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Computer Man pt 4

A few weeks later and the girls were back at school. I had been watching Mrs Taylor for some time now and she was ready to fuck a frog if she could stop it hopping. I had time to concentrate on getting inside her pants.

I simply let down one of her tyres, not all the way, but enough to let her know it was flat. I positioned my van at the end of her road and waited for her to show up. When you can see every thing that’s going on in her house it was really simple.

I was standing beside a lamp post waiting when she rolled down the road towards me. I stepped out in front of her car and waved.

People like Mrs Taylor do not remember trades men; they think themselves far too superior for that. You could see that she was trying to figure out why I was flagging her down. Eventually she rolled to a stop.

“Mrs Taylor, its Toby the maintenance man, your front right hand tyre is down, if you continue driving on it you will get a blow out and possibly have an accident” I told her.

“Will it get me to the nearest garage do you think?” She shouted across at me.

“I would not risk it if I was you, any way I will change it for you in no time at all, You just show me where your jack is and I will get right on it” I said walking to the back of the car.

I needed her to be outside the car if my plan was going to work, as I have said I work out every day without fail and if I say so myself, I am very well built. No oil painting but presentable.

I watched her walk to the boot, she did not walk but sashayed towards me, she was not a tall woman, and to make up for it wore huge heels, at least 5 inches, having such huge heels made watching her walk pure joy, her hips would swing from side to side and her short skirt would do the same, swish, swish swish. Her best feature though was her tits I have been studying her tits and I still cannot tell if they are real or fakes, but I will find out soon. Today I hope.

Looking at her I think that she looked a lot like Pamela Anderson, that great rack, slim waist and a head full of blond hair.

I lifted the boot lid and started to release the spare, as I stooped down next to the front tyre, my cock slipped down the leg of my very short shorts. I had worn the same shorts I used to seduce her daughter and I figured if it worked one time it will work again.

I stayed in that position undoing the wheel nuts and she came and stood beside me, as I moved more and more cock was exposed. My cock is not huge about 7 inches but its fat around 6 inches around.

She was standing almost over me now; legs parted her arms crossed just under those fantastic tits, just staring at me.

It’s now or never I decided. “Mrs Taylor, you look fantastic, your so toned you should be an athlete. I am sorry if it offends you but you have the best legs I have ever seen” I was looking directly at her as I stood up holding the tyre in one hand. Now Mercedes SL500 tyres are not small and I was straining like crazy to hold it, but all my muscles were all pumped up showing off every line and bulge.

She was looking at me in a new light now; you could almost see her weighing up her possibilities.

“Would you like me to help you take it out of the boot back at your house Mrs Taylor” I said laying the tyre in the boot.

“Hell yes” She said “I will meet you at my house in fifteen minutes”
She shouted as she drove away at speed.

I jumped into my van and looked for her to arrive home on the monitor; she was humming to herself as she rushed up the stairs to her bedroom. On arrival in her room, she quickly brushed her teeth and sprayed a perfume that I had to zoom in on the bottle to read the label.

Anticipation is a wonderful thing. I had been secretly lusting after this women from the moment I set eyes on her, my scheming and planning had got me this far and I had started sweating, my hands were all clammy and my cock had started to rise just thinking about what I hoped was about to happen.

I drove slowly to her house, pulled up outside and had just enough time to hop in the back of the van and check her kitchen monitor one last time. She was prowling up and down her kitchen; she pushed her breasts up, flicked her hair and was as excited as I was. I am sure.

I knocked on the door and she threw it open for me.

“Come in Toby, it is Toby isn’t it” she said backing into her kitchen

“Yes mam” I walked in and shut the door behind me.

She had hopped up onto the breakfast bar, the same breakfast bar that I had been fucking her daughter on most mornings for months. She settled back, putting her arms behind her. This caused her great tits to jut out even more. Spreading her legs enough to show me the tiny red thong she had on she said “How can I ever repay you, without your help I could so easily have had an accident”

I moved closer, till I was standing just in front of her. I knew from experience that in the position she was in I could just slide her down the breakfast bar towards me straight onto my cock, which was one of my favourite ways to fuck her daughter.

“How about a small kiss mam, I have never kissed any one as beautiful as you” I said rather awkwardly.

“Nothing could be easier, a small kiss it will be” she said sliding herself towards me, parting her legs, she placed her legs either side of my waist.She had moved to the very edge of the breakfast bar, which put my very hard cock in direct contact with her panties, her skirt had been pushed up to her waist as she moved forward.

She reached over and put a hand on either side of my face drawing my lips to hers. We held the kiss for a very long time. Her nipples were so erect it felt like she was pushing two hard bullets into me. I reached my hands onto her arse and pulled her even harder towards me. I was now mashing her cunt into the front of my shorts.

We kept the kiss going and I started raising myself up and down on my toes, driving my cock up and down her pussy lips.

