Chapter 4

For a second Steve Binns looked down at Cindy and her red hair spread over Janet’s thighs and then he started laughing in a voice that seemed to fill the whole house. “You’re wrong Janet,” Steve said as he tried to catch his breath. “Cindy isn’t like you, she’s hornier than you, and she has an extra year of celibacy to make up for.”
“You haven’t answered my question yet,” Cindy said, “when can we fuck agian?”
“In a few minutes,” Steve said, glancing at the alarm clock next to his bed. “I think we have enough time for one more fuck once I get my erection back. But after that we’ll have to rush if the three of you are going to get ready for school and get some breakfast. Even then I’ll have to drop you off on my way to work or you’ll never make it in time.”
“What do you mean three?” Cindy asked as she looked up at Janet’s smiling face, “there’s only two of us.”
“You forgot about me, Cindy,” Susan Binns said as she entered the bedroom through the open door. “Morning Dad, I thought I heard you popping a cherry. Don’t forget, I get to suck the cherry juice.”
“Of course, honey,” Steve said, sitting on the edge of the bed as Susan knelt in front of him so she could suck on his prick. As Susan’s brown hair bobbed up and down with each stroke of her head Steve sighed in pleasure as his cock started to harden again. Once Steve was hard Susan let his shaft slide out of her mouth and licked the pole clean of the pink tinted juices all the way down to his balls.
“Dad,” Susan said licking her lips as she stroked Steve’s clean cock with her hands. “Since you’re hard how about fucking me instead of Cindy?”
“Now Susan, you know my rules better than anyone else,” Steve told his daughter with a soft chuckle.
“Yes dad,” Susan said with an exasperated sigh, “I know you promised mom that you wouldn’t fuck any preteens anymore, but it’s only three days to my birthday.”
“And three days is nothing after waiting this long,” Steve pointed out. “I am not going to break my promise to your mother, not by three years, not by three months, not by three days. So stop begging.”
“Yes daddy,” Susan said again. “Can I at least eat your cum out of Cindy’s pussy?”
“It’s her pussy,” Steve said, gesturing to the red head, “ask her.”
“Cindy?” Susan asked the other girl hopefully.
“Ok,” Cindy said hesitantly, opening her thighs so Susan could reach the pinkish juices dribbling out of her cunt. She looked enviously at the other girl’s tits as she crawled onto the bed, even though Susan was several months younger than Janet her chest was even larger than Cindy’s younger sister and Cindy couldn’t help but compare them to her own flat chest. At least her nipples were more than twice as large as Susan’s, but she felt that was a hollow victory if her tits didn’t catch up with the younger girl soon.
“You know, Cindy,” Susan said before she put her head between the older girl’s thighs, “this solves a problem I had for Saturday.”
“What do you mean?” Cindy asked.
“Well, my birthday party Saturday afternoon is going to be one long orgy after daddy takes care of my cherry,” Susan explained as Janet moved over to Steve and offered to suck him to make sure he stayed hard for his next fuck. “Up until this morning I didn’t know what I was going to do about you. I knew dad popped Janet’s cherry so I was planning to invite her to the party - it would have been hard not to since she’s my best friend - and David along with his current girlfriend. I also invited Lizz Chang and her brother to the orgy, but up until now I couldn’t invite you because you were still a virgin. So, how about it Cindy, would you like to join my birthday orgy on Saturday?”
“I’d love to,” Cindy said, shivering in anticipation of the coming orgy. She could hardly believe what was happening, an hour earlier she would have been horrified at the thought of joining an orgy like the one Susan was describing, but now she couldn’t wait for it.
“Say, Sue,” Cindy said, stopping the younger girl just before her tongue touched her pussy lips. “Aren’t we going to be a little girl heavy for the orgy?”
“We are now that you’re coming,” Susan admitted. “I’ve been trying to ask Mr. Taylor to the party but I always chicken out before I can actually ask him.”
“Mr. Taylor?” Cindy said uncertainly, “you mean our chemistry teacher?”
“Yeah,” Susan said with a wide smile. “He and dad were friends in high school and he actually dated my aunt Terri for a while. Dad told me he was the second best cherry popper in town back then but he’s cut back on his virgins since he got married.”
“Maybe I could try asking him for you,” Cindy offered.
