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Third Part
He props himself up on his left elbow, studies her. She truly is beautiful. She glances at him then looks straight up. She does not seem afraid or angry anymore. She will require much breaking yet. Breaking her down to almost nothing, taking away her old feelings of worth and pride. Then if she allows he will build her back up again. Back to the dignity and presence suitable for a Queen.

His right hand feels its way down her bare flat stomach. Stops at her matted and sticky muff. He leans down and kisses her cheek gently.

'I know you are still in some pain but you will recover soon'. 'Like it or not I am your man now'.

She says nothing, just stares at the wood ceiling.

He begins to rub her, softly stroking her pussy. She tenses a little realizing he will take her again soon. His cock, rock hard again pressing against her bare thigh. He loves the way she feels against it. He moves his hips slowly rubbing her with it.

Turning her face toward him she resists.

Wrapping his powerful left arm and hand around her shoulders he uses his right hand to force her face toward him. 'You will be kissed and you will return my kiss or I will hurt you again'. 'If you want pain and force you shall have it'.

Her eyes flare fire and she spits in his face.

Without even wiping her spittle away he grabs her hair, pulls her head back and around brutally and using his right hand to pin her kisses her hard, making her lips hurt against her teeth.

She kicks and fights but she is a child in size compared to him and he pins her easily. He kisses her over and over until she submits but crying softly, knowing to fight him is useless.

Now he enjoys her. She is tangled and a bit bruised but she is of what men's dreams are made. Soon she accepts his kisses though she does not return them.

Forcing her mouth open, rubbing her teeth with his tongue he stops and tells her to kiss him back. She shakes her head no so he grabs her hair in his left fist, her full right breast in his right and hurts her badly by pulling hard on her hair and pinching the soft white skin under her breast and arm. She withers in pain for a moment before begging him to stop. When she says she will return his kiss he tests her. Not the response of a passionate lover but it will do for now he decides.

Long passionate kisses, loving her breasts, rubbing her pussy. He makes her kiss him over and over. Then he shifts up and presents her his hard cock to be sucked and licked again.

Straddling her, he insists her beautiful mouth take him, lick him. He is sure she would gladly satisfy him this way but that is not his intention.

Looking down at her he guides her. Taking his cock out of her mouth, rubbing it on her nose and cheeks, telling her to kiss it, love it as if she adores it. It is the only reason she still lives, the only reason she will not be tossed out the door naked to be used and used by the barbarian horde readying itself for the next battle, the next conquest.

Now back in her mouth. Feeling his cum boil. Wanting to fuck her again now.

Slowly taking it from her lips, smiling as he eases down between her legs. No resistance now, total submission to him. She even opens and raises her long smooth legs to accept him between them.

It touches him that she is now his. He is gentle as he positions his cock at her swollen lips and pushes into her slowly letting her stretch and accept him with less pain.

He can see it hurts then like a gush her fluids wet them and he buries his dick balls deep in her. He can see the relief sweep into her face as the wetness takes all the pain away.

He starts to stroke in and out of her slowly. She is so good, so beautiful under him he thinks he will love her even if she does not love him in return. She turns her face away but when he kisses her cheek she moves her face back to allow his lips to find hers for a long tender yet passionate kiss. Her body is responding perhaps against her will and he feels her pussy love his dick just a little. Just a tiny upward movement to meet his thrust.

Her beauty is too much, the thought that she is enjoying him too wonderful. He spurts his seed into her while trying to stay gentle and fuck her deep but slow while he fills her completely with cum.

Spent he rolls off to her right side holding himself inside her. She looks away from his eyes perhaps in shame for enjoying him. 'You are of what men's dreams are made my Lady'. 'I own you, possess you but I will honor you with my heart and my name'.

She looks at him. Her eyes hard again and says nothing. There really is nothing she can say. His words are true. She is his to do with as he pleases. She has not yet faced the reality that his man, this brutal barbarian will be her husband and the father of her children. That he will make her a queen is not displeasing but she also hopes someone puts an arrow through him or hacks his head off in the next battle.

Rising from the bed, keeping an eye on her he bellows out the chamber door. Men hurry to him and he tells them to find the Lady's servants and her clothing. Prepare food and drink. The Chieftain will take her as his wife this very afternoon.