I broke the kiss and moved down to kiss her neck , I whispered into her ear “If I don’t get my cock inside you real soon I am going to come in my pants and I don’t want to waste it”

I felt her hand move to push her thong aside giving me access to her cunt, I did not waste a second, I undid the clip at the top of my shorts, released my zip and pushed my cock directly into her hard. We both grunted in unison when my cock hit her cervix.

“Oh that’s what I have been missing” she said

I was driving hard into her, the muscles inside her cunt were going tense then relaxing, she had such wonderful control, I just knew that if I kept this up I was going to blow my load all too soon. I withdrew my cock and pushed my face into her cunt. I drew the scent of her into my nostrils, she oozed sex, and her smell was intoxicating. I dipped my tongue into her and started lapping at her; she must have been as worked up as I was, because after only a few moments she came on my face.

She was producing a thick musky come that tasted divine, she loved oral as much as her daughter and came again when I spent time solely on her clit, the sounds coming from her were like music to my ears, all the Oh’s Ah’s and my God’s kept me so hard, I had to get my cock back inside her.

Standing I pulled her hard onto my cock, pushing all the way in was so easy, she was soaking, her cunt muscles were slack when I went in then got tight, as if she was trying to keep me inside. She had amazing control.

“Mrs Taylor, I have just got to see your tits, would you mind pulling your top off.

She started pulling her tight white jumper off; revealing a matching red bra underneath that matched her panties it was thrown across the room.

Her tits were wonderful, no sag just thrusting out proud like. If they could shout they would be saying, “just look at us we are the worlds greatest pair of tits?”.

“Toby your cock is deep to the back of my cunt, your giving me a wonderful fuck, why don’t you call me Dianna, I think we are at least friends now” She said smiling up at me.

I nodded, maybe I murmured Dianna under my breath I don’t know all I knew was. I was mesmerised by those tits. I had to get an answer where they real or fakes.

I made a grab for them I had to have them in my hands, they certainly felt real, no hard lumpy bits, but I have never seen fake boobs in the flesh. How do you tell? I ran my thumbs under each breast, no scar marks. I ran my thumbs over her nipples that were as I thought hard like bullets and it appeared very sensitive.

I took turns sucking them into my mouth, which brought a gasp from her, I continued to pound into her, my thought of coming gone for the moment.

In my mind I was trying to work out why her limp dick of a husband was not fucking this Goddess every night, instead of every Sunday night, when he gave her a twenty minute fuck. When he finished he would roll off wish her good night and fall asleep.

I lost count of the number of times that I thought she came; I was desperately trying to think of other things, to distract me from just blowing my load. I had a thought. “Dianna is there any position that is your favourite?” I am enjoying this so much; I wanted to prolong it for ever.

“Toby I think that we are kindred soles you and I, you are fucking me In a way that is driving me wild, but there is a position that I just adore. I wonder if you are up for it”

“I am up for any thing as long as it involves being inside you” I said.

“Ok Toby my fantasy is to have two cocks one in my cunt and one in my ass, but as there are only two of us, will you fuck me in the ass while I use my vibrator inside my cunt”

She could have read this same scenario from one of my own fantasies “Hell yes” I almost shouted at her.

“My vibrator is upstairs in my bedroom” She raised an arm pointing to the door leading to the hall.

I was not going to waste any time, I just picked her up and carried her upstairs, she had no weight at all and I did not ever want to take my cock out of such a wonderful women. I crushed her to me, her breasts felt just perfect on my chest. I leaped up the stairs like a gazelle with a hungry lion giving chase.

On reaching her bedroom I lay her gently down on the bed.
“You will have to take your prick out of me, so that you can fuck my ass” She was giggling at me. I think she was just like me she did not want me to take my cock out.

Reaching into her bottom draw she pulled out a pink vibrator, not huge but it had ribs around its girth.

I had to withdraw my cock; it was still as hard as stone. She again reached into the draw and took out a tube of KY jelly smearing a goodly size blob on my cock and another dollop on her sphincter. She said “I am ready Baby, you lay on the bed and I will lower my ass onto your prick, then when I am comfortable I will use the vibrator”

Getting into position took only a second, I so wanted to be back inside her, I watched her tight little arse move into position, I was thinking she had a great tan, but no tan lines she must sunbath nude and who would not want to when you have a perfect body.

She lay backwards at first, facing away from me, then she placed a foot on either side of my thighs, as she rose upwards I could see her lips open, so wet, her tiny little arse hovered over my cock, then her hand came and took hold of my cock.

I felt the helmet meet resistance, then the KY did its job, first my helmet went in, I felt the heat of her and the tightness. I just watched at first.

She came down more and more, and then she just sat on me. She was obviously just making herself more comfortable. When she had adjusted to me filling her arse, she started a gentle rocking motion, moving just a few inches in and out, then she started to bounce, I started to get into the rhythm, pushing when she came down and pulling back as she came up.

