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I walked into the house, not really sure what to expect. it was pretty late, 2am, but one of my teammates told me to stick around for the after party. he was a part of the frat, so no big deal that we stayed around, if not expected.

We walked up one flight of stairs and walked into a room down the hall. A cloud of marijuana smoke flew out of the room. Tom and I went in, taking a few hits of some really good fucking bud from some passing blunts. Scanning the room there were some pretty cute girls and a few brothers hanging around, stoned as shit. Looking at the bed on the side of the room, behind the 'circle' so to say, was one of Tom's brothers, busy fucking some girl from behind who looked pretty fucked up, but seemed to be having fun. Actually fucking her in a room full of people. No one really paid much attention to it and after a few minutes, Scott gave a few good grunts, pounding in her nice and hard and cumming in her pussy. The room did a bit of a cheer (a stoned cheer) and handed scott the blunt. as his dick popped out of the girls pussy, I didn't see a condom on him, but I did see the trail of cum coming out of her pussy while she lay passed out on the bed. Scott took the blunt, put his wet dick in his pants, and then took a seat. "Ahhhhhhhh, that's some good shit" with a huge smile. The conversation went on like nothing happened. I wonder if he was talking about the pussy or the weed.

"Let's get out of here" Tom said, a bit bloodshot like me. As we walked out I saw another brother caress the girl that was just fucked, and even another grabbing her face to probably see if she would give a shit about another couple of loads. The door closed with one unbuckling his belt, the other positioning her across the bed; one with great access to her pussy, the other ready to fuck her face.

We went up another flight of stairs, saying hi to random people along the way, Tom tongue kissing and groping the pussies of drunk girls that just laughed, hoping to someday be 'regulars' at the frat.

We walked into another room; knocked a few times and walked into a room with a huge mirror table in the center and two leather couches parallel to each other. On the table, a pretty decent pile of cocaine lay, some lines ready to go, on the television some hardcore porn. One of the couches was filled with random people playing quarters or some shit, and in the other one of the sat a brother, Mike, smoking a cigarette, enjoying a blowjob from some girl on her knees in front of him. He saw Tom and "Heeeeeyy!! Buddy what is up? Want a few lines?" Tom said yeah and snorted 4 or 5. Mike told me to help myself but I kept it to 2; for now. A groan escaped Mike's lips and he tilted his head back, arms over the couch. "Ahhhhh that's a good girl." She leaned back and wiped at her lips, her pert tits showing since her tube top was pulled around her waist. "Take four." he said to her and shoved her away with his knee. She stayed on her knees and scooted over to the table, cut 4 lines from the pile, snorted them and got up to leave. Mike said "You've got my number" as she walked out. All of us knowing she'd be back, if not tonight, sometime.

I took to the side and with utter confusion and a bit of anger I said "What the fuck is going on Tom?"

"Dude, this is the after party. you should be glad that you're even in here, people would fucking kill to be in here right now. Take it as a good sign, we think we want you to join, so check it out. Enjoy dude, don't hesitate." He winked at me.

"May I?" I asked mike pointing to the coke. "My sir, whatever you wish" mock bowing and laughing, throwing the stoned drunk and strung out crowd in hysterics. I took a few lines, said I was going to check out more of the frat and went into the hallway. I wander down the hall, passing an open door; inside a dirty little twin bed with one of the players, his hands on this some hips, grinding her on his cock.

I licked my lips, the cocaine obviously kicking in by now. My cock was straining in my pants. I looked around for Tom and saw him in a corner with a petite little brunette on her knees with his dick in her mouth. He had his hands in her hair, eyes closed, enjoying himself very much. I set out to find my own conquest.

I heard there were some kids that had popped some E and searched out some hot chicks that had taken it. I found myself a tab pretty quick and and a pussy even faster. She was smashed, high on everything you could think of and, seemingly, horny as hell. I started kissing her on the landing of the stairs, grabbing her tits, squeezing her nipples making them nice and hard. I slid my hand up her tiny skirt and just cupped that pussy, a spot of her wet on my hand when it came up. I licked it off and pulled her upstairs, looking for a place to fuck this horny little slut.

I walked into a room that just seemed for fucking, couples, people, shit, just fucking and sucking everywhere. Not even bothering to take her clothes off, (no panties on the slut) pulled my pants down, sat in a chair and told her to "Hop on". She turned around and lowered her wet pussy onto my cock, she wanted slow, I grabbed that bitches hips and slammed my thick dick all the way up in her. She yelled a bit and I slapped her ass. Some other guy, I'm guessing some other brother came up to her mouth and shook his hard dick in front of her face. She took it right into her warm mouth and started sucking. "That'll shut her up!" he yelled at me laughing. I fucked that bitch hard, just to cum and fill her up. She was trashed and it felt so fucking good, I couldn't not shoot that cum all the way up in her. I held her around the waist tight, my cock pulsating inside her, shooting a nice big load up into her. I sat for a moment until the guy in her mouth asked if I was done, and rollering her off me he took over her sopping pussy, this time putting her on the floor and fucking her. Fucking her with my cum inside her.

I wasn't necessarily done yet, fuck no! With all this shit going on.. I bet I can muster up a few more loads. I heard infrequent cheers coming from the bathroom and went over to check out what was going on. Squezzing my way in a bit, too see this cute blond sitting on the toilet, with one guy after another jerking off onto her face. She'd suck a head every now and then, but she was one covered little slut. I knew I could give her a nice load and got on line.

By the time I got to the stall, I was damn ready to explode and seeing her covered as much as she was was certainly going to send me over the fucking edge. I held back and asked her to hold out her tongue, which she did without hesitation, that making me lose it right into her mouth. She let it slide out onto her tits.

Damn this shit is fun. And this is a big fucking house. No way in hell I'm not pledging to this place.

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2009-08-08 01:15:40
wow shit that was stupid needs to be longer


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2007-04-23 08:14:00
Interesting. You going for a part 2, or leave it at this point? Looks as if this could have been a great story line.

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