Chapter 5

Cindy was sitting in the back seat of Mr. Binns’s car with Janet while Susan sat in the front seat with her father when they pulled out of the driveway and headed toward the junior high school. From where she was sitting Cindy could see that Susan had a hand in her father’s lap but when she looked at the younger girl’s reflection her expression was so innocent that she never would have guessed the girl was playing with her father’s cock. In fact Cindy felt her pussy juices flowing when she thought of all the times she’d seen that same innocent look on Sue’s face when she was sitting next to her father or brother and no one could see what was happening below their waists, and every time Sue’s partner had the same distracted smile that Mr. Binns had on his face right now.
Leaning over toward her sister Cindy whispered, “Jan.”
“What?” Janet asked. Cindy could see that her sister had the same distracted smile on her face as she watched Sue and her father with her hand stuck inside her jeans.
“I’ve been wondering if you could tell me how Steve popped your cherry,” Cindy hissed. “We have a few minutes before we get to the school so I think this would be as good a time as any.”
“You want to know how Steve popped my cherry?” Janet said loud enough for Mr. Binns and Susan to hear her in the front seat. “Sure I’ll tell you how it happened, but now that you’ve lost your cherry it’s not like we have any secrets in this car - or in the house.”
“I guess you’re right,” Cindy admitted as Mr. Binns and Susan chuckled. “So why don’t you tell me the story?”
“Ok,” Janet said, closing her eyes as she recalled how things happened, “it started a couple weeks ago, about three days after mom and dad dumped us with the Binns’ while they went to look after grandma.


