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O if only
She followed him as the dutiful slave should. He had told her that this was going to be her biggest test yet, but he had so much faith in her and that he knew that she would not let him down. She followed him down the boat landing, seeing a small ferry, they were up in the Scottish highlands, his own home area, the wind was blowing, it was starting to drizzle and the thin clothes she had worn for the journey up were inadequate for the autumn season. She was hoping that he would take pity on her and allow her some more covering for the ferry crossing. He had told her that they were going to a small island, remote but populated by about 300 people and he knew that they would make her very welcome. She saw around the quay twelve more women with their owners, all wearing a collar as she was to show that that were owned. She wondered just what her Master had in store for her, but she felt her cunt cream at the thought that she was at least not going to be alone.

Her Master attached her leash and so did the other owners and they walked onto the boat. The captain was a fat small man, who leered at the women as they crossed onto his boat. She could smell his foul smelling breath. They made their way to the rear of the boat and the owners went and stood in the shelter of the boathouse leaving their slaves exposed to the elements on the deck.

The man started the engine and they set off from the jetty. They set out to sea and the seas got choppy, chucking the women around on the deck, the captain came out of the security of the wheelhouse, he took the woman sat next to slave by her leash and dragged her towards the wheelhouse, the others could see her being tied to the wheel and then her clothes were ripped from her body exposing her to the captains lecherous hands which he used in full while steering the boat. He handed over the wheel to the first mate and came out on the deck, "Your masters have paid their passage and now you must pay yours, all of you strip, I want these decks scrubbed."

All of the women looked to their Masters for guidance and Master nodded, she remembered her promise to him that she should comply with all his wishes, that he would not allow anything to permanently hurt her and it would please him for her to comply. She slipped the blouse from her shoulders as did the other slaves and then her skirt slipped to the deck, One or two of the girls weren't wearing any panties as neither was she, and they stood there naked, shivering in the cold wind, slave's nipples were so erect as the wind was rippling across them. "All of you naked" the captain sneered, her clothes lay on a heap on the deck.

"Now toss all of your clothes overboard, you will not need them this weekend anyway," and they bent down and all tossed them into the sea. The wind was cold, the spray from the sea biting at their bodies, but the captain brought them brushes and buckets, he filled each with water and tossed it onto the deck and one by one, each slave got on her hands and knees and washed the deck. The captain was admiring the view of the tits swinging, small ones, medium size and pendulous breasts as the women scrubbed the deck. Their asses waving in the wind.

Although the journey short, slave could feel the cold wind whipping at her body and wondered what sight that they were all presenting to their Masters cosily tucked up in the wheelhouse. She heard a woman scream, it came from the wheelhouse and as she looked, the captain had the woman tied to the wheel upside down with his hand deep in her crotch, she thanked god , that he had not chosen her for that position.

The boat started to slow and they could see another small jetty ahead and as the boat pulled over to it, the first mate jumped ashore and tied up the boat. Each Master came out of the wheel house and took the leash of his slave and led them onto firm ground. The slave that had been lashed to the wheel was led out by her Master unable to walk steadily from her upturned position and the severe mauling, her cunt had received from the captain and his first mate.

Each Master led his slave up from the jetty towards what looked like a village, although it was but noon, the weather being dark and threatening heavier rain, slave could see lots lights, bobbing about. They reached the village square and slave now understood why the lights were bobbing, it seemed the whole island had turned out for the slaves arrival.

They were taken to posts set in the ground and their leashes were attached. The Masters moved away from sight, and slave suddenly became frightened now that she could not see Master who was going to protect her.

A few moments later, a man appeared in front of them, he was wearing black robes and a black hood, which obscured his face. Another man stepped forward. "slaves, you have been brought here to compete in the annual endurance festival which means that you will compete against each other all over the weekend."

