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Kerry never has crushes! Especially not on those she can't have!
It was, my best friend, Heather's 17th Birthday Party and I was having a miserable time...

I'm usually a party animal, but tonight I wasn't in the mood for dancing or flirting and especially not taking some random guy into a private room for fooling around! All these were things I would usually be doing... but not tonight, and all because of Drew.

Drew was Heather's 18 year old boyfriend, he was gorgeous, Nearly 6 feet tall, with an amazing body, warm chocolately brown eyes and longish, messy, sandy blonde hair. I of course had the hugest crush on him!

The weird thing is I don't usually have crushes, and especially not one's I can't do anything about, I thought I was even falling in love with him. So instead of doing my usual of getting off with a fit boy I was trailing after Heather as she flounced about being adored by everyone.
"Come on Kerry! Please have some fun... for me?" She said giving me one of her famous grins.
"I'm Sorry Heather," I replied, not looking her in the face, "I just… feel kinda, down that's all!"
"Bollocks!" She giggled, "Just get drunk and find a guy to flirt with, I’m sure you'll feel better in a bit" I shook my head, I didn't want just any guy, I wanted Drew, but Heather was insistent, "Kerry! It's my birthday and I want you to have fun! Look, "she said pulling me towards the bar, "I’ll even buy you a drink!"

She ordered a "hot pants" from the bartender (my favourite-a mixture of tequila, peppermint and grapefruit) gave it to me and said "Drink up now!" before she strutted off to talk to some adoring party guests.
I watched her walk away as Heather’s long silky blonde hair swished back and forth as her hips swayed, she was wearing tight jeans, a crimson corset and 3inch black heels. I sipped at my cocktail and felt just a little bit better as the sweat drink ran down my throat, maybe Heather had been right, for once, maybe if I just got drunk and got it on with some guy I would forget all about Drew...

I finished my drink and ordered another one, meanwhile looking around for tonight's target, Then I spotted him, it was my neighbour, Jeremy Coates, he lived in a very large apartment in the same building as my mother's penthouse. He was cute at least, and so my conquest began.

I kept staring at him until he looked up and caught my eye, putting my most seductive smile on I beckoned for him to join me, patting the seat next to me I. He walked over smiled at me and said "would you like me to buy you a drink?"
"How very kind of you Jeremy!" I said as he checked me out, my long curly brown hair lying around my shoulders and my breasts almost popping out of tight fitting low cut, emerald mini dress I was wearing.
He sat down, bought drinks and we started to flirt, to start with innocent things, until I placed my hand on his knee then started to stroke it up and down, making him shiver.... I was starting to get really drunk by now and knew we were going to have sex soon. I was only wasn't 17 for another 3 months but that hadn't stopped me before, I’d lost my virginity almost a year ago to my then boyfriend, and I’d had sex many more times since then.
"Do you wanna go somewhere a little more private?" I asked batting my eyelids.
"YEAH!" Jeremy almost screamed, I could see he was getting a hard-on through his trousers.
I stood up and tried to walk but stumbled, I would have fallen but,
"Whoa there!" Drew said helping me get my balance back, he'd been standing near me and had stopped me falling, "are you alright Kerry?" He said flashing his beautiful sexy smile...
"Err.... yeah "I murmured, I was so embarrassed…
"Err maybe you should take her in there." The bartender joined in motioning for Drew to take me into the employee lounge, "I think she needs a sit down and some water."
"Ok," Drew said steering me towards the door.

Once inside the room he sat me down on the sofa and went to get me a glass of water, the employee's lounge was almost sound proof so my head started to feel clearer straight away.
"You ok?" Drew said passing me the glass of water and sitting down next to me on the sofa,
"Yeah I think so!" I said gulping down the water.

He sat with me for a few minutes before I said,
"You can go if you want! Heather'll probably be missing you..."
"Naah!" He said waving off my comment, "she's been ignoring me all night, too busy with all her adoring fans!" we both laughed.
"So d'you wanna go back to seducing Jeremy?" Drew asked me cheekily
"Urgh... no!" I said burying my head in my hands, "I was just feeling depressed."
Oh god was I going to tell him?
"Because.... I have a huge crush on a guy... but I can't be with him, cause he's my best friend's boyfriend."
He looked bemused
"Isn't Heather your best friend?"
"So that would mean...... " He looked a little startled,
"I have a crush on you?" I finished his sentence, " I do."
"Wow!" he said leaning back,
"I’m sorry..." I suddenly said standing up "I shouldn't have told you!"
"No, it's ok..." he said breathing in deep
"I’m sorry drew, I’ll go..." I said making my way to the door
"No, don't go! He said sitting up, "Please? Stay and talk to me!" he patted the sofa right next to him and I obediently went to sit next to him.