Janet opened her eyes when she heard Cindy moving around in the next bedroom. She lifted her head up from her pillow and glanced over at the other bed where she could just see Sue’s still form in the other bed. If her sister was getting up this early that could only mean one thing, she was going to take a nice long shower and use the sound of the running water to cover her screams of pleasure while she played with herself.
Janet was sure that Cindy didn’t realize that the sound of the shower didn’t really cover the sounds she made when she came, and she wasn’t about to tell her sister because she enjoyed the show too much to put an end to it. And she wasn’t the only one enjoying the show either, back home she’d snuck out of her room one morning with the idea of listening at the bathroom door only to stop short when she’d seen their parents already at the door. Watching her parents while they all listened to Cindy masturbating in the shower was an even bigger thrill than just listening to her sister, but she’d nearly died when her parents looked her way but she managed to duck back out of the way before they saw her. After Cindy finished her show that morning Janet watched their parents tiptoe back to their bedroom and where they disappeared for at least an hour.
As soon as Janet heard the bathroom door close she slid out from under her covers and headed for the bedroom door, stopping just long enough to throw her robe on over her naked body since she’d been sleeping in the nude like she usually did. She sat down on the floor just outside the bathroom and put her ear against the door so she could hear when Cindy started her shower. She was tempted to open the door when she heard the water running in the stall but she knew that her sister usually let the water run for a few minutes before she actually stepped into the shower. When she heard Cindy moaning in pleasure she knew it was safe and reached up to the knob to ease the door open so she could poke her head into the bathroom.
Janet couldn’t get a clear view of Cindy through the clouded shower door but she could make out her sister’s distorted image and hear everything as her older sister jerked off in the shower. “Oh yeah,” the blonde moaned as she reached into her robe to massage her tits as she watched her sister play with her nipples in the shower. As she heard Cindy gasp in pleasure Janet felt envious of her sister, her own tits were larger than her sister’s small bumps but her nipples weren’t nearly as large or sensitive.
As Cindy’s distorted image reached down to frig her pussy Janet reached down to run her fingers along her own dripping cunt lips, suppressing the groan of pleasure that ran up her spine from her twat. “She puts on a great show, doesn’t she?” a voice whispered in Janet’s left ear, making her jump in surprise as she pulled her hands out of her robe.
“Sorry,” Mr. Binns whispered, laying a calming hand on Janet’s shoulder as he knelt down next to her. “I didn’t mean to startle you, I thought you knew I was here but I guess you were enjoying the show too much.”
“I guess so,” Janet said with a nervous giggle as she tried to pull her robe back together.
“Don’t bother,” Mr. Binns said with an appreciative grin as he looked down the front of her robe. “What are they? Thirty-four B?”
“Thirty-five B,” Janet said proudly, pulling her robe open so he could get a good look at them.
“Of course that’s nothing compared to what Susan has,” Janet pointed out.
“I don’t know,” Mr. Binns said, “thirty-six C isn’t that much bigger. What? Who do you think buys Susan’s bras now that her mother’s dead?”
“Good point,” Janet admitted she noticed the way Susan’s father was looking at her partially exposed tits and she shifted her robe enough to give him a good view of her tits and erect nipples. “Do you want to touch them?”
“May I,” the older man reaching for Janet’s tits even before the blonde responded.
“Nice,” Mr. Binns said as he massaged her tits and tweaked her nipples, sending a blast of sexual energy straight to the young girl’s twat.
“It sure is,” Jan gasped as pussy juice dripped from her slit. She turned to look at her friend’s father and realized for the first time that the man was nude and his erect cock swung back and forth just below her chin.
“Oh God I want to fuck,” Cindy screamed in the shower.
“So do I,” Janet said, staring at the cock right next to her. “How about you Mr. Binns? Would you like to fuck me?”
“I’d love to fuck you,” Mr. Binns said with a nod of his thinning brown hair. “You are thirteen, right?”
“Yeah,” the blond said slowly, wondering what her age had to do with anything, “my birthday was about a month ago.”
“Good,” Mr. Binns said as he got to his feet before helping Janet get up. They could hear Cindy starting on her second orgasm in the shower as he closed the door as quietly as possible. “I have two rules about fucking young girls like you. First they have to ask me to fuck them, and second they have to be at least thirteen.”
“So I guess I qualify for both rules,” Janet said with a grin as the older man led her to the master bed room.
“You got that right,” Mr. Binns said with a lopsided smile as he opened the door to his bed room and stepped aside to let her enter first. “Now why don’t we get down to business,” he said, grabbing the back of Jan’s robe so she could slip out of it.
Janet sat down on the edge of the bed and turned to look at Mr. Binns, not quite sure what to do next. The older man gave her a reassuring smile and put his hands on her knees so he could open her thighs. “Beautiful,” he murmured as he looked at the cunt juices flowing out of her blond furred slit. “I can see that you’re ready to fuck, but would you mind if I ate you out for a few minutes first?”
“Go right ahead Mr. Binns,” Janet said as she watched her older lover.
“Janet, when we’re fucking you can call me Steve, but outside of the bedroom you should still call me Mr. Binns. Most people know what I am, but as long as we don’t make things too obvious they’re willing to look the other way. Now if you don’t mind, I love the taste of virgin cunt just before I pop a cherry.”
“How did you know I was a virgin?” Janet asked with a moan of pleasure as Steve’s breath brushed across her cunt.
“Let’s just say that I’ve popped enough cherries to know how a virgin asks to fuck compared to how an experienced girl asks to fuck.”
“I guess I was pretty obvious,” Janet giggled.
“Yes you were,” Steve said with a grin. “Now lie back and let me eat your pussy, you’ll love it, and once I’m done you’ll enjoy your first fuck even more.”
Janet watched as Steve put his head between her thighs and gasped as his lips touched her slit. If Steve was right and fucking felt better than this she wasn’t sure how she’d be able to stand it. Steve licked her slit from top to bottom, forcing her cunt lips open so he could reach the juices drooling from her fuck hole. Janet groan in pleasure as her belly quivered and her clit popped out of it’s sheath so her older lover could run his tongue across her sensitive nub sending jolts of pleasure through her whole body and sending her into her first orgasm of the morning with an ear shattering scream.
“You liked that, didn’t you,” Steve asked, looking up from Janet’s cunt with a broad grin.
“I loved it,” Janet said once she caught her breath and her body stopped jerking uncontrollably. “But what if someone hears me?”
“Don’t worry about that,” Steve said, “the only one we have to worry about is Cindy, and since she’s still in the shower we don’t really have to worry about her overhearing you.”
“How do you know Cindy’s still in the shower?” Janet asked.