Twelve more women stepped forward from behind him, they also naked, each carrying a tray with an 8inch dildo on it. He continued "These will be your attendants for the weekend, they have previously endured the festival, some passed, some did not but they have all begged their Masters to be allowed to attend to the new contestants this weekend. On each tray, are your ass dildos, you are now to be fitted with them." The attendants moved behind the women and pushed down their heads, so that each was bent over, slave felt her ass cheeks being spread and with no lubrication, the dildo was buried deep into her ass hole, she let out a loud squeal as the monster buried itself deep inside her, she knew that this was going to be the next size that her Master was going to insert but it still hurt as it was buried deep inside her. "Those of you that pass all the tests will on the final day, have that removed and the Master of all Masters and only he will grant you your assent to have passed by fucking you in your ass hole. No one, male or female may remove this plug until all the tests have been completed, all of your other body is not sacred and maybe used for whatever any of the population wishes as a reward for the use of their island but only the main Master may take the ass hole of the slaves."

slave heard all of the words, some of them registered but not all, what had she let herself in for, surely her Master did not expect her to have her body used by all the population, he would not do that to her.

She could see him nowhere in the crowd but somehow she knew that he was close by, she could feel his eyes, watching her.

The attendees approached, this time with a paintbrush and slave was painted in red paint number 1 on her left breast and repeated on her right ass cheek. "These will be your number, you will not be known by your name until the tests are over." The attendees then took wrist and ankle cuffs and attached them to the slave, their hands being shackled behind their backs and their ankles shackled together so that only slow shuffling could be completed by them. They each was released from the poles and leashed together. "Now we will have the parade through the village"

The slaves were led by the man who had been doing all the talking, through the village with slave leading, they were in numerical order, and as they passed the crowds there were cheers and slave found herself being groped on every part of the body by the islands inhabitants, they pinched her ass, her stomach, concentrated on her tits and nipples but not one dared go near her butt plug. They all loved the festival and they did not want to lose the honour that the Grand Master had asked of them of hosting the festival and therefore they stuck to this his only rule. Men and women were grabbing at slave, she could feel them digging between her legs, accessing her cunt with their fingers and as she turned her head, she could see the other contestants also enduring their pinching, grabbing poking fingers.

Finally they reached the square again and there the poles had an addition to them, there were what only slave could describe as cart wheels over the pole at a little below waist high. The attendees disconnected their leashes and slave was led to her wheel, she was forced by the neck to climb onto the wheel and she was lay down. Her collar was lashed to the wheel and then her arms were outstretched and finally her legs were pulled far apart and also lashed to the wheel, she felt some movement and she realised that the outer hub was removed between her legs allowing access to her pubic area.

"The slaves will be left here all night before their test in the morning, anyone wishing to visit them, may do so, you all know that their bodies are for your use and please feel free". The Grand Master stood and left and soon what seemed like the whole village crowded around the slaves, touching them, slave saw that number three who was in her eye line, was being cunt fucked by a man, she felt someone groping between her legs, and this big man was forcing his fingers into her wide open cunt, he undid his zip and pulled out a massive cock, he rammed it into her now lightly creamed cunt and was throbbing the cock deep into her. she heard him grunt and he came almost immediately and as he pulled away slave spotted another man about to take his place. He too came quickly, slave could feel their cum building up inside her, felt it dripping down out of her, knowing that soon, if this continued, there would be a pool of cum on the ground.

After a fourth had cum inside her, she felt someone climb onto the wheel, a man appeared with his cock dangling in front of her lips and he rammed it between her clenched teeth and started to punch his cock down into her throat, but she could still feel a man fucking her cunt, both ends being filled with their cum, she started to gag and choke as the man came into her mouth and the man between her legs withdrew and spurted his cum all over her pubic mound. This seemed to spur the crowds on and a woman stepped forward, slave could see that she was wearing a massive strap on, much bigger than any cock that she had ever seen, she stepped between slave's legs and started to pump away, the strap on had a clit stimulator both inside and out, and the woman clit was being stimulated which was making her approach orgasm and for the first time, slave could also feel her orgasm fast approaching. As the woman pumped, they both simultaneously came with orgasmic screams.

All through the rest of that day and well into the night, men and women fucked slave's cunt and mouth, women sitting on her face, making her lick them to orgasm, men forcing their cocks into her mouth, her cunt and clit licked until she lost count of orgasms that she had, her cunt hole sore, battered and bruised from the poundings that they were getting. The attendees sat at the side of the slaves, on their knees, ensuring that no-one touched the ass hole that they had each sworn to protect.

