mean."

Max was shocked and stared at Lisa who blushed and looked away. He didn't expect Lisa to ask something like that.

"Hrm, yes it was." "Have you been with a guy in that way?"

Lisa smiled, glad that Max hadn't been mad. "No. I have kissed a guy but never went further actually"


"Well, I've never really cared for the guys I've been dating. I want the first time to be with someone special, with someone I really love"

"I know what you mean, I feel exactly the same thing"

They sat towards each other, looked into each other eyes and said nothing for several minutes. Max tried to explore Lisa's body without her noticing which of course failed. Lisa could clearly see where his eyes wandered and she started to explore Max in the same way. She realized that her big brother was really attractive; his efforts at the gym had given results to his body. His muscles were well defined and he had almost no fat at all. She remembered seeing his well tuned six pack and nicely shaped pecks when they were at the beach. "I wonder how his dick looks like," she thought to herself. The thought scared her; she wasn't supposed to think that way about her brother. She suddenly got a bit ancient that this might get out of control.

"I think I should go to bed now" she said and got of the couch and turned of the TV.

"Wait, don't go. Not yet" Max asked.

"I think it's for the best if we stop this conversation now," She said and started to go towards her bedroom.

Max came running after her into her bedroom and said. "Wait, I want to say something"

"Sure bro" She said, turned around and smiled towards him.

"I don't how to start"

"Come on, it couldn't be that bad"

"Yes it is, it's really bad" "I'm not supposed to think this way as your brother" Max said, not aware of that he still was quite drunk.

This caught Lisa's interest. It had to be something about her. But she was a bit afraid of what this might lead in to and she wasn't sure of what she wanted herself.

"Let's talk about it tomorrow instead. You're a bit drunk and might regret what you say, okay?"

"Oh, am I? Okay, maybe that's for the best"

"Yeah, I think so. Now if you excuse me I have to change and get ready for bed" Lisa said and nodded towards the door.

"What, can't I stay and watch" Max said with a grin on his face.

"NO Max, what's the matter with you?" Lisa said trying to look mad.

"Come on, just a quick peek" "You have such a nice body, nothing for you to be ashamed of!" "If you show me yours I'll show you mine!" He said, smiling again.

"Well thanks Max" Lisa said and blushed. She wondered if Max was honest or just fooling around with her. She thought about how it would be to see him remove his pants and free his dick. The thought made her wet but she decided that she couldn't trust him when he was drunk. "Maybe some other time, now please go so I can go to bed. I'm very tired."

Max said "okay", kissed her on the cheek and walked away. When Max left the room Lisa saw a bulge in the front of his pants. "He had a hard-on!" She thought and felt joyful.


When Max woke up he had a serious hangover. He then remembered what he had said to his sister and felt very regretful. "How could I say that to her, she must think I'm a psycho or something," He felt too much guilt and decided to stay in bed for as long as he could. "What if she said something to their parents?" If she did he would have to run away and never see them again. He pulled his sheet over his head and went to sleep.

"Knock knock" It was Lisa standing in the door. Max looked at the clock, 3 pm.

"Hey, Lisa! I'm so so so sorry for what I said last night! I'm not supposed to say something like that to you and I really regret it. The only excuse I have is that I was drunk and a bit emotional; I had no control of what slipped my mouth. Please don't hate me, I'll never do it again"

"Max stop, it's ok!"

"Oh! Really? Are you sure?"

"Yes totally, there is only one thing I want to know."

"Sure, anything"

"I need to know if the things you said were true or if it was just something you said because you were drunk"

"Is there something in particular you want to know?"

"Well, the things you said about me. About my body, do you really find me hot?"

Max was confused. Should he tell her the truth? Why did she want to know? He decided that their relationship was as good as it was since they had always been honest to each other.

"Well. Yeah, sis. I find you really attractive."

"You do?" Lisa said and smiled.