She switched the vibrator on and touched it ever so slightly to the base of my cock; it took a lot of my control not to shoot my load then. She slowed for a few seconds as she inserted the vibrator into herself. That’s when she started to go wild, thrashing up, down side to side. Calling me to fuck her hard, “ride my arse like a whore that I am Toby, make me come again, that’s it, make me come”

The vibrator had a steady beat to it and across the very thin membrane between cunt and arse, it just felt fantastic. I could not keep this up for long Dianna was bouncing at a frantic pace, her arse was producing its own lubricant which made it so easy for me to drive myself in deeper and deeper.

I felt my balls tighten a sure sign that I was about to redecorate the inside of her arse with my come, her breathing was now coming in huge gasps. When she started calling me to fill her arse with my spunk I could hold back no more, I exploded like a firework, erupting all at once gob after gob of come I deposited in her.

She fell backwards onto me, I had to put my arms around her and hold her close, we were both gasping for air. I had one hand on those great tits and the other about her waist holding her. I started kissing her neck, cheek. My cock now deflated slipped out of her arse.

Turning towards me we started kissing each other, with our lust satisfied our embrace and kisses had a feeling of pure affection and dare I say it love and tenderness. Feelings that was very strange to me. I wanted to hold her, protect her and never let go of her.

I have always been a taker, if I wanted anything I would plan for it and eventually I would get it, but these feeling were alien to me.

“Toby my lover that was for me the best sex that I have honestly had in my whole life”, she said smothering my face with tender little kisses.

“I am not a very experienced lover” I told her “but you bring out something in me that I have never experienced, it’s a little frightening that I can have such feelings after only this one time” I still had her small frame cradled into my arms and I still did not want to let her go.

“I have never told any one what I am about to tell you, but I met my husband when I was a dancer in Spearmint Rhino in Sheffield, he used to come in and buy dance after dance with me, he eventually wore me down with offers to take me to a hotel and treat me like a princess. Anyway after he slept with me I discovered that I was pregnant with my daughter. We married and ever since he has treated me as if I trapped him into marriage, up until this moment I have not felt any genuine affection from any one”

She had huge tears in her eyes as she looked at me; I reached forward and kissed her nose then her lips.

“Dianna I am not an knowledgeable man, I have myself never felt true affection from any one. I am an only child and both my parents are dead, the closest that I come to affection from any one is my drinking buddies and that’s not affection its comradeship”

I held her close to me never wanting to let her go, but I needed to evaluate what I was going to do next, just keep fucking everyone that came my way or try and spend quality time with this women.

I am a really shallow guy; it took a few moments to make up my mind. A mental picture of Rosanna’s, Kylie and Jayne’s perfect tight pussies and soon to be explored arse’s made my mind up for me. I could never compete with Mr Taylor in the wealth department, but I would and could keep fucking his wife for him. If he did not want to do it I certainly did.

I had to get out of the house I knew that Jayne would be home soon and I certainly did not want to have to explain why I was in her house when she was not.

Dianna tried real hard to stop me from going so early but I and to have some energy for Rosanna, I have been neglecting her of late and she needed my cock as well.

I dressed quickly, kissed this Devine woman and made my exit.
On reaching my van I looked in on Rosanna she was about her daily cleaning and cooking tasks.

Rushing around my normal routine for a couple of hours brought my blood pressure back to normal.

I have been doing little things for Rosanna that I never thought that I would do for any woman that was not my wife. I bought her a mobile phone and paid the contract each month, I took her shopping for clothes. I looked inside her wardrobe one day and the clothes I saw were atrocious they looked like they had been bought from a charity shop.

One special day I took her shopping just for underwear. We tried many high street stores but after walking into Ann Summers I thought that I was home. Her face lit up when I said just put in the basket any thing that you like. She dropped in almost every item that she thought that I would like.

I did insist that she try every thing on, when she walked out of the changing cubicle for the first time in the little black basque, with those patent leather high heels; see through black panties, sheer black stockings. I thought that I would have to fuck her where she stood.

She must have read the look of abject lust on my face, because she seemed to realise that she had a power over me for the first time. She pranced around, just out of reach, bending and stretching. Teasing the living daylights out of me. With a giggle she skipped behind the curtain.

Only a few minutes later she returned, but this time she had chosen a red teddy, the panties were split in the crutch, when she bent over in front of me I could see her pussy lips. She loved this I could see that she had started to leak pussy juice, I so wanted to lick it away. The top was very sheer you could see her nipples poking out. With its little bow in the front to the fake fur around the collar she looked a delight.