“The same way I knew she was in the shower earlier,” Steve said with a nod toward the master bath. “When the other shower is running I can hear the water running in my bathroom.”
“Ok,” Janet said with a nod, “but how did you know she was masturbating in the shower?”
“I knew Cindy was a young horny girl and realized that in spite of the good girl image she puts on she probably plays with herself more than you do, so when I heard the shower start I decided to see what kind of show she put on. You were the surprise.”
“You’re right about my sister being a horny girl,” Janet admitted, “and I think she’d like to fuck if she thought she could get away with it. But you heard the way she denied her need after screaming how much she needed a cock in her cunt, do you think she’s ready to fuck?”
“Oh she’s ready,” Steve insisted, “but we’ll have to handle her just right or she’ll wiggle off my cock instead of fucking it. Would you like to help me set her up?”
“You bet,” Janet said with a mischievous grin, “especially since I won’t be able to brag about losing my virginity until she loses hers.”
“Well you haven’t lost your cherry yet,” Steve pointed out, “but give me a few more minutes eating your pussy and I’ll take care of that little problem.”
Janet gave a little yelp of surprise as Steve put his head between her thighs again and sucked her clit into his mouth. Steve pulled the blonde’s cunt lips open with his thumbs and stuck his tongue deep in the girl’s fuck tunnel, maintaining contact with her sensitive nub as he licked and sucked the juices out of her slit.
“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” Janet muttered over and over again as Steve’s expert tongue work drove her closer and closer to another cum with every second. In much less time than the teenager expected she felt her cunt explode and send waves of pleasure smashing through her body as her fuck tunnel clamped tight around her lovers intruding tongue.
“I can’t believe you did it to me again,” Janet said with a wistful smile touching the corners of her lips.
“Well hang on little girl,” Steve said once he was able to pull his tongue free of Janet’s twat, “because it’s time for the main event.”
Steve lifted Janet’s naked body up and shifted her back on the bed until her head rested on the pillows so she had a good view of what he was doing as he crawled between her legs and put the tip of his cock against her cunt lips. “Ready?” he asked as he traced her slit with the head of his cock.
“Ready and willing,” Janet said taking a deep breath in anticipation of the coming pain.
“Don’t worry,” Steve said with gritted teeth as he eased the head of his cock into the mouth of Janet’s cunt, “it’ll only hurt for a few seconds, but after that you’ll enjoy fucking so much that you’ll forget all about it.”
“Let’s do it then,” Janet said, wiggling her ass and pushing up against Steve’s cock so the head of it slipped the rest of the way into her fuck tunnel. “Fuck me, Steve, pop my damn cherry and fuck me like there’s no tomorrow.”
“You’ve got it you horny little slut,” Steve said with a grin as he reared up on his haunches and slammed forward with one quick thrust that tore through Janet’s hymen. Janet clamped her lips tight against the scream of pain that threatened to slip out of her throat and fought to catch her breath as Steve held his prick deep in her pussy until she was ready for more.
“Ok,” Janet said as the pain started to ebb. “Fuck me with that seven inch cock until we can’t fuck any more.
“You’ve got it,” Steve said, drawing his cock back an inch or so before he shoved it back in. With each stroke he pulled his cock out a little more until he was pulling out all but the head with each thrust. By the third full thrust Janet had forgotten all about the pain of losing her cherry as she started building up to her next orgasm.
“I told you you’d forget all about the pain,” Steve said as he felt Janet’s fuck tunnel clamped around his cock every time he pulled back as if she wanted to keep it buried deep in her twat. As Janet’s body began to shudder with another orgasm he reached down to stroke her tit’s, tweaking the blondes erect nipples and pushing her body into another orgasm.
“I love fucking,” Janet gasped as her cunt released his cock from its death grip.
“That’s what all the girls say,” Steve said as he leaned forward to suck on her nipples one after the other. “I can’t hold out much longer, do you think you’re good for another cum? Maybe we can cum together this time.”
“I don’t think that’s going to be a problem,” Janet gasped as she felt her tummy starting to flutter with the approach of another orgasm.
“I didn’t ask before, should I pull out? Or is it safe for me to cum inside you?” Steve asked, taking his lips away from Janet’s nipples for a second and then returning to them before she answered.
“It’s not safe,” Janet said with a groan of pleasure, “but I don’t want you to pull out, I want to enjoy every second of your cock in my cunt. I’m willing to take the chance if you are.”
“I’m always willing,” Steve said with a grin, slamming her cock deep with each thrust as he felt his balls start to quiver with his own approaching cum, “maybe too willing.”
“I’m cumming,” Janet screamed as another orgasm washed over her body and her fuck tunnel clamped tight around Steve’s prick, holding it firmly against her cervix.
“So am I,” Steve groaned as he felt his baby cream shooting out of his prick straight into Janet’s womb. Even after he thought he’d given the girl every drop of cum he had her cunt held his cock tight as it milked every last drop from his shaft.
Finally Janet’s body stopped quivering and her cunt loosened up enough for Steve to pull his wilting cock out of her slimy cunt. “Did you like your first fuck?” the older man asked as he lay down next to the horny teen and pulled her closer so he could suck on her nipples again.
“I loved it,” Janet sighed. “When can we do it again?”
“Later,” Steve said with a knowing grin, “but even though it’s Saturday Cindy may get a little suspicious if you don’t wake up pretty soon. Right now I think we’ll wait for Sue to come along because she’d never forgive me if she didn’t have a chance to suck both of us clean of your cherry juice. And after that I’d like to show you how much fun it is for two people to share a shower. But if we go any later than that I’m sure Cindy will realize that something is going on, and I don’t want her to get too suspicious before we have a chance to plan her seduction. By the way do you have any ideas how to do it?”

* * * * * * * * * * *

“And that’s how I lost my cherry,” Janet finished as Mr. Binns pulled into the school parking lot. “After Sue came in and licked us clean we showered together and I spent the last two weeks fucking Steve or Dave every chance I got. In fact I haven’t been in my own bed since, I just spend the night with one of them and then wait until you finish your shower and go back to your room so you didn’t know what room I came out of.
“So the two of you planned the whole thing?” Cindy asked.
“Sue and Dave helped plan it too,” Janet admitted, “but we all figured you were ready to lose your cherry if we could just give you the opportunity.”
“Well all I can say is thanks,” Cindy said with a smile. “I don’t know how much longer I would have kept my damn cherry if all of you hadn’t planned things out so well. And now I can’t wait for school to end so I can fuck again.”
Cindy opened her door as soon as the car stopped and leaped out. “Come on you two, the sooner we get school out of the way the sooner I can fuck.”
“I think we’ve created a fuck monster,” Mr. Binss chuckled as the other two girls climbed out of the car and grabbed their supplies. “And I don’t know which one of us is happier.”

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