"Yes but I know it's wrong. It's just that I had a dream where you were naked and I haven't been able to get that image out of my head. I think of it as soon as I see you. You've got such a nice rear and your breasts look marvelous in that top!"

Lisa smiled, a bit naughty this time. She stood quietly in front of Max for some seconds that felt like an eternity for Max. "What was she thinking? Why weren't she mad?"

Then Lisa broke the silence and said to Max biggest surprise. "Do you want to see them?"

"WHAT?" Max asked.

"Do you want to see my tits?" "I know it's wrong but I can't see why, we're not going to do anything you know. I want to know what you think of them."

Max just stared at Lisa, not able to say a word.

"I take that as a yes" Lisa said and removed her top. She had no bra. Max looked at her breasts and heard himself immediately say "Can I touch them?"

"Please" Lisa said and closed her eyes.

Max sat up in his bed and pulled his blanket of, he reached out his hand towards his sister that was standing in front of him trembling. He couldn't believe that he was going to touch his little sister in this way. And she wanted him to do it!

He placed his hands on her hips and moved them over her tummy towards her mounds, when he came to the base he softly lifted them. The size was big enough to fill his hands but not that big so they would hang. He then moved his thumbs towards her nipples and when he came in contact they both inhaled deeply. Max looked into his sisters blue eyes and saw pure lust in her face. She smiled at him and closed her eyes enjoying the feelings from her brother's hands on her body. She felt really happy that it was her brother that made this to her.

Max bent forward and took Lisa's right nipples between his lips and massaged it with his tongue. Lisa let out a soft moan and felt her legs getting weak. She straddled her brother and sat on his legs that he had resting on the floor. As she did she saw his cock making a tent in his boxers.

"Looks like it's already hard!" She said.

Max smiled and said. "It's just because I'm with you. Want to touch it?"

Lisa nodded and reached down between them and caressed his shaft through the material of his boxers. She thought to herself that it was really big and hard and couldn't imagine how it could fit it into a girls cunny. She looked at Max who had one hand one her breast and the other around her waist. He had closed his eyes and she could tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying what she did to him. She decided to be braver and slid her hand past the waistband and touched the tip of his cock. She was touching her brother's genital! Max let out a loud moan and a big drop of pre-cum leaked out which Lisa felt on her fingers.

"Wow! Did you cum?" She asked.

"What? No. Why did you think that?"

"Well, you moaned and something came out of your cock!"

"Oh, honey! That's just pre-cum. I think it comes when a man gets aroused to make it slippery so that it would slide into a woman's hole more easily. It feels really nice if you smear it out on the top"

Lisa nodded and pulled down the foreskin and started to smear the slippery jizz over his mushroom tip. She then grabbed his shaft and started to pump up and down, she had heard girls at school talk about that. Max moaned even more, placed his mouth over her nipple again and slid his hand to her thigh. He moved it to the inside and caressed it upwards until he felt the thin fabric of her satin thong panties. It occurred to him first now that his sister had come into his room in only a top and a thong! He placed his index finger in the middle and slid it up and down. He could feel the folds of her mound and pressed a little so the material of her panties slid between her lips together with his finger.

Lisa responded to his actions by tugging at his shaft more furiously. He then slid his hand inside her panties and felt her soft pubic hair, which was wet from her pussy juices. He started to explore her outer and inner lips, found a small hole that he thought must be the entrance of her pussy. After some exploring he found a nub that he understood by the whimpering of his sister that it would have to be her clit.

Lisa started to shake and pulled his hand out of her panties and pushed her hips to his crotch so that her outer lips were wrapping around his cock and her clit was pressing into it. She then leaned forward and kissed him on his mouth. Max responded and placed his hands on her ass and started to pull her up and down of his rod. They both noticed that it was now only two layers of thin fabric separating their sexes from each other and their orgasms started to build.

Max pulled her up and down faster and faster. Pressing harder and harder. He felt he was close. He felt Lisa pulling her chest to his. Their nipples touched. Lisa was breathing hard into his ear, moaning and whispering "Yes. That's it. Harder. Come on. Give it to me" He could smell her sex. He kept on pumping. Faster. Harder. He tried to make it last. Finally the heaviest climax ever hit him.

