This story is being posted in accordance with my Master's wishes. This story is true.
On Tuesday, my slut, Nikki, was making a routine stop at Wal-Mart to pick up groceries and such. I told her that I wanted her to look for a cock even though she was on her period and wouldn't feel like doing much. After awhile she sent me a text message stating, "I found a cock daddy". She then messaged me a while later stating that Richard's (one of her old boyfriend's) friend was such a jerk and I asked why. She said that she ran into him at wal-mart and that this friend had recently gotten married and he was feeling her up in the parking lot.
I asked her if she enjoyed it even though she was ragging it and she stated "yes daddy".
I then asked if he had finger fucked her she said "will you be mad daddy?" but when I asked her again she replied the same as before with a meek yes. So I ask if she had enjoyed being groped in the parking lot and if she had cleaned up his finger when he was done and she said "of course I did daddy". We talked as she drove home, and then ended the call so she could go to bed. I was at work when a few hours later she sent me a text saying,"I did something wrong". We texted back and forth briefly before I called her wanting an answer to what it was she had done wrong. She told me this guy who had fingered her cunt in the parking lot had knocked on her door. She answered it with only her robe on, as this slut is required to sleep naked and he had held up a Wal-Mart bag. She thought that perhaps she had left something in his shopping cart in
the parking lot. Opening the door he came in and made small talk but all she really just wanted to do was go back to bed because she works third shift.

After talking for a while she asked him politely to leave so she could go back to bed but he pulled something out of the Wal-Mart bag. As she looked closer she realized it was a knife. Then she said " Spinning me around, He pushed me down over the arm of the couch, raised my robe as I heard the sound of his zipper and suddenly felt his rock hard cock being shoved into my ass and he began fucking it as he held the knife to my chest and then to my throat. I tried to get him to stop by pushing him away, yelling and screaming at him knowing that my body was responding in spite of my efforts to fight the rape of my ass but he kept slamming his cock deeper and deeper . Finally realizing my wanton lust in spite of what my mind said and knowing how pissed my master would be, my ass starts pushing back to meet his thrusts ,begging , pleading, screaming at him to fuck harder."

Telling her to go on, she told me he fucked her twice as she was bent over the arm of the couch, he then grabbed her by the throat and forced her onto the table where he fucked her twice accross the coffee table in the room and then grabbed a handful of hair and began to drag her to her bedroom. He took her to her bed, bent her over there and fucked her ass accross her bed two more times still steadily holding the knife to her throat. I asked her if she enjoyed being fucked in the ass and her answer at first was, "No Daddy, I knew you would be mad". I told her I wanted the truth and she replied with a rather meek, "yes". I asked her again and made sure she knew I wanted to hear her say it. Almost yelling she said, "YES, I enjoyed the way he fucked me but I didn't cum Daddy".

At first she was hesitant about telling me that he fucked her cunt, as she knows that belongs only to me. She knew that I would be more pissed about that than the ass fucking itself. So I repeatedly asked her if he fucked her pussy and she kept replying that he didn't even though I knew she was holding something back from me. Finally after almost having to pry it out of her, she began to tell me that he did fuck her pussy. She said that he fucked her pussy two times once while she was being held down knife to her throat and the second time he fucked her doggy style while pulling and bruising her tits. But what she told me next was the real shocker. She went on to say he made her suck his cum, pussy juice and blood covered cock and I asked if she liked taking all that mixed together and she admitted she had.
She knows that she is to suck anything that has been in her ass and pussy clean when she is finished fucking it. She then told me that after he was done using and abusing her he once again grabbed a handful of hair and started dragging her to the shower he threw her in the shower and then pissed on her making sure she got a mouthful as she tried to object. As he finished and zipped his pants he turned to her and said "great job as usual whore" and threw fifty bucks at her.

When she contacted me and started telling me this I immediatly began punishing her. She had told me her ass was VERY sore so I made sure she rammed her 10 inch dildo in many, many times, each time hurting her more and more. Knowing she was lying in bed while talking to me I thought of our four poster bed at home at which point I told her to get up on the bed and ram the bed post in her ass and fuck it like the cock that fucked her ass.

She begged me, "no, no, no Daddy please", but I insisted and made her fuck it deep until I was sure I brought tears to her eyes and even then I didn't allow her to stop. She begged and pleaded with me for a time, and after feeling like I had reached the intended target I relented. I made her get down and get ready to sleep but first I told her, "Ram that dildo in your ass, bitch" and knowing I was not happy she could only do as I said. She screamed out in pain but she had broken the rules and knew she had to pay for her sins.

Later after I got home from work my little slut was on her knees naked as usual, but she knew that she was going to be in deep trouble. She knew I would see the bruises from his monsterous hands where he had grabbed her to fuck her. Most of all though, she knew I was not happy with her actions. She started begging for mercy from the time I entered the house. My little bitch even had the best meal she had ever cooked on the table waiting for me when I walked in but nothing except punishment was going to appease me.

To be continued

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2013-04-13 15:17:01
id go after the dude and beat him to an inch of his life then ram the bed post up his ass then kick the end of it over and over again

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2009-02-09 10:00:13
Why don't you let the slut write the story from her perspective, and you can make the necessary corections and adjustments.
It will make it more believable.

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2009-01-01 20:02:28
he punish her because she enjoyed it when she should have not that deserve punishment


2008-04-16 03:29:02
You are one sick fucker. I hope your "slave' Shoves the bed post up YOUR DUMB ASS


2007-07-05 05:32:08
Whats the matter coward ? can't put your name out there because you are yellow? for those that enjoy fantasy over reality don't bother reading this one

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