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Being a jock, you gotta be tough and trust me...i was tough today
Being a jock, you gotta be really tough...and jocks are tough.

It all started after the game, we just lost and we were all pissed and just needed to blow off some steam. I was real mad and just wanted to get outta there. Some of my buddies wanted to go to get a drink so we got dressed and went.

We got to a bar and had a couple of drinks and boy, was I feeling much more relaxed. This hot waitress who served us was giving me the eye and flirting with me a lot. She had this short skirt which showed her thighs, she had this low cut shirt which shoed her nice big tits. I can see her pink g-string through her light blue skirt. With our bill, she gave me her number and on the napkin said "I wanna fuck you". my cock was coming hard-on in my jeans. I just smiled at her and said "sorry got a girl." me and my buddies went out the parking lot and went to our car. We saw these couple of older college students and some high school students around.

Then I recognize my girl hanging out with this other kid. He was all over him and he was finger-fucking her. She just stood there and laughed and giggled.. I was fuckin pissed and was about to bash his head in but my buddy grabbed my arm and said he had a better idea. I just smiled after what i knew was in-store for him....and her.

The bell rang and i juss got out of my last class and most kids were at their lockers heading out the door. I knew that we had no practice today so i saw some of the other jocks leave and i smirked as I headed to the locker room. When I got there, my three buddies were there and that kid who was with my girl last night was there. They were holding him and restrainig him from geting up. I saw him and he shivered a little bit as he tried to get up but was force tos it back down on the bench. "What's up?" I said. He said "nothin much, what do you want?" "What do I want I said, I want my girl back, you Mothaf*cker" and I hooked him hard across the face. He flew back and the guys took him against the lockers. I went straight in front of his face, I could feel his breath on my face. I said, "You wanna finger-f*ck my girl, you ass...what did you do?" "Nothing" he started to shiver alot. "oh come on, you didnt f*ck her... didnt put your cock up her pussy, you ass." I said as I grabbed his dick and balls and squeezed it hard. He screamed hard and cursed at me.

I just stared back at him as I said "We are gona have a lot of fun." I unbutton and unzipped my jeans and slid it down and I revealed my dick from my boxers. I unbutton my varsity jacket as I flipped up my shirt collar and my jacket as I said "On your knees" He just stood thee and gulped as my buddies pushed him down and i said "suck it" he was hesisitant and i grabbed his face and said make me happy like you did my girl." I grabbed his jacket collar and told him to suck it. He started to open his mouth and my dick slid into his mouth. I said "lets f*ck your mouth, dude." I pushed his head in harder and he moaned a little. I grabbed his hair and went back and forth with his head as I felt how good it felt. I told him use tongue. I did it so fast and it felt so good. I screamed so loud..."oh fuck, yeahhhh, ughhhh thats it, b*tch." I then took my jacket and covered his whole head and buttoned it and he was basically trapped in my jacket as he tried to get out but couldnt. I just pushed his head farther into a great deep throat. I rolled my eyes back as it felt so good. my buddies wee jerking off so hard on the bench next to me. I unbutton my jacket and he caught his breath and gasp. I told him to stand up and take off his pants. he did and he took off his underwear. I turned him around and i faced him again. "You shouldnt have did my girl." And then I started to look at his leather jacket and his flipped up collar and i had an idea. "Nice jacket, I said....."You look real cool." I said as i popped his collar more and said "i like it alot" and i told him to take it off. he took it off and he turned around like i told him to and I took the sleeve of his leather jacket and spanked him hard. Real hard. He yelped after each spank. I then told him to take his hand and jerk my dick. He did but i then told him to take his leather sleeve and jerk off with it. I love the feeling of leather so i wanted to feel it rub against my dick and he did it. I told him "how does it feel to jerk off another guy's dick with your own leather jacket. Huh? Take the collar and jerk my dick now, b*tch." and he did it and then i looked at him then said: The fun has just begun." I told him to kneel on the bench as I got behind him and I saw him shake a little and I jamed my dick into his asshole he scremaed so loud. I f*cked him hard. I took my jacket off and slapped his ass with my leather sleeve. i told him: how does it feel gettin f*ck by a jock?" I told my buddies to have fun and they took their dick and f*cked his mouth. We all took turns f*ckin him and i grabbed his dick which was real hard and squeezed it and told him :one last request. I laid down and took my varsity jacket and covered my dick and my collar was covered in so much cum. I told him to go in and give me the best time of my life and he can go. He went under my jacket. he went up and down and i had the best time. I yelled "ohhh yeahhh f*ck yeahhhhh f*ck me you b*tch ohhhhhhhh. I cummed in his mouth and told him to swallow it and i told him get dressed and leave and asked him: is he going to go near my girl?" he said no and left and i got dressed and wasnt done.

That night me and my girl snuck in the school and met up in the locker room. I told her to get there for a fun time and we started to make out. I said while she was grabbing my dick, I told her do you want me to finger-f*ck you like that other kid did. she ws surprised as she begged for my forgiveness. I said less talk more action. as she undressed. and she got on her knees and i fucked her mouth and she played with my dick with her tongue and then i slid my dick into her cunt and she screamed as i jammed it in her clit. She screamed "ohh no it hurts.. ohh it feelss good tho...ohhh noooo..ohh yeahhhhh." I said as i grabbed her fine looking tits. I turned her around and she saw my buddies around the corner in their tough varsity jackets on and with their dicks out of their jeans. She looked shocked and i went farther into her pussy as my friends ate her tits, f*cked her mouth hard and took their leather sleeves and belts and spanked her. I then let her turn around and took my jakcet off and said this is for cheating. i spanked her so hard, she yelped. i spanked her again. she yelped louder and I got close to her and i was at her ear. she pulled away cuz my collar was tickling her and i told her: she couldve had me but she lost it." I jammed my cock in her cunt once more and cummed in it and then i slid it out and walked away as my cock ws hangin out my jeans. I told her in the distance: "dont mess with a jock" I put my varsity jacket on and button up my feeling good cock into my jacket and walked outta the locker room.

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2011-01-27 20:54:26
I actually really liked this story, so don't go listening to these idiots here. They're obviously just trying to get attention. Wrong kind of attention guys.

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2009-08-19 11:38:21
add this to the tag: written by virgin

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2009-01-22 09:55:39
Honestly, I think this was a damn good story, very creative. And thebitch got what she deserved. Don't fuck with the jocks! (no pun intended) 5/5


2008-04-01 20:38:11
F*king gay moron


2007-12-26 03:02:08
GAY FUCKER> ur sick man

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