Finally after at least a dozen outfits, she stepped out in a pair of black PVC shorts and a matching bra, if my cock could get any harder it would. I could use my cock to punch holes in wood I was certain. The shorts on closer inspection had a zip on either side. And the bra had little zips, giving access to her nipples. To finish off her outfit she had chosen a pair of knee high patent leather boots with spiked heels. I just had to fuck her and very very soon.

I told her to keep the outfit on and I would be back in a few minutes.

Rushing from the store I found the first place that could sell me a coat, I did not care what coat, just some thing to throw over her till we could go some where private. A tan trench coat was good enough.

Arriving back at Ann Summers I draped the coat over her shoulders and instructed the staff to pack every thing, including her original walk in clothes.

My mind had gone into over drive where could I fuck her in the middle of town. I decided on a crowded bar, with enough people crowded in who would notice a guy with his cock inside his girl.

Most lunch time drinkers, have only one thought in their heads. Get a few drinks inside me, just enough to make the afternoon in work bearable. They don’t pay close attention to any one, but themselves.

On onspection most of the bar customers were here for a quick bite to eat and a drink, we would not have long to wait for a table. Ordering food is always a good way to get a table. The bar staff will ask peple who are just drinking to move so that you can sit with your meal. That was the case today. The waiter asked a couple of smartly dressed yioung men if they would mind us sitting down to eat. When they saw Rosanna ouzing sex at them, they just jumped up and hovered close to the table.

I just wanted to slip my cock into her as soon as we sat down. But that would just get us arrested for a public indecency. We ate our meal and thats when I had an idea.

“Why dont you guys just sit back down, we have finished our meal. My girl can sit on my knee and that will give us plenty of room?

I picked Rosanna up and placed her on my knee.

The guys sat back down and were soon engaged in their conversation again.

I slowly manipulated Rosanna so that she was now on my lap, but with so much noise and so many people. No one paid any attention to a couple having a drink. I pulled the table a little closer so that it masked what I was going to do next.

The coat that I bought was an old fashion trench coat, it had a very convenient slit up the back. I parted the coat and fanned it out around Rosanna. Rosanna was starting to get a little agitated, I think that she had an idea what I was going to do next. Before she made a move to stop me, I put my hands under either side of her coat and unzipped both sides of her shorts.

My cock was starting to hurt a little from the confinement inside my pants, but not for much longer. I pushed my car keys off the table onto the floor. Rosanna got up and bent down to pick them up. I looked around but no one was paying us the slightest attention. In record time I had released my cock. A magician could not have done it any slicker.

I watched Rosanna’s shorts slide down her legs onto the floor, when she collected my keys she also picked up her shorts. I took them from her in one hand and rolled them into a ball, slipping them into her coat pocket.

My pulse was racing, I have never ever felt so exilerated, beads of sweat had broken out on my forehead. I was sure someone would notice and shout. But no one even looked in our direction.

Rosanna sat back down slowly, she was trembling with fear and and I am sure the same excitement I was feeling. As she lowered herself I parted the back of her coat. Her naked bottom came down onto my cock, we did have to squirm around for some time before, she bent forward as if to pick up her drink allowing me access to her by now dripping cunt.

Just being inside her with all these people so close was a thrill, I wanted to pump hard into her and spill my seed, that’s not that easy. Then some genius put a tune on the juke box. I started humming the tune and moving as if we were slow dancing, but sitting down. It enabled me to get into a steady rythum. Rosanna was breathing through her nose and every now and again a whimper would come from her mouth. She started gyrating in a circular motion, couple that with the gentle rocking I had taken up, this was the most sublime fuck I had ever experienced.

Rosanna was coming so hard she started to moan “Oh, Oh God” came out before she pursed her lips together. A few heads turned to look in our direction.

I said the first thing that came to mind “Have you got cramp again love”

Both my hands were under her coat. I had a firm grasp of her waist and was pumping into her a monster load of spunk. The two young lads had chosen that very moment to leave, they polished off the last of their drinks and stood up.

I started thinking with my big brain again, not the little one at the end of my dick. I realised that when Rosanna moved all that spunk would come rushing out of her, directly onto the front of my trousers. I grabbed the two paper napkins we had used during our meal and with a quick look around, pushed them under Rosanna’s coat.

I frantically pushed as much napkin into Rosanna’s cunt as I could while looking around the room for a sign saying ladies. My cock was still erect, it may be the fear, but I felt sure that I could have continued fucking her.

I pointed out the ladies to Rosanna and as she stood up to go, I wrestled my cock back into my trousers.

When Rosanna came back. I got up and we left. I gave a quick look around to see if any one had noticed, but every one was so wrapped up in what they were doing. You could have been having a conversation with a talking dog and no one would notice.

On arrival back at the car, Rosanna normally a very quite girl could not contain herself any longer “Toby today was the greatest day of my whole life” she kept telling me. “Can we do taht again soon?”

I kept thinking that I had moved into a totally unexpected chapter in my life.

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