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It was a very warm late autumn day, a nice day for a bike ride.
This is a true story that took place about a year and a half ago. It was a very warm late fall day. We were having a very warm streak, almost record highs. Some years we could have had snow on the ground during this time of year, but it was in the 70’s this year.

It was a weekday. Working only part time, I had the day off. My husband of two years owns his own business and takes time off whenever he wants. He took this day off so we could take advantage of the unusual warm weather together.

First, I must tell you that my husband and I have a very open and sexual marriage. We love to have sex with other people, in groups and whenever and wherever we can. We try to keep our sex lives very spicy. It seems like the both of us are always horny.

We decided to take a bike ride on the bike paths around town. Our town has a very extensive network of bike paths that criss-cross the town, passing through several parks and along waterways. The paths are nice to ride since you don’t have to put up with too much car traffic.

We had been riding for about an hour when we came to a park near downtown. The park encircles a small lake. We decided to take a break and got off our bikes and sit on a bench looking out over the lake. Being a late fall weekday, the park was very quiet. In fact, we didn’t see any people at all. It was very peaceful sitting there next to my husband looking over the lake on a very warm afternoon.

Jake, my husband, started to get frisky with me as he many time does. He was basically teasing me, knowing that we couldn’t do anything out in public in broad daylight. He must have been very horny that day (which isn’t very unusual for him). He was getting very risky, rubbing his hands all over me (and I mean ALL over).

Jake was making me very horny as well. I looked around and couldn’t see anyone in the park but I knew someone could be watching us since the park is surrounded by homes. I told him he better stop but he didn’t seem to listen. I then got the idea of going to the restroom. There is a picnic shelter in the middle of the park (only a few hundred feet from where we were) that had restrooms on each end.

I suggested the restroom idea to Jake and he immediately got a flirty smile on his face. He got up and started to walk his bike over to the shelter. I followed with my bike.

I first went into the ladies restroom to scope it out. There were no doors on the stalls so I told Jake to scope out the men’s room. They didn’t have any doors either but we decided to take a chance. We looked around the park again and still no signs of anybody at all.

We went into the men’s side and went to the back stall. The only way someone would catch us were to pass by the sinks, the urinals and all the other stalls to the back of the room.

Jake pulled down his bike shorts and sat down on the toilet. He was already hard. I knew he must have been very horny. I then removed my shorts and sat down on his lap, with my back towards him. I started to grind my crotch into his, rubbing my wet pussy over his cock. He reached his arms around me and started to rub my breasts through my bike shirt. I was getting very excited and turned on. Jake slipped my shirt off over my head and removed my bra. I was completely naked except for my bike shoes.

We continued to rub our crotches together until I felt Jake lift me up and slide his cock inside me. I reached down and started to pinch my clit as he started to pump his cock in and out of me, slowly at first and then picking up the pace. It felt so good having him pump my wet pussy and playing with my nipples at the same time. I think the fact that we were in a public restroom just added to the level of excitement.

After several minutes, I felt my orgasm coming on. But before I could cum, we heard some voices coming from outside the restroom. Jake and I immediately froze, hoping to God they wouldn’t come in. I was thinking that we should get dressed, but before we could do anything, the voices entered the men’s room…oh shit!!!

Two boys walked down to the end of the stalls and walked right into our little fun. You can imagine the look on their faces when the saw us. Here I am sitting on my husbands lap with his cock inside me, wearing only my bike shoes. They immediately backed away out of site from us, I’m sure they were more frightened than we were. I guessed the two boys were about 13 or 14. I know there is a Junior High School (middle school) only a few blocks away. They were probably skipping school and were just looking to have some fun.

I didn’t know what to do. My husband wasn’t giving me any help either. He was hiding behind me, not saying a word. They probably didn’t even see him, except for his legs and of course his cock inside me. I’m not sure why I decided to do what I did but I decided to try to act cool and talk to them. I called to them and told them to come back; they didn’t have to be embarrassed. One boy slowly eased himself back into view, looking very curious to what we were doing. I could tell by the look on his face that he was very embarrassed for walking in on us but was also very curious.

When he came into view, I asked him if he liked what he sees. He didn’t speak but just nodded his head “yes”. His friend then moved in so he could see us as well. Jake and I started to fuck again slowly. Both boys had their eyes glued on Jake’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy. Just to be on the safe side, I asked if anyone was with them, they said “no”.

