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He pulled my hair up harder, making me look at him.
"You do whatever the fuck I tell you to do you little bitch, you understand?"
I didn't hesitate after that point, with the blade of a pocket knife at my neck.

I knelt down on the soppy floor of the bathroom and undid the buckle of his pants, unbuttoned his jeans to see a very hard cock straining in a pair of boxers. I just started crying harder.

"Did I tell you to stop bitch, keep going, I bet you're going to like what you see you little whore."

I couldn't stop wishing that I had gone to a coffee shop instead of a gas station to pee. I just had to go so bad, and there wasn't anything really near by. I pulled in, and walked directly to the bathroom and pulled my panties down to relieve myself.

I soon heard someone else come in but thought nothing of it, not until the gas station attendant; dark skin, tall, in overalls pulled the top of the door, breaking the lock. I had passed him on the way in. I hadn't noticed him lick his lips as he looked at my ass when I walked by, seeing a little bit of pink panty peeking out of my skirt, or my tits in a nice scoop neck top, and I hadn't seen him rub his growing cock through his overalls.

So there I was, panties at my ankles, frozen in fear as a man with a knife tells me to "Take my dick out for a ride'. Frozen until a knife was pulled out.

Then I got on my knees.

"Well keep going bitch, did I tell you to fucking stop?' tightening his grip on my hair.

I scream and he hits my head on the side on the bathroom stall. "Shut the fuck up. Do you understand me? Shut the fuck up or will not hesitate for a second to beat your ass'.

I pull down his boxers to see a thick cock spring up and hit me on the cheek.

"Suck it"
After the knife and the knock to the head, I was pretty compliant to his commands.

"Lick the head baby.. oohh yeah just like that. you love sucking don't you you little whore? yeah bitch, suck on that head."

Without warning he placed his other hand on my head, one in my hair, one holding my chin so I would stay in place as he fucked my face for all it was worth. He held that cock deep in my throat until I couldn't breathe, and laughed at me crying and chocking for air when he finally let me up.

"Oohhh shit your gonna make me cum too soon baby", taking his dick out of my mouth and hitting my face with it, squeezing the head, a bit of precum oozing out. He pushed me out of the stall, and bent me forward over the sink. I could see his smug face in the mirror at his 'find' of the night it seemed.

He rubbed the head of that dick, that thick big cock on my pussy lips, rubbing it over my clit. 'I bet you like that baby don't you? stupid bitch should stay where you belong."

He gave my ass a hard smack, and twisted my hair around his hand again, making me face the mirror. "I want to see your face when I get in that pussy; watch me fuck you baby."

He spat into his hand, rubbed it on the head of his dick and began to work his thick shaft into my exposed pussy, pulling my hair, looking at me in the mirror, and all I could do was look back.

"Oh fuck yes. yes. yes. yes you fucking cunt" he yelled as he worked more and more of that thick dick into me, until he was all the way in, his balls hitting my clit. He pushed into me hard.. to feel all of him and I bit my lip to not scream. He laughed and smacked my ass as he got into a rhythm fucking my pussy. He worked that dick in nice and deep, made me feel every inch of that cock.

"Oh yeah that's a nice tight pussy, do you not get fucked enough at home baby girl?" I can fix that", as he'd pump deeper, slowing his pace sometimes, I knew the motherfucker was holding back to enjoy this longer. soon he grabbed my shoulders to push me down nice and hard on him, watching himself fuck me the whole time.

"Yeah you little cunt, yeah you little princess bitch, I'm gonna make you my cum slut, you like that princess?"
"Oh fuck" as he sped up and slammed me into the sink so hard to leave bruises later on.

"Oh shit you dirty fucking whore" he yelled as he came inside me. He fucked me a bit more until he just came out and pushed me away, I had to grab the sink to not hit the ground so hard. He just laughed at me, laughed and laughed as he put his dick away while I lay on the wet grimy floor crying in sobs. He fixed his hair in the mirror and turned as if to leave, but pivitoted towards me, grabbed my face in his big hand, looked me square in the eye and said "You know you loved it. every second of it" and gave me a hard kiss on my lips. "Fucking stupid cum slut" he spat as he left

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2009-07-17 20:08:54
hate it


2007-10-28 16:17:55
liked it


2007-04-06 20:52:26
it was ok i have read better


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2007-04-06 13:29:50
I must agree it was short 7 sweet. I liked it too.

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