We sat there staring at each other for about 5 minutes, neither of us knowing what to say...
"Kerry?" Drew suddenly said
"I really like you!"
"What?" I almost squeaked, "but you've never even looked at me before..."
"That's not quite true... I’ve liked you for a long time." He said uneasily
"But you Heather's boyfriend!" I said moving away from him slightly
"I know!" he said exasperated, burying his head in his hands, "but you just so damn... gorgeous, I always try to remind myself that I’ve got Heather and she's so beautiful and sexy, but I always notice you... and then tonight you show up in the fucking tight sexy dress and I can't keep my eyes off you... and then you go tell me you fancy me! Fucking hell Kerry! My world is spinning!"
Oh god, what had I done....

Suddenly Drew leaned over and kissed me full on, on the lips, I didn't move, and then I started to join in our tongues playing with each other's and exploring one another’s mouths. Finally I remembered who he was and pushed him away...
"But what about Heather? She my best friend!" I squealed,
"Screw her!" He said pulling me towards him
"No!" I yelled pushing him away again, "I could never do that to her!"
He stared at me, startled by my rejection...
"You're right Kerry..." he sighed, "I’m sorry! It’s just I’ve been thinking about ending it with her for a long time anyway, and I just.... I can't help myself... please forgive me?"
"I'm sorry too! I should never have put you in this position...."
I got up to leave again...
"Kerry?" Drew called to me helplessly
"Yes?" I said turning around to face him,
"Please Kerry? I think I’m falling in love with you!"
Fuck I thought.... I couldn't resist any longer...
"But...." I tried "but Heather?"
"She never has to know!" he said giving me a smile, not the usual sexy smile but I different... more sincere one...

He stood and we ran to each other joining together in a kiss, passionate and heartfelt... Nothing else in the world existed to me in that moment.... Our tongues met again, then Drew's lips parted from mine and I threw my head back as he started to kiss my neck.... We broke apart for a second; I slipped my shoes off and kissed him again quickly.

He started to pull his shirt off and I marvelled at his beautifully toned six pack, he then lent down grabbed hold of the bottom of my tiny dress and started to pull it upwards, I helped him then finally he pulled it over my had and I was standing in front of him in nothing but my underwear, he threw my dress down next to his shirt and I kissed him again, jumping up and wrapping my legs round his waist.

He carried me (still kissing) over to the sofa and placed me down of it, we carried on kissing as he unzipped his pants and threw them off, He stopped, straightened up slightly and said,
"Are you sure you want to do this?"
I nodded, nothing else made sense anymore...

He kissed my neck again then my mouth all the while unhooking my lacy black bra and taking it off, he the kissed my neck again and proceeded down to my chest where he sucked on the nipples of my firm 36 D breasts, I groaned as he started to stroked and pinch my breasts, he sucked on them again until they were erect, then his kissed down, stopping briefly at my navel to suck on it.

He then got off my and kneeled on the floor facing me, he took hold of my legs and spread them, then he started to rub my pussy lips through my lacy black thong, it felt so good, the fabric rubbing against my swollen clit...
"That's it baby!" I moaned softly spreading my legs wider
He carried on rubbing up and down until my thong was thoroughly wet through, then he pulled it down my legs and threw it to the pile of clothes, again he started to stroke my wet pussy,
"ohhh yeaah!" I moaned, "do it to me Drew!"
He slid his finger slowly inside my aching pussy and brought it back out, using two fingers now, he entered it again, the out again, as he continued his fingers got harder and faster...
"OHHH, GODDDD!!!!" I screamed out, as I neared my first orgasm, "OHHHH... OHH GODDD I'M.... DREWWW!"
"That's it slut! Say my name!" He yelled...
"OHHHH DREWWW I'M... I'M GOING......I'M..G.....GO...GOING...TO......CUM!" I was gasping for breath and suddenly, my back arched and I came...
"Oh baby!" Drew cried, lowering his mouth to my dripping cunt.... he licked up some of my juice and said, "Fucking hell.... slut... you taste soooo goood!"
"THAT'S IT BABY!" I cried, "EAT MY PUSSY!!!!!"