Night came and dawn was breaking before slave's body got a rest from the villagers and she soon fell asleep on the wheel, the slight breeze blowing up her cunt cooling the red hot skin.
She awoke to the feel of someone washing her body, she opened her eyes to see her attendee, washing the sea of cum that had accumulated on her body with warm soapy water that felt so good. She felt her move between her legs and started to carefully wipe the cum from inside her cunt, and she fully appreciated the care and consideration being shown to her. She felt the soft sponge brush against her clit, rubbing it gently and she could feel another orgasm building as did her attendee and she slowly brought slave to orgasm, slave unable to suppress the deep groan that emanated from her mouth as her body shuddered from the massive orgasm that she achieved, tossing her head and body confined by her restraints.

slave lay there resting while the attendee continued with her ablutions and then slave noticed the crowd starting to gather again in the square. After she had been cleaned, the ropes were removed and she was helped from the wheel and she stood there naked in the square, all clean and ready for her next test.

The Grand Master reappeared along with the other slave Masters and the man again spoke "This morning, we are going to test the endurance of each of the slaves nipples, this is a very popular event, but it is a serious test of the slaves endurance and just how much pain each is willing to put herself through. This afternoon, we will be having the cunt eating test and of course, you all know what happens tonight, the torches will be lit around each slave for anyone who wishes to watch, but there you will only be allowed to oral fuck the slaves tonight."

slave did not know what each test involved but was unsure of what each title meant and she shivered with trepidation. She was took by the leash and taken to a large crossbar in the far end of the square, attached it where bungee ropes with clover clamps hanging from them. each slave was brought forward and the clamps were attached to their already erect nipples from the cool wind that was blowing across the square. Their hands again stretched behind their back. The Master stepped forward, "The winner of this contest, is the slave who is willing to stretch the ropes until the clamps are pulled away of their own accord."

The slaves started to walk away backwards from the bar and slave could feel the clamps tighten on her nipples, the further she walked backwards, the stronger the tugs on her tits and nipples, but still the clamps dug in, each slave walked further back, slave four cried out as the clamp pinged from her nipples, the sudden blood rush making her fall to the ground. One by one the clamps gave way but slave forced herself to keep on taking one more step back, each time feeling her nipples being clamped tighter. The pain was unbearable but still the clamp did not give way, slave number seven was a little further ahead of her and she took a long step back until she was level with her, by now there were only the two left in the competition, each continued walking backwards until finally slave heard the ping of the others clamp give way, she saw her drop to the ground, trying to free her arms and stop the burning pain in her nipples, slave took one more step and the crowd cheered, but this was one step too far and the clamp finally gave way and broke from her nipples, she dropped to the ground, rubbing her nipples into the ground to ease the pain that was shooting through her tits. She writhed in agony and her attendee came running over and started to rub life back into the nipple, kissing and caressing her tits. She helped her to her feet and the crowd were clapping and cheering, slave looked up at the Grand Master and he nodded his acknowledgement of her endurance and although slave could not see his face, she knew that she had pleased him.

Her attendee took her leash and led her back to her wheel but this time each slave was not laid on it just attached to it so that none of them could walk away. “Rest now“, she heard her attendee say and she lay on the ground allowing her nipples to adjust back to being supplied with blood, they were throbbing. Her attendee brought her some food and water and she ate hungrily and drank quickly, she needed refreshing before the so named cunt eating contest that had been announced earlier.

About an hour later, she opened her eyes, she did not realise that she had dropped off to sleep, she noticed the crowd drifting down to the waterfront, the attendee undid her leash as did the others and the slaves were led down to the jetty. There were twelve cages lined up and each slave was directed into the cage, the height only allowing them to squat down. their hands were attached to the top of the cage but their knees were pulled apart which opened their cunt and again restrained against the side of the cage, not allowing them to close their legs. The twelve cages were raised off the ground and swung out over the water and lowered by the villagers using small cranes that had been erected. The man who had been making all of the announcements came along each slave and he dug his hand into a jar and smeared something on their cunts, dipping two fingers into each hole, smearing whatever the jar contained into their cunt holes.