I then asked them what they liked about what they were looking at. Again they acted very shy and simply pointed at Jakes cock and my pussy. I asked them if they had ever done this. They both replied “no”. I asked if they had ever touched a girls pussy before, again two “no” nods. I reached out my hand towards them and asked if they wanted to feel mine. You should have seen the look on their faces, totally petrified.

I was starting to relax by this time and decided to have some fun with them. I reached for their hands and told them to come closer. I took one of the boy’s hands in mine and told him not to be afraid, I wasn’t going to bite. I took his hand and laid it over my pussy, rubbing it over my clit. The excitement was really turning me on and the look on his face was to die for. He ran his hand up and down my pussy as well as Jake’s cock. I asked him if he liked it and he got a big smile on his face. I then took the hand of the other boy and did the same.

I then decided to get more daring and asked the boys if they jerk off. They were totally embarrassed but admitted that they did. I then told them to drop their pants and let me see them do it. A look of shear fear came over their faces as they looked at each other and then back to me. I told them again not to be embarrassed; it is totally natural to do it. I told them that Jake and I do it all the time.

After a little more coaxing from me and Jake (yes he finally started to talk), the two boys slowly started to unzip their pants and pull them down. Two very cute little cocks were pointing right at us, very very hard. I told them to start jerking off. All this time Jack continued to fuck me, a little faster.

We watched for a little while without saying anything. I could tell that both boys were getting very excited by their moans. I then told one boy to come closer to me. He moved closed and I reached out and pulled him even closer. I put my hands around his ass and pulled him to me and took his cock into me mouth. It was such a small cock, allowing me to easily take it all in my mouth.

I sucked on his cock and jerked on the bottom of his shaft with my thumb and two fingers. In no time at all, he was cumming inside my mouth. Again he seemed to be embarrassed but I assured him it was ok. I told him his cum tasted very good.

I looked at the other boy and told him it was his turn. I couldn’t believe what he said to me. This shy little boy asked if he could do what he was doing. He was pointing at Jake, he wanted to fuck me. Without hesitation, I removed Jake’s cock, stood up, turned around and leaned over Jake so that my ass was pointing towards the two boys. I spread my legs so they had a clear shot to my pussy. I told him to go ahead, fuck me from behind. I think he was a little surprised I went for it. He slowly moved himself behind me and tried to slide his cock between my legs. Jake reached between my legs and guided his cock into my waiting pussy. His cock was so short that he couldn’t enter me very far but it still felt really good. I pushed my pelvis back and forth to fuck his cock the best I could. It wasn’t too long that he said he was going to cum. I told him to cum inside me, I wanted his sperm inside my pussy. Just as soon as I got those words out of my mouth, I felt his cock explode inside me, his cum shooting inside my pussy.

After he was done, he removed his cock and quickly pulled his pants up and buttoned them. His friend already has his pants back on. They quickly said “thanks” and in a flash left the restroom. I couldn’t believe what had just happened but it such was a turn on.

I went back and started to fuck Jake again. This time we were going at it like two wild dogs in heat. After several minutes, we both came at the same time. Our bodies were totally spent, panting furiously.

After we could pull ourselves together, we put our clothes back on and went outside to continue our bike ride. What a wonderful day for a nice bike ride and a very nice fuck!

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2011-07-06 17:32:25
My bf and I were at a park and we thought the only ones around
We got naked and were fucking when a middle school track team cam running by and saw us.
We just smiled and continued to fuck. When my bf pulled out globs of cum flowed out of me. They stared. Most were jerking off.

There was 3 that asked if they could fuck me. I opened wide and said come on boys.

They were amazed I let them. My bf took pictures and e mailed them to them. I am sure I am the jerk off material at the locker room the rest f the year


2010-05-13 17:23:23
So hot, it gave me a instant hard on

Anonymous readerReport

2010-04-20 11:11:22
This excited me a lot. I know yeah...just a fantasy but a good one....Glad I was born a male because if I were female I'd probably be just like this girl....I'd be such a slut! I love horny naughty nasty women! Is that wrong???

Anonymous readerReport

2008-07-10 12:49:54
love that do you have any your girls you have fucked


2007-12-31 14:19:31
Before this story, I'd just read "A Cruise To Remember" once again. That one was so good (the first time was about a year ago). Today, I just read "A Good Day For A Bike Ride" and a lot of it sounded just like a park near me where I ride my bike (including an elementary school across the street). What a hot little fuck story! Bet those boys would like that to happen again! I sure would!

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