"Yes! Yes! Oh Lisa! Yes!" He screamed and shot his load up between them. The sensation of making her brother cum pushed Lisa over the edged. She placed her lips on her brother's mouth and felt her orgasm riding through her body. Shaking. Moaning. Breathing hard. Pressing her pussy to her brother's cock. She leaned back and screamed.

"Oh Yes! Here I come! Yes! Oh brother! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

She had her eyes closed and when she opened her eyes and saw her Max's face she felt like the happiest woman on earth.

Max saw some of his spunk on his sister's nipple and scooped it up with his tongue and pushed it into his sister's mouth so she could taste him. She licked his tongue of and went to his chest to find some more.

They lay on the bed and continued to kiss and caress. After a while Max said "I think I need a shower, care to join me? Lisa smiled and said. "Let's go to the hot tub, instead!"

Lisa took Max's hand and led him into their little spa. She turned against him, placed her fingers inside the waistband of his boxers, kissed him softly and whispered into his ear "I want to see you naked". She reached her out tongue and softly licked his ear nib and then pulled his boxers of and stepped back to watch him. She smiled and said "I guess it would only be fair if I showed you mine now," and slid her white satin thongs down her slender legs and tossed them to Max.

Max took her wet panties to his nose and inhaled her scent. He looked at his sister's body and felt his dick grow hard again. Lisa took it in her hand and led him into the hot tub. They kissed and let their hands explore each other bodies. Lisa focused on Max cock and Max focused on Lisa's breasts and pussy. He found the entrance and pushed his finger into it, it felt really slippery but he couldn't understand how a man's dick would fit into that tight hole. Lisa broke the kiss and looked into his eyes.

"Max, remember yesterday when you told me about you and Jenny?"

"Sure, what about it?"

"Well, at first I was a bit jealous but when you told me that it wouldn't get hard I was glad. Now it seems like you don't have any troubles with that, when you're with me I mean." "That's true, you know. There's something that I didn't tell you yesterday as a matter of fact. The only reason I became hard was that I was thinking about you when she gave me that blowjob"

Lisa's eyes widened. "Really?! Did you imagine that it was me giving you that blowjob?"

"Yeah, and that's the reason why I couldn't fuck her either. I was thinking about you!"

Lisa smiled and said "Oh, Max. You're so sweet. Now, jump up on the edge here and close your eyes."

When Max had done what she asked she spread his legs with her hands and leaned forward towards his crotch. She placed her tongue on his balls and traced a path over the base of his cock and up to the tip. She pulled his foreskin back and licked the top, which was a bit salty from the rest of his cum. She continued with that for a minute and then spread her lips over his cock and pushed her mouth down over his shaft until the knob was hitting her throat. She closed her lips around his shaft and started to suck and slowly moved her head up. She rose until his dick slipped out of her mouth. She pressed her lips together, put the tip of his cock to her lips and pressed down. She pressed hard with her lips around his shaft and that drove Max wild.

Max breathed heavily and moaned loud. "Oh, Lisa! Oh, sis! It feels so nice, I can't last much longer!"

Lisa continued to suck and started to go faster up and down. Max started to shake and pushed his hips up to meet his sister's mouth. "Shit, I'm close. You're making me cum! I'm going to cum in your mouth, sis!"

Lisa pushed her face to meet Max hips. She sucked for as hard as she could. She heard Max scream. Max put a hand on the back of her head. He pushed her down.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Suck it! Harder! Yes! Yeeeeeees!" He came and she felt his warm juice spurt into her mouth. She wrapped her lips hard around his shaft so that nothing of his cum would leek out, she tried to swallow as much as possible. She pulled back and licked her brother's cock clean and looked at his face. Max smiled and she thought that she had never seen him happier. She rose from the water to kiss him. As she moved forward to hug him his shrinking cock came in contact with her pussy for the first time.