He announced, "The bait is set and when the eel enters the cunt, you will be raised from the water and lowered onto the jetty, each slave will be timed as to how long the eel stays alive in your cunt and how many orgasms you achieve."

They were all lowered into the water, what slave did not know that the bait that had been smeared attracted the local eels and she felt little nibbles between her legs, her clit was being nibbled and she could feel an orgasm rising, unable to move, she shivered in the cold water as she achieved a massive orgasm and then she felt something strange at her cunt hole, there was a shout and she was lifted out of the water, she could feel something wriggling wildly between her legs, it was buried deep in her cunt hole. It writhing body was slapping her inner thighs but she was having orgasm as the three inch thick eel was trying to free itself from the cunt hole that it had been attracted to. She had six orgasms before it finally gave up. By now she could see the other slaves also on the jetty, going through the experience that she was encountering, a final orgasm wracked her body as the eel thrashed one last time before it gave its last breath inside her cunt.
The other slaves eels also died giving them massive orgasms and the girls were released from the cages and walked back up to the village with the things hanging down between their legs, a small barb behind each gill that although not causing pain or permanent damage, enabled the eel to remain deep in the cunt. It was already going dark and slave could see stakes dug into the ground with torches lit surrounding them. She was guided by her attendee and was lain on the ground this time, her arms stretched her legs again open wide, the eel still deep inside her, she thought she heard something and then she heard it again. Her attendee leaned in close to her and said, "Don't worry, it is the cleaners, you will not be harmed, enjoy the pain" She looked to her right to see a flood of cats come down the main street, they were the feral cats that lived high up in the mountain, large, small, all colours, all types, attracted by the fish smell emanating from the slaves cunts. They approached the square cautiously but they were being driven by hunger and eagerly swooped on the slaves cunts. They each dived between the legs and started to eat the eel lying there dead, slave could feel it being tugged from her body, she heard and felt the final plop as one of the big cats pulled out the remains from her cunt and suddenly it felt empty. Then she felt something that she had never felt before.

Her attendee sitting close whispered, "They have beautiful tongues slave, although a little rasping, they will make a good job of cleaning you inside and out" and then slave knew exactly what this sensation was. The tongues of the cats were licking her thighs, between her slit, licking her clit and digging deep into her cunt hole, licking away the taste of the eel. A tongue rubbed against her clit and she moaned, this made the cats start and they jumped away but soon they returned and slave bit hard on her lip so as to not chase them away again because she knew that she must cum soon or she would explode. She could hear the others getting the same treatment as her and she moaned softly as a massive orgasm approached. The cats from between her legs darted away as a man approached and he stuffed his cock into her mouth and fucked her orally just as the Master had said but they soon returned driven to lick away all smell of the eel that had been deep inside her.

A Man and women took the first mans place and throughout that evening, slave was mouth fucked so many times but the most thrilling sensations were coming form between her legs as the cats did their work. She had given up counting the orgasms, her body ached from the shuddering that she achieved each time a cat used his tongue on her.

Finally as there was no more for the cats to lick, they started to drift away, while one woman was sat on her face forcing her clit against Linda's tongue, her attendee again washed her cunt and clit with warm soapy water, slave orgasmed and the woman on top of her also orgasmed and her face was covered in her cum. As the woman stood, slave felt something warm dribbling across her tits, she opened her eyes to see the woman who had been desperate for a pee, flooding her body, spraying her with her urine. After that, many more came to fill her mouth with their cum and many more peed on her just for fun, they had been promised the use of the slaves and they were not going to miss the opportunity. Again late into the night and early into the morning, but only her mouth this time was used and abused.

She feel asleep and again woke to her attendee washing her face this time, gently and carefully, slave's mouth swollen from the constant use she had endured. She was released from the ground and again given some food and water, which she ate hungrily and drank thirstily, trying to rid her mouth of the massive amount of cum that she had swallowed and dribbled out of her mouth, both male and female mixed together.
Her leash was attached and she was led up to where the Masters and the Grand Master were sat, this morning the warm sun warming their bodies after the cold chill of the last two days. She no longer felt the thick ass plug, it was if it had become part of her body but she knew that it was still there, the attendee pulled her to a stop in front of the Masters. Again the Master stood up and announced "Today is the final day of our slaves endurance, again there is to be punishment this morning and pleasure this afternoon, with the Grand Master making his decision tomorrow as to who has passed all of the tests, who he wishes to proclaim as a slave willing to endure any Master who wishes to take her." The crowd cheered and could hear them calling numbers, gratified to hear the number one being called several times. At least she had some support in the crowd on her side.