He dresses and arms himself as he waits for the servant women to be brought to the chamber. She has covered herself with the bedding and lays there looking at him. She looks away whenever he looks at her.

A knock. Two older women are ushered inside. They look like they have been spared the rape and brutality because of their age and the availability of younger more tender morsels for the victors.

Before he can speak his wishes to them another female is roughly tossed into the room. This one young and very beautiful also. A green eyed redhead. His Carl telling him in the Gaelic that this one was found hiding and has not been used either. The old women giving her away in hope of saving their lives till they were told they were only being taken to wait upon their mistress.

Startling the women when he speaks in their native French he tells them he wants their lady bathed, fed and well dressed. On forfeiture of their lives she must not escape or harm herself. She will be wed this day and dying is the best thing that could happen to them if she is not well looked after.

Before he leaves he studies the pretty redhead. His mind thinking over what it would be like to take her also, make her do some things she has never even thought of. Though he may love the one he will always take a woman as he pleases. It is a man's world and he is planning to be the world's master.

Leaving the women to tend to their mistress he goes down the steps and immediately calls his leaders into council while he eats. The plan of attack against the next fortress is planned in minute detail though it is very likely when he presents his demands as the husband of their Duchess they will open their gates willingly to him. If this be so then they must plan where and how they will winter before invading France in the spring. A hopeful given that they will not be attacked themselves as the upheaval will be tempting to several powerful rulers. Yet the war season is near at end for the year.

Returning to the bed chamber he finds her dressed and looking breathtaking. He has forced the only living priest to come with him and in a short, very curt ceremony he weds the young noblewoman. She stoic the whole time. She can do nothing about it. Even if she denied him, protested joining with him, she as a woman has no rights in these matters. She and all she has are his. She is merely the property of her husband now.

He wonders if his seed has taken root within her. Likely not. This will require frequent plantings to insure she carries their heir and he must not take the redhead yet. It would complicate things to have two children born of his loins. The redhead's might cause an uprising at some point. Still he lusts for her. Wants to see how good she does look under that baggy soiled gown.

Handing all his weapons and armor to his aid he tells the two older women that they may leave.

The pretty redhead starts to go with them but he tells her she will serve her mistress this night. She looks frightened. She thinks he may force her and she is close to being right. He has no qualms about fucking her right there in front of his new wife but will not. He will enjoy them both though. They are such a wonderful contrast and he has some ideas he wants to explore.

Without warning he drops his tunic to the floor and goes to the bathtub that they bathed her in. The redhead averts her eyes from his naked body. His wife watches almost absently. She has seen him before and knows she will again soon. She sits by the barred window and looks out lost in her thoughts.

He asks the redhead, 'What is your name woman'?

She looks at her mistress, trembles and in a hesitant voice, 'I am Adeline Le Croix my lord'.

'How old are you Adeline'?

'I am 16 my lord'.

'Help my wife undress'. 'She will join me and bath me'.

She looks even more frightened and turning to the Duchess waits for her reaction.

'Wash yourself you filthy pig', says Maria of Normandy.

He laughs. 'I see you still have some fire in your heart wife'. 'That is a beautiful dress'. 'Would you like it turned to rags like the first one you wore when I met you'? 'You know I will and that you are going to do exactly as I say now don't you Maria'.

His blue/green eyes bore into her face. He knows that she knows he is not jesting. If he must get up only Satan knows what he will do. For sure it will be painful and degrading for her if she does not comply so she stands and signs for Adeline to assist her.

He gets bone hard watching her undress. Each part of her divine to the eye as it is uncovered. She still has spirit and stands proudly once she is completely naked. Her breasts heaving slightly from the tension of his presence.

'Come, get in with me'. 'We have all the towels and time in the world and I want to feel your hands on me, feel your loving touch'. He mocks her, toying with her and testing her degree of obedience to him.

He sees her delicious slit as she step over the tubs edge to sit in the water behind him. He moves her instead to his front. Relishing her exquisite full breasts.

She takes the perfumed soap and cloth he offers and begins her duties of wife by washing his chest then his hair when he leans down so she can reach it. Adeline stands rigid with her eyes averted from them.