Lisa froze and looked down. Max looked down as well and when he realized what was happening his cock got hard again and pushed up between her folds. Lisa didn't know what to do, she knew that everything they had done today was wrong but she wasn't prepared to go this far. If she continued she knew that they would fuck but even if Max was the one that she wanted to give her cherry to she knew that it was wrong.

She looked at Max who now had closed his eyes and started to move his hips slowly so that his Mushroom tip was rubbing along the length of her slit. When she backed of his cock sprung up between them and Max opened his eyes. When he looked at his sister's face he saw a tear running down her cheek.

"I'm sorry" she said "we can't move on, this is wrong. We shouldn't be doing this"

"But sis," Max started to say but Lisa stopped him.

"We both need to think of what we have done" She said and left him.

Max didn't know what to do. He dried of and went to Lisa's room. She had locked the door and she didn't respond when he knocked on the door. He could hear her cry.

"Lisa?" He called through the door but she didn't answer.

"I'm sorry Lisa! It just happened. I had no control of it. It just felt so nice. Please, talk to me!"

"It's okay Max. I'm not mad at you. It just wasn't supposed to go that far. What we did was wrong. We both need to think about what we did."

"Okay. I'm not mad at you either. I just want you to know that this was the best thing I've ever done."


A few hours later Lisa called to Max that dinner was ready. Max had stayed in his room the whole evening and when he came out to the kitchen he got really surprised. Lisa had made dinner and set the table with a white cloth, candles, and some red wine. They enjoyed the dinner together and talked about everything. None of them mentioned what they had done earlier.

When they were done with the dishes Lisa took Max's hand and led him into the living room where she pressed play on the CD. A slow song with Elton John, Lisa's favorite, came on. Max took the hint and asked his sister for a dance. Lisa smiled and nodded. Max took her into his arms and they danced tightly through the whole CD without speaking.

When the music ended Max looked into his sister's eyes and said, "I love you sis, I always have!"

Lisa smiled, hugged him closer and said "I love you too, bro!"

She closed her eyes and Max closed his and gave her a kiss. This kiss was different from the others. The previous kisses were more passionate and filled with lust; this kiss however was more tender and filled with love.

"Come" Max said and lifted his sister and carried her to her room.

In her room he placed her on her feet and continued to kiss her as he started to unbutton the top she was wearing. She responded by tugging at his shirt, pulling it of, and then started to work on his pants. When they were done dressing each other off they looked at each other naked bodies for a minute. Lisa then crawled into her bed and motioned for Max to join her.

Max lifted the sheet and lay beside his sister and put his arm around her. They started to kiss again only this time the kisses were more passionate. They were hugging more and more tightly and it wasn't long until the lips of Lisa's pussy were wrapping around the shaft of Max's cock. Max moved on top of Lisa and as they continued kissing he started to slide his cock along the length of his sister's snatch. They could both hear the slippery sound as the precum from Max joined the juices from Lisa's cleft.

Max moved faster and faster over Lisa until it suddenly happened. Instead of sliding along her pussy on the way up, Max cock had found the entrance. They both looked down and saw the tip buried inside the hole.

Max looked at Lisa who said, "It's okay, I've thought about this the whole afternoon and I want you to fuck me! I want you to be my first. You're the one I love and I know you wont hurt me."

"Wow, Lisa. I feel the same thing. I really love you and wants you to be my first as well"

Max started to push but stopped immediately as he realized that if he came in his sister's mound she might get pregnant. "Do you have any protection, sis?" He asked. "I can go for a rubber if you want?"

"No! I don't have but I don't want you to put a rubber on either. This is our first time, I want it to be real" She said and placed her hands on his but and started to pull his hips towards hers.

Max thought to himself that he could pull out just before he came and started to push his cock inside his sister's pussy. It was really tight and soon he felt some resistant that he couldn't get by. He looked down and saw that there was still much to go before he was completely in and realized that it would have to be her cherry blocking his way.