Twelve spanking benches were brought out and they were led to them by their attendees and restrained in position, each slave with her ass in the air, their heads lowered. The Masters stepped down from the platform and each stood behind their own slave, a strange man appeared and stood behind slave. He leant into her, "Slave, your Master is ill and unable to attend this test, he has given me the honour of putting you through this test so that you do not have to be withdrawn from the contest, are you willing to accept me as your Master for now"

slave had been through so much so far, she was concerned that her Master was ill but so wanted to please him and not let him down, she nodded her assent. "Just use the word yellow which he has told me is your safe word and red if you really cannot take anymore, just as you would with him and then I will either change my implement or stop according to his instructions, do you understand?" She again nodded, she knew that he had been well briefed by her Master.

Before her eyes, she could see a table with all the spanking implements that her Master had taught her to be familiar with and although she hated most of them and was aware just how much each would hurt, she could not let him believe that she should not be here. Her stand in Master first picked up the flat paddle and as the crowds cheered, each slave was paddled, and over the next two hours, the Masters swapped the implements according to their slaves codeword, their attendees keeping score of how many strikes of each implement the slave bore. slave could feel her ass cheeks burning and getting hotter and hotter, the now midday sun bringing out the redness in each of her cheeks. More and more she sustained until finally after the sixth cutting stroke from the cane she screamed "Red" and the Master quickly withdrew his arm.

She turned her head, a smile developing on her face as she noted that again, she had endured the test longer than the others, hoping that her stand in Master would give a good report to her Master and that somehow he would have been able to see and feel her pain that she was enduring for him. She was released from her position by the attendee and then with her back arched again over the stool and with her tits and cunt now accessible for beating, the stand in master again issued her instruction regarding her safe word and her tits and cunt and clit were also subject to beatings, she again screamed RED as she tried to control the pain but disappointingly noted that number seven was still able to continue with her nipple beating.

She hoped that she had not let her Master down and if she did not pass this year then he would deem her honourable enough to resubmit her and she would be determined to take even more of her frontal beatings. She heard number seven shout red and then they were all released from the benches by their attendees and walked around the square led by their Masters to show the village people the bruises and welts that each implement had left, the burning ass cheeks, the red tits and the swollen clits and pussy lips.

They were led back to the stage, as slave's stand in Master went to return to the stage, he leant by her ear and whispered, "I am sure that you Master would have been very proud of you" and slave took comfort in his words.

"Attendees, take your slaves, look after them, ease their pain using the balms and lotions that you have been provided with, make them ready for this afternoons festivities".

Each attendee bowed and led away their slaves, slave was taken to a small room, where there was a soft covered bed and as directed she lay on her front on top of it, enjoying the first comfort since setting off for the island. The attendee was massaging ointment into her beaten buttocks and slave was enjoying the soothing balm, it cooling the burning sensation. When she had finished with her ass cheeks, she helped her to roll over and rubbed the calming salve into her tits and nipples finally rubbing her between her legs. slave could feel herself creaming, her juices starting to flow at this tenderness exerted onto her badly beaten body. The attendee was being careful to keep slave in a heightened sense of excitement without actually allowing her to orgasm as this is what the Master had ordered all the attendees to do, yesterday they had been allowed to bring them to orgasm, today, it was to be prohibited. As soon as she felt slave get close with the small shudders that her body exhibited, she quickly withdrew from between her legs and concentrated on another part of her body, many times she brought her close but never actually tipped her over the edge.

After about an hour of sheer frustration on slave's part, her body totally exhausted, slave fell asleep and the attendee sat in a corner and watching slave breathe deeply, she brought herself to orgasm.

An hour later, she shook slave awake gently and again leading her by the leash, she was led out into the village square.