“That would be great,” Susan said. “Let me show you how much I appreciate the offer.”
Cindy gasped in pleasure as Sue’s lips covered her cunt lips and she sucked greedily at the mixed juices in the redhead’s fuck tunnel. Sue pulled her friend’s cunt lips open with her thumbs and stuck her tongue as deep as she could in the older girl’s pussy to get as much of her father’s cum as she could. When she had Cindy’s tunnel cleaned out she started licking her clit until the other girl started creaming again and then she’d lick her hole clean again. Cindy came with a scream of pleasure the third time Sue licked her clit and when she finished licking the mixture of cum and pussy juice from Cindy’s fuck hole as her father came up next to her.
“Sorry to interrupt you,” Mr. Binns said with a wicked grin that said he wasn’t really sorry, “but we’re running a little late here. So if I’m going to give Cindy the second fuck of her life I better do it now. Even so we’ll have to share the showers and have cold cereal for breakfast if I’m going to get the three of you to school in time.”
“Ok dad,” Susan said as she reluctantly pulled her lips away from Cindy’s dripping pussy. “But what am I going to do while you’re fucking Cindy?”
“I’d say that’s up to you and Jan,” Steve said with a crooked smile. “But whatever you decide to do make sure you finish by the time I shoot another load of baby juice in Cindy’s womb.”
“Yes daddy,” Sue said with a grin of her own before she turned to her friend. “How about a sixty-nine?”
“Sounds good to me,” Janet said, scooting back on the bed and opening her arms and legs for brunet.
Cindy was so busy watching Sue as she turned around to straddle Janet’s face before she buried her face in Janet’s blonde twat that she almost missed what Steve said. “What was that?”
“I said why don’t we try something different for your second fuck,” Steve said. “Instead of me fucking you, why don’t you fuck me.”
“How do we do that?” Cindy asked.
“Simple,” Steve said, “I’ll lay back on the bed and you straddle my hips. You’ll put my cock in your cunt and ride it, controlling how fast, deep, and hard we fuck. Want to give it a try?”
“I’ll try anything as long as I get a cock in my cunt,” Cindy said with a grin. She watched as Steve pushed himself back on the king size bed and waited for her to straddle his hips. Cindy could already feel the bed bouncing slightly as Sue and Jan ate each other out enthusiastically but she held Steve’s hard cock steady as she brought the tip slid the tip up and down her dripping pussy lips before she set it tight against her slit and took a deep breath before she dropped her weight down so the head popped into her fuck tunnel.
A groan of pleasure escaped Steve’s lips at the same time as the hers. Cindy held herself in place for a few seconds to enjoy the feel of Steve’s cockhead just inside her pussy lips. It felt so good she had to have some more so she let herself drop another inch, feeling the cock spread her fuck tunnel wide as it slide along the gooey walls of her cunt. As she paused again Steve reached up to pinch her long hard nipples and a jolt of sexual energy shot from her tits to her cunt and back again, threatening to send her over the edge even before she had Steve’s prick all the way in her pussy.
“You like that?” Steve asked, pinching her nipples again.
“I love it,” Cindy gasped as another wave of sexual energy smashed through her body and she dropped down another inch on her lover’s cock without meaning to. Cindy clamped her cunt tight around Steve’s cock and held tight so it wouldn’t slip deeper into her fuck tunnel while she caught her breath.
“And I love the way your nipples are so big and sensitive,” Steve said, pinching her nipples again as he wiggled his hips around, letting out another moan of pleasure as his cock twisted in the grip of her cunt.
“I love fucking,” Cindy gasped as she opened her fuck tunnel enough to drop another inch on Steve’s prick. “Why did I wait so long to start?”
“I don’t know,” Steve said, “but I’ll be happy to teach you everything I can about fucking, and I’m sure I’m not the only willing teacher you’ll find.”
“Good,” Cindy groaned as she dropped down the rest of the way and looked down at the way her red pubic hair meshed with Steve’s brown hair. She twisted her hips and thought she could feel the tip of Steve’s cock tickling the opening to her womb and she smiled down at her older lover as he groaned in pleasure.
“Do you like that?” Cindy asked as she gave her hips another twist.