He pushed a little harder but that caused too much pain for Lisa who cried out and begged him to stop. "Oh, Lisa I'm sorry! I don't want to hurt you. I didn't know what to do, your cherry wont give in."

"It's okay Max, I know you don't want to hurt me, I was just a bit surprised of all the pain. Try again but do it quick and hard this time!"

Max pulled out until the head was at the entrance and he then pushed forward with all his weight for as hard as he could until his pubic bone was pressing into hers. Lisa screamed of pain. She wrapped her legs around him. She dug her nails into his back and pushed her pussy towards him.

They lay like that for a minute. Max looked at Lisa's eyes and noticed that the expression of pain was replaced by pure lust. Lisa loosened her grip around her brother and started to slowly rock her hips towards his. Max responded by rocking his hips in the same pace, sliding his cock in and out of his sister's pussy.

They both closed their eyes and began to moan and breathe harder. It became easier for Max to slide in and out. The rocking became harder. Max was now ramming his cock for as fast as he could. Lisa met him with her hips. She could feel and hear his balls slapping against her. The bed squeaked in rhythm with the rocking. In. Out. In. Out. Faster. Harder. Lisa's breasts bounced up and down. Their sweat made their skin glisten in the moonlight from the window.

Max felt the familiar tingling between his legs. "Oh Lisa, this feels so good! I think I'm going to come! I have to pull out!" he said and started to pull out his cock from her pussy.

"NO!" Lisa screamed "I'm close too, don't pull out! I want to feel your cum inside me!" She said and pulled him closer with her legs that were still wrapped around him.

Max was filled with lust when he heard his sister say that. He closed his eyes. He pushed his cock deep inside her pussy and stayed there for a second. He then felt his cock start to twitch.

"Oh yes! I'm close! Yes! Oh yes! Oh Lisa! I'll fill you with my seed! Oh sis! I love you! Yes! Here it comes! YEEES!"

He pulled out a bit and pushed in again. He looked into his sister eyes. He kissed her on her lips. He arched his back and erupted his semen into her waiting mound. Lisa's body reacted by itself. She felt her pussy wrap around her brothers cock just as she had done with her mouth before. She pulled him closer with her arms and legs. She pushed her hips upwards. She arched her back. She bent her neck backwards. She came - she came hard.

"OH MAX! I can feel you cum! Yes! I'm cummmming! Yes! I love you! Yes! Yes! YEEEEES!"

Max felt his sister shake as her orgasm hit her, her pussy got tighter - making it impossible for him to move his cock. He could feel it pulsate, trying to milk as much from him as possible.

They looked at each other and kissed. Kissed like lovers. Max cock was now limp – exhausted from all the action of the day. He pulled out and rolled of to his side, still facing Lisa. Lisa felt his semen leak out of her, between her but cheeks and over her as hole onto the sheet. She rolled to her side and faced Max.

Max moved his fingertips over her hips, onto her tummy, up to her breasts, over her nipple – this caused her to shiver and goose bumps appeared on her skin. He continued up over her shoulders put his hand behind her neck.

"That was wonderful, sis! I love you!" Max said and pulled her closer and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

"I love you too, I'm so glad we did this!"

They kissed again and moved closer together. They fell asleep face-to-face, hugging.

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2009-03-09 02:39:11
Pretty good. Kind of half assed. English is not your first language, is it... But fukkin 20?!?!? JEE-zuz. Shoulda been 15 & 13.

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2009-01-26 22:35:25
for the people that say your a thief they can screw themselves hebrought it to this site for people to enjoy an how do you know that other person didn't steal it

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2008-09-28 02:07:21
wow ur a thief go fuck the air jackass!


2007-09-16 10:06:57
Thief!!! learn to write ur own!


2007-04-25 22:15:15
As an author on Literotica (and looking to add NEW, DIFFERENT stories to XNXX) I am appaled by this person. Shame on you for stealing other people's works!


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