'Look at us Adeline', he orders. She looks up, her face turning red. He is the first naked man she has ever seen and now to watch her mistress at his complete mercy is very upsetting. She cannot help but sob a little.

Pulling Maria's legs over his to make her touch his chest with her breasts he turns his attention on the girl again.

'Do you think your mistress is beautiful Adeline'? She is speechless with fear and embarrassment. 'Tell me woman, I demand it'!

She whimpers, 'Yes my lady is very beautiful'. Sobbing out, 'I am so sorry Maria, so sorry'.

'Come here then'! Adeline complies. 'Hold her hair up so it will not get wet'.

She seems a little relieved and lifts Maria's long black hair with both hands. She does not realize it but she is now at his mercy like her mistress.

She almost jumps out of her skin when she feels his hand lift the bottom of her dress and move up her bare leg.

'Stand still woman, I command it'!

His wife sees his hand up under Adeline's dress and curses him as the bastard he is.

He just smiles at her. 'Fear not my wife for I am a faithful husband'. 'I am just interested in what secrets Adeline has under her dress'.

He takes his hand out, 'Take off your clothes Adeline, I would have you join us in this bath'.

Maria shouts 'No'!

'Shut up wife'! 'She like your people will obey me'. 'Take off that fucking dress woman'!

Adeline looks miserable but starts to undress. He turns Maria's face and makes her watch, she curses him.

'Don't you want to see what the last virgin in this castle looks like'? 'She certainly looks ripe for breeding doesn't she'?

Finally the girl stands there naked, her legs tight together, her arms across even larger breasts than Maria's. Her thick red muff delicious to behold, the red now puffy lips of her pussy hid from their eyes.

He forces Maria's hand to hold his swollen cock under the water and makes the girl stand for what seems like ages to her.

'Did Maria tell you how she enjoyed my swing Adeline'?

'No', she sobs looking at the web swing still hanging from the room's center beam.

'If you do not wish to know first hand then you will obey my every wish Adeline'. 'Every wish'. 'Do you understand Adeline'? He knows he is mentally torturing her, perhaps Maria also but he wants them both broken down to nothing, most especially Maria.

'Get in behind my wife Adeline, I have duties for you'.

She looks a little relieved and complies. He gets a good look at the sweet red lips of her pussy and those beautiful pink nipples as she must use her hands to get in the tub.

She seeks to hide from his eyes behind Maria's head and that is fine with him for now. He has forced Maria to pump him slowly and he is quite ready to use his cock on something.

'Kiss me like a loving wife should Maria'. She leans forward and accepts his lips. He does not close his eyes though her kiss is nice. He stares into Adeline's green eyes till she looks down. He is excited. She like his Maria is breathtaking.

'Adeline, Maria does not enjoy my kisses as much as I would like for her to'. 'I want you to kiss her for me'. 'Turn her face and kiss her as you would a lover'. He reaches pass Maria and grabs Adeline's left breast in a grip of steel. She moans out with pain and starts to cry.

'You may cry if you like but I will tear this tit from your body if you do not kiss Maria as I told you to and you will allow it Maria'! Shoving Maria a little sideways and forcing her face around toward Adeline he pinches her nipple hard telling her again to kiss his wife for him.

He watches as Adeline kisses Maria's lips stiffly at first. 'Kiss her better than that'!

Pinching the girl's nipple again between his thumb and finger. Maria tries to let go of his cock but he puts her hand back on him and holds it there. Adeline sobs again how sorry she is and Maria tells her it is alright, she has no choice.

'Don't stop kissing till I say you can stop'. 'I want Maria ready to be bred again and it is your job Adeline to get her pussy ready for my cock'.

He lets go of Adeline's breast and makes her put her arms around Maria. He enjoys their kissing, urging them to do better and better. He is amused to see his wife's nipples get quite perky from the girls kisses. He cups her breasts and teases Maria's nipples gently. She is so beautiful, so desirable and she is his. He smiles. Both of these delicious creatures are his. It is good to be a man.

'You can stop for a moment'. They part, almost out of breath from the hot necking.

He ponders what to make them do next. His dick is aching to be in a pussy, needs to thrust and stroke those velvet walls and fuck those hot wet labia. He would love to take the young virgin but no, she will wait till his wife gives him the heir he needs then he will try to fuck Adeline to death.