The Master stood "I would like to thank you all for partaking in this festival, the slaves will now be taken up to the big house where further pleasures will be afforded them but only by their Masters and any other Master who wishes to partake of them."

slave was led along with the other slaves and her wrist cuffs were tied together in front of her and then attached to the back of a jeep with rope. The jeep set off at a slow pace pulling the women along with it. They only had to walk slowly to keep up but as they left the village to more cheering, the pace gathered and the women started to have to jog to keep up, faster and faster it went until they were all running to keep up.

Up the hill they went until they could finally see a large house in front of them, the gates open and welcoming. They went through the gates and up the driveway, finally coming to a stop outside a grand door, each slave panting at such a strenuous run. The attendees that had also run but without restraint unleashed them and led them into a great hall. From the ceiling hung twelve chains and each slave was attached by her wrists to the chains, pulling them up onto their toes. Around the hall, circular as it was were twelve seats, each Master entered and now all hooded so each slave did not know which Master would be using them for their pleasure.

The attendees went and sat at the feet of a Master, Linda noting that hers was sat slightly to her right, hoping that her Master was now well and was here to enjoy her.

One of the Masters spoke to his attendee and she went to slave four and unattached her and brought her to him. He took out his cock and the slave took it into her mouth and started to suck on his cock, other Masters started speaking to their respective attendees and soon all the slaves were involved in sexual activity, that is all except slave. She saw her Master stand and come over to her. "It is I again slave one", he said "your stand in Master, your Master is still unable to attend, but he has told me to tell you that soon you will be satisfied but I am not allowed to be that one as I have not yet earned the right to be called a full Master, so be patient is his message". He returned to his chair and Linda watched as her attendee reached into his cloak and started to wank him with her hand. All of the other slaves were in various stages of cumming, some of their attendees had been invited to join them, some were being fucked by the Masters others were using the two girls in various ways, the whole room seemed to be a writhing mass of bodies. The sweat and cum smell wafting into slave's nostrils making her wet between her legs, frustrated that no one was touching her or using her body for their pleasure.

Finally after a couple of hours, the participants in the orgy separated and the slaves were returned by their attendees to their chains.

Her attendee came over and released her and led her to the middle of the room. Each of the eleven Masters got up from their chairs and approached her, wherever she looked she could see erect cocks. They started to feel all over body, touching her intimately, her orgasm again building until one of them grabbed a nipple and although still sore, she orgasmed loudly and her cum dripped down her legs. She found herself being lay on the floor gently and then a cock was placed in her mouth and she sucked it eagerly, someone was playing with her nipples and with her clit causing her to cum and cum again and for the next hour, she was pleasured by all of the eleven men. Finally she lay exhausted unable to move as her orgasms had been so exhilarating. She lay exhausted until she felt her arms and head being lifted and her attendee kissed her gently on the lips and she was lifted to her feet and led upstairs and laid on a large feather bed where she fell into a satiated sleep.

She awoke to feel a presence next to her and in the candlelight, she saw her Master lay next to her, he was kissing her body, feeling her intimately, she opened her legs wider but he guided her onto her knees and into the kneeling position, she felt him tugging at the butt plug and he slipped it out of her ass hole, leaving it wide open and gaping, he guided his cock deep into her, she screamed, "No only the Grand Master may fuck my ass hole Master, only he can say if I have passed the endurance test".

Her Master leaned gently into her, pushing his cock deeper into her ass hole, and said; “You have passed slavet" and he thrust deeper into her until they both came in a a massive orgasm.
As slave lay with his now semi erect cock resting inside her, it dawned on her, her Master was the Grand Master and she had pleased him, she smiled to herself, falling asleep in his arms knowing that she had pleased him after all.


2009-10-28 13:51:12
The story was good. The writing, terrible.


2008-03-03 14:47:51
i jerked off and ate my cum after reading this


2007-10-24 15:29:08
I love this stuff! Linda, you are wonderful! Keep it up rate high in excitement! Thanks!


2007-10-14 14:43:35
I love disobeying my master also :)
but some of my punishments are cruel.


2007-08-06 03:44:45
I love pleasing my master like that.

i also love disobeying him. ;)

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