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Garden of Eden, Generation Seven 2

Kandi kisses Centiger goodbye as she leaves with her parents through the green meadow, feeling like she’s in Paradise. But, of course, she is! Soon they meet her good friend Danny who greets her with a huge kiss. Yet, disappointment runs all over his face.

Her parents smile, then hug him empathetically, “Good to see you, Danny. You mean a lot to us. We’ll leave the two of you alone.”

Kandi sees his sadness too, so she gently runs her fingers through his long, silky brown hair, watching the sun sparkle through it, peering into his bright brown eyes. Danny appreciates the loving sensation, “Thanks, Kandi. I’m so happy for you and Centiger.”

Being direct, “But it’s hard for you to show it.”

Danny swallows deeply, “Am I that obvious? Yes, I had dramatic dreams for us, as you already know.”

Now gracefully gliding her fingers over his hard, hairless chest, “Danny, I love you as much as I love anyone, as you already know.”

Danny wraps his arms tightly around Kandi, feeling the warmth of her firm breasts against his eager chest. She squeezes his well-tanned butt, pulling his most precious parts snuggly against her abdomen. Instinctively, he thrusts forward, as if he found her inner depths. She massages his shapely cheeks down to the bone. In the cool brisk breeze, he continues to thrust his hardening hammer, as she reaches to kiss him. His tongue enters her spring-fresh mouth, as her tongue eagerly receives it, as the two tongues dance together in harmony.

Suddenly Danny stops, dropping to the soft green grass, then sprawling out on his back. Concerned, Kandi kneels beside him, reaching to kiss his softening shaft and hold his dejected jewels.

“Thank you, Kandi. I need your loving compassion. You know, your breasts look even more beautiful in this position. They look juicier than two giant kiwis.”

“And your penis feels more precious than ever, now that he isn’t pursuing me,” seeing it shining in the sunlight.

With determination, “But why couldn’t it be us together? Why, I ask?”

Soothingly rubbing his soft stomach, “I don’t really understand it Danny. I just knew Centiger was the one.”

“But I knew you were the one.”

Feeling the dawn of his new public hair, “Centiger found that I was the one too. We found each other.”

“I know that, Kandi. I just don’t want to know it.”

Flapping his now-soft, uncut love rod, “You will rise again. Danny, your moment will come.”

Sitting up and resting a hand on her thigh, “I know that too. But it doesn’t change what I feel now. Your tenderness sure helps!”

“I think our relationship will get better, now that we’re on the same papyrus. Let‘s go swimming together in the cove.”

“Kandi, I feel zapped. How about we just lie together in each others arms.”

Eagerly, “My favorite pastime!”

So they cuddle together in the glistening meadow. Soon Danny’s in the sway, “Hey, way cool! This feels like before I reached puberty. We used to spend hours together, just appreciating each other.”

Crying happy tears, the only tears found in the garden, “Welcome back, Danny boy!”


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terrible !

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