“I love it,” Steve moaned. “Keep that up and I’ll shoot you full of baby cream before we even start fucking. Lean forward and let me give you a kiss.”
Cindy leaned forward, letting Steve’s cock slide an inch or two out of her cunt as she pursed her lips for her first kiss. She wondered if anyone else would think it strange that she had her first fuck before she had her first kiss. Their lips met for a second and then Cindy felt Steve’s tongue forcing it’s way into her mouth and she opened her jaws to let it in. Steve’s tongue explored her mouth for a few seconds and then he pulled his lips away and smiled at her, “Did you like that as much as I did?”
“Yes,” Cindy sighed, letting her hips drop back down so Steve’s cock was pushed deep in her body again.
“Here’s something else you’ll like,” Steve said with a grin before his lips moved down her body until they reached her left nipple and he sucked it into his mouth. Cindy couldn’t believe it, when Steve sucked on her nipple it felt even better than it did when he pinched it. Without meaning to she started moving up and down on his cock as he sucked on her cock like a nursing baby and she reveled and the twin pleasures from her stuffed cunt and sucked nipples as they met in her belly.
“I’m going to cum,” Cindy gasped as her cunt clamped around Steve’s cock again.
“So am I,” Steve grunted as he grabbed Cindy’s hips and pulled her down with all his strength as he thrust his cock up as hard as he could. Cindy could feel the head of Steve’s prick wedged tight against her cervix as her orgasm opened the mouth of her womb and Steve shot his cum directly into her uterus.
“Are you ok?” Steve asked her a second later as Cindy’s eyes fluttered open.
“I’m fine,” Cindy sighed. “I guess it was a bit too much pleasure to take all at once, but I’m just fine - and ready to go again as soon as you are.”
“Glad to hear it,” Steve said with a chuckle, “but our next fuck will have to wait because we really are running late now.”
Steve turned to where Janet and Sue were busy eating each other out and gave his daughter a playful slap on her ass. “Hurry up you two, we’re late. You two share the other shower and Cindy and I will share this one, but no playing around because we don’t have any time to spare now.”
“Right dad,” Susan said, pulling her cum covered lips away from her friend’s dripping pussy lips.
“Can I sleep with you tonight, Steve?” Janet asked as Sue rolled off her.
“No,” Steve said, giving Cindy’s sister a benevolent grin, “that honor belongs to Cindy since this was her cherry popping day. But I’m sure Dave will be more than willing to let you sleep with him.”
“And if he says no you can always share my bed,” Sue pointed out.
“You’re right about that,” Janet said, tousling her friend’s hair as they jumped out of the king size bed. “Race you to the shower.”
Steve grinned as the two younger girls rushed out of the room before he turned to Cindy. “I guess I should have asked you before I said you’d be spending the night in my bed,” he said. “Do you want to?”
“I sure do,” Cindy said. “I can’t wait to find out what it’s like to sleep with a cock stuck in my cunt.”
“That’s something I’ve never tried,” Steve said thoughtfully. “Usually I just sleep next to the girl and every time one us wakes up feeling horny we fuck. Some nights I fuck more than I sleep.”
“And there’s your problem,” Cindy giggled as the two of them got out of the bed and headed for the master bath. “If we sleep with your cock in my cunt then we don’t have to wake up to fuck, we can do it in our sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, horny, and - in my case - full of cum.”
“Ok, you’ve talked me into it,” Steve said with a smile. “Tonight we’ll sleep with my cock in you cunt, but we better get a shower now or you’ll end up going to school smelling like a whorehouse.”

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I am always so torn on the issue of tatoots. Do I really like something enough to want it forever and ever? Josh has two: one is my name the other is actually newer, and it's something we designed. The 5 traits of a man (that God has shown him), and it provides LOTS of cool conversations. His family HATES them .

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Cindy could feel the head of Steve’s prick wedged tight against her cervix as her orgasm opened the mouth of her womb and Steve shot his cum directly into her uterus.

even if not, it's hot! i like Frank McCoy and you're just as good.


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he sucked on her cock like a nursing baby


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