He obeyed, licking and sucking then with one quick movement his tongue darted into my cunt.... it felt like an electric shock and I shivered....
"Yeah?" Drew chorused, "you like that slut.... don't you!"
He pulled out and I lay there panting.....

"I want you inside of me Drew!" I gasped
"Ok baby..." he pulled his cock out and my eyes widened as I saw his beautiful dick... it was huge! About 8 or 9 inches long with a 2 1/2 inch diameter...
"FUCKING HELL!" I yelled as he began to stroke it...
"What?" he asked looking up, "is everything ok?"
"It's just..... it's just...."
"It's just what?" fear suddenly showing in his eyes...
"I've never been fucked by such a huge cock before!" I blurted out
"Oh..." he looked almost cast aside, "well if you don't want to go any further I understand..."
"No!" I cried before he could stand up, "I want to go further, but... please... be gentle!"

He smiled, his sexy smile and kissed me quick and hard.....

I spread my legs again to welcome the new intruder.
Drew placed the head of his shaft at my dripping, waiting pussy and... Pushed, ever so slowly the first 1/2 inch of cock into my pussy.....
"That ok?" he asked tentatively
"mmmmmm" I purred, "go deeper!"
He pushed another inch or so in and stopped... then he pulled out slowly, then pushed in again going another inch this time..
"ow..ow...ow...." I groaned...
"Oh, I’m sorry Kerry... I’ll stop" he started to pull out
"NO! Don't stop!" I pleaded, "keep's feels so goooood!"
He grabbed onto my inner things and pushed steadily until his cock was in half way, then he pulled out, then pushed in again, this time not stopping until his manhood, and my womanhood... were one....

He stayed there for a minute, his crotch resting against mine; he looked at me and smiled
"How does that feel?"
I squirmed dreamily, "Wonderful!" I purred...
We were both breathing heavily,
"You feeel sooo goood, inside of me!" I told him, "I can't believe I didn't want to do this!"
"Me neither!" he laughed.
This was a new thing for me, his cock had been inside of me, nearly 5 minutes now, and we just wanted to talk, usually a boy, wanted to get it, blow his load and get out as fast as possible....

"Do you wanna carry on?" he asked me
"Uh-huh!" I said biting my lip girlishly and smiling....

He moved his penis almost all the way out, then slowly moved in again, he continued this, slowly going all the way out, then slowly going all the way back in, he did this to a steady rhythm about ten times.... then did again a bit faster, then faster, pausing every time before he changed the speed...

Soon he was going at about three thrusts per second.... it felt amazing... I could feel my pussy start to tingle and I knew I was close to orgasm again....
"DREW! BABY..... I'M... G...GOING..TO......CUM...AGAIN.....FUUUUUCK THIS IS AMAZING!" I cried....
He kept on going and finally my orgasm had built up to a level I couldn't control, my body finally spasmed, as I reach my climax, my cunt clamped in onto Drew's huge cock and I came everywhere, it was the biggest orgasm I’d ever experienced....

My orgasm died down, finally, and I was exhausted but Drew kept pounding furiously at my pussy, I was so tired now.. I wanted him to stop... I tried to speak, but I couldn't....

Almost as if he'd heard me he stopped, and moaned, "FUCK YEAH!" he cried, "OHHHHH KERRY! I'M GOING TO CUM IN YOUR TIGHT PUSSY! WOULD YOU LIKE THAT?"
"HELL YEAH!" I yelled suddenly turned on, "COME ON BABY, CUM INSIDE ME! FILL ME UP WITH YOU SWEAT...."
He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his throbbing cock, as deep as it would go, his balls pushing against my ass, and finally I felt it, his cock spasming as he spurted huge loads of warm sticky cum deep into my throbbing cunt, it felt so good inside of me and Drew collapsed in a heap on top of me panting for breath....

We lay there for about 10 minutes, his cock still buried into my dripping pussy... Finally he pulled out and came to sit next to me on the sofa... We both lay there, still panting
"Fucking hell Kerry!" He said taking my hand, "you're such a good fuck!"
I smiled, then got up..
"Thank you Drew, that was... amazing... but it can never happen again!"
"I know.." he said mournfully, "I'm never going to forget this though...."
"Me neither" I smiled as I found my underwear and clothes, putting them on.

I went back over to Drew, kissed one last time on the lips and went back to join the party.


2007-07-21 00:46:32
fucking hott.. good story


2007-05-20 15:01:12
Cool that was nice but u could elaborate a little.keep writing.


2007-04-08 18:36:42
wow that was pretty hot, you should add some doggie next time. hope theres more

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