They are both looking at him now. Adeline is less shy, her breasts heaving a little from the stimulation of the kissing and touching Maria's naked body.

Maria still holds him in her hand but he lets go of her hand, makes her turn around in the tub to face Adeline.

Her shape is perfection from the long wet black hair almost to her waist to the beautiful butt sitting in the water. He makes her put Adeline's legs over hers and he teases Adeline's bare feet while his hard cock presses against Maria's backside.

He decides. Time to fuck!

Making Maria shift again to lay back against him he raises her enough to get his dick under her, starting it into her pussy from behind and underneath.

Adeline can see him half way inside Maria and she seems transfixed by the size and shape of the first man she has ever seen erect and aroused as he is.

He enjoys watching her face as he works more and more of himself into Maria's tight slit.

He holds Maria's breasts with both hands cupping them and teasing the erect nipples. He bites Maria's left shoulder gently never taking his eyes from Adeline's.

Laying more and more down in the tub he gets most of his cock into Maria and God does she feel good! The necking, the touches have her sopping wet inside and even if she hates his guts her body wants to fuck, take his cock and use it. He loves how she cannot help but squeeze and use him as he strokes deep up inside her.

'Watch us you Norman cunt'! Making Adeline watch his cock fuck his wife. Making her see what will one day happen to her also.

'Come, kiss her for me again'. 'She likes my dick and I want her to cum all over it till it spurts my seed deep inside here again'.

He jerks the girl toward them, making her put her hand on Maria's breast to prevent them bumping heads and she obeys. Kissing her mistress gently at first then more passionately as poor Maria succumbs to the hard cock fucking her and his hands massaging her breasts and stomach.

He alternates between Maria's breasts and those of Adeline. Both girls large and well shaped. Maria's more conical with longer nipples than Adeline but both so beautiful.

He is close to ejaculating. Maria has orgasm-ed at least once already. He does not know that but with time he will learn her. There was a point where she had to lean back against him hard and let his cock pump into her less deep but nicking her clit with each thrust.

So close he hisses at Adeline, 'Touch us you slut'! 'Rub your mistress's pussy and feel my dick as I fuck her bitch'! 'Rub yourself also'. 'I want to see your pussy blood red when I seed this woman'!

Poor bewildered Adeline obeys. She jerks her hand back from his cock at first touch only to be cursed and told to touch them or she will be sorry.

He is wild now. Maria is bouncing as he fucks her as hard as he can. She moans and cries, Adeline whimpers as she rubs herself and the water is going everywhere.

He spurts deep inside Maria.

He lets his cock pop out and shots his cum all over Adeline's hand. 'Pump it Adeline, get every sweet drop of me out'! 'Odin's breath fuck me with your hand Norman cunt'!

His eyes burn into Adeline's pretty face and she pumps his cock till cum only dribbles out his hole and the mess of milky juice covers her little left hand. He knows she is feeling good because even though he and Maria have sagged she continues to pleasure her wet little red muffed pussy.

He and Maria watch her. He tenderly kissing Maria's cheek, his free hand caressing her torso lovingly.

Adeline's eyes closed as she undulated with the rhythm of her fingers. She finally looks up, turns beet red and stops but still holds his cum covered cock in her right hand.

He smiles at Adeline. He thinks he will have to taste her soon, perhaps take her anally to dull his growing lust for her. If Maria fails to give him a son he will certainly take her, make her give him a child also. Perhaps they will one day switch roles. No, he is cruel but does care for the beautiful Duchess. She will give him his son or she will die trying.

'Adeline'! She looks frightened again. 'Your lady likes the taste of my seed'. 'She cleans me of it with her pretty lips and tongue'. 'You will now do that loving duty for her Adeline'.

Adeline is horrified. Shaking her head no and begging him not to make her do that. His hand is one her right wrist making her continue to hold his softening cock. He tightens his grip on her wrist making it hurt. She is shaking with anger or more likely revulsion at his demand.

Reaching up with his other hand he grabs a handfull of her long red hair and jerks her face down to almost touch his soft sopping cock and Maria's wet cum